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The 200 AA myth

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You've probably heard this conversation before:

Soandso says out of character, 'how many AAs are in a codex of power'
Randomdude says out of character, '200 AAs, Wiz said so'

... and you've probably accepted this information as fact. Granted, Wiz did once claim that, but there's a few things wrong with that claim:

(1) Each volume of the Codex of Power is shorter than it used to be, though not by a whole lot. The Codex of Power at one time was a flat experience point cost that did not take into account racial experience modifiers. It now does.

(2) The amount of experience points required for an AA point varies. The first 50 AAs a character does actually cost less than the rest of the AAs from that point on do. Furthermore, AAs appear to cost less beginning at level 63 due to a non-displaying 10/20/30% bonus to AAXP at level 63/64/65.

(3) Wiz was an excellent storyteller and a visionary. He wasn't, however, good at mental arithmetic. He rounded up to 200 AAs knowing it was a very rough estimate at best.

Let's consider how those fit together. We know now that each volume of the Codex of Power is 110 AAs, but due to the 30% bonus to AAXP at level 65, it's easy to see how it would appear to be 143 AAs long to the level 65 doing AAs. For experience neutral races, each volume is just over 38 million experience points long. Given Wiz's propensity for round numbers, a former 50 million experience point length is believable but on the high end of credibility. At that cost, the volume of the codex of power would appear to cost about 187 or 188 AAs, with some variation to level 65 characters of races with racial experience modifiers doing 100% AAXP.

Conclusion: It would take a serious "worst case scenario" of information that is no longer true and misconception about exp gain to reach the 200 AA conclusion today. Each volume of the Codex of Power is 110 AAs long.