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Template:Item table-skillmod

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This template outputs a table of items, with data gathered from the usage of Template:Itemstats on those skills' pages.

Full list of usable parameters:

{{ item table-focuseffect
| category = 
| category2 =
| category3 =
| notcategory =
| notcategory2 =
| notcategory3 =
| notcategory4 =
| notcategory5 =
| notcategory6 =
| notcategory7 =
| notcategory8 =
| notcategory9 =
| titlematch =
| notitlematch =
| linksto =
| linksto2 =
| notlinksto =
| notlinksto2 =
| notlinksto3 =
| show focuseffect =
| show skill =
| show slots =
| inner format =
| color scheme =


category, category2, category3
Optional. Selects only the skills from the given categories. Titlematch can match multiple titles if they are separated by broken bar (¦) characters, which can be inserted with {{subst:broken bar}}.
notcategory, notcategory2, notcategory3, ..., notcategory9
Optional. Filters out skills from the given categories.
Optional. Selects only pages the titlematch filter applies to. Broken bars can be used for multiple titles.
Optional. Exludes pages. Should only be used with other criteria. Broken bars can be used for multiple titles.
Optional. Filters out skills that are not linked from the specified page.
show focuseffect
Optional. Show/hide the focuseffect column. If shown, backgrounds are no longer colored by focuseffect. Possible values: y, n (default: n)
show skill
Optional. Show/hide the skill column. Possible values: y, n (default: n)
show slots
Optional. Show/hide the slots column. Possible values: y, n (default: n)
inner format
Optional. The subpagename of the template used in formatting the bulk of each row. (default: "row format", which specifies Template:Item infobox/row format)
color scheme
Optional. Use the color scheme of the specified focuseffect for border and header colors. If not specified, #EFE for border and #ACD for header background are used.

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