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Sneaky Sneaky - Part III

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I now have a full crate of jungle spiders. The plan is to go to each of the Tal`Yan temples in Greenmist and release the spiders to disrupt the rituals. Be sur ta be invisible wen yu at da temple or da spidies be angry at yu.


Sneaky Sneaky
Quest giver Watchwoman Fuga
Previous quest

Sneaky Sneaky - Part II

Starting Zone

Greenmist Jungle

Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Quest items used

Crate of Spiders

Item Reward(s)

Sneaky Ogre Slippers
Conniving Tal'Yan Slippers

Positive (+) Faction

Oggok City Watch
Greenblood Fighters
Denizens of Oggok

Experience Reward 6500
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Sneaky Sneaky - Part III

Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Hur!' Fuga looks into the box, 'Woo. It looks like dey bred a bit since yu started! Deir be many of dem in der! Dis be perfect! Yu ready for da next step? Here, take da box back.'
You say, 'What is the next step?'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Da Tal`Yan du not lik da spiders. Dey have killed dem all around da temple, and da river keeps dem from comin back. We gunna disrupt deir rituals by bein sneaky sneaky wit da spiders in deir temples.'
You say, 'So I take the box, go to each temple and release the spiders? I am ready, invisibility me up.'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Gud luk gum shu! Da spidies will come out of da crate when yu get to each temple. Com back when yu dun!'

You vanish.

Release spiders in each of the five temples.

You say, 'Hail, Watchwoman Fuga'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Yu need more sneaky magics? Yu dun releasing da spidies? Need yu to get all five of da temples.'
You say, 'I released the spiders!'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Hah! Hur! Wut did da Tal`Yan do?'
You say, 'They freaked out. The spiders started to attack them. It was pretty hectic.'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Yu did good, gum shu. You are sneaky sneaky fur sure! I am glad tu, becus I did not want to hav to wash my smell off in da river to be sneaky sneaky. Da smell is part of my rustic charm and I ben after dis watchman...' Fuga blushes, 'Anyway. Yu did gud! Here, take dis. Dey are for sneaky sneaky peoples like us. Yu did gud!'

Your faction standing with Oggok City Watch has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Greenblood Fighters has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Denizens of Oggok has gotten better!

You gain 6500 experience!!

You receive Sneaky Ogre Slippers.