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Sneaky Sneaky - Part I

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Watchwoman Fuga in Greenmist Jungle has asked me to spy on the five Tal'Yan temples to the south of her by the entrance to Yaralith. I should come back to her early if I need more invisibility magic.


Sneaky Sneaky
Quest giver Watchwoman Fuga
Next quest

Sneaky Sneaky - Part II

Starting Zone

Greenmist Jungle

Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Currency Reward 1 Gold, 9 Silver, 2 Copper
Positive (+) Faction

Oggok City Watch

Experience Reward 2000
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Find Watchwoman Fuga (Greenmist Jungle at -318, -231, -15).

Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Who der? Come here and be quiet.'
You say, 'Hail, Watchwoman Fuga'
Watchwoman Fuga motions to you, 'Shhhhhhh! Be quiet. Da Tul'Yan hear yu and den we be in truble.
You say, 'You are watching the Tal'Yan?'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Yus, I am in charge of watchin dem for da Oggok Watchmen.' Fuga grins, 'I deir best spy. I no hit as hard as da men, but I be sneaky sneaky! Yu wan ta help?'
You say, 'Sure. I can help you spy on the Tal'Yan'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Hah. Gud. Remember dat we are not here to kill dem. Dat would let dem know Oggok is interested. We are spies, and we be sneaky sneaky. Yu understand?'
You say, 'Sneaky sneaky. Got it.'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Duble gud. Dis how it wurks. Dey have been doin rituals in deir temples, and we need to figur out wut dey doing. I be sneaky sneaky, but dey sumhow still see me through da magic. I dink it might be ma smell. But yu no smell lik me. So I cast da magic on yu, and yu scout. Da?'
You say, 'So you are going to make me invisible, then I need to go out and check out each of the temples?'
Watchwoman Fuga nods, 'Yes. Dere are five of da temples altogeder. Yu need to go up to the itty bitty top of each of dem and den come back ta me. Redy for da magic? It dun last more dan five minutes or so. Also, der be one dat can see trough da magics - da oracle. He wanders arund, so be carful.
You say, 'I am ready. Make me invisible and I will scout the five temples.'
Watchwoman Fuga nods again, 'Gud luck, gum shu. Remember ta come back wen da magic goes away and I can cast it agin on yu.

You vanish.

Scout each of the five temples then return to Fuga.

Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Is dat yu, Playername? Yu need more sneaky magics? Yu complete da mission?'
You say, 'Hail, Watchwoman Fuga'
Watchwoman Fuga says, 'Yu need more magics? Yu dun spying? Need yu to get all five of da temples.'
You say, 'I checked out all five temples. There are tons of Tal`Yan all over them, they may be doing rituals but I did not see any evidence of it. They definitely are out there in force, though.'

You gain 2000 experience!!

Your faction standing with Oggok City Watch has gotten better!

You receive 1 gold, 9 silver, 2 copper pieces.