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Saldin's Precious Sewing

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Saldin requires special sewing needles for his precious bags; snake fangs will do.


Saldin's Precious Sewing
Quest giver Saldin
Starting Zone

Greenmist Jungle

Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Quest items used

Snake Fang x 15

Item Reward(s)


Currency Reward (Unknown)
Experience Reward (Unknown)

Find Saldin (Greenmist Jungle at 1025, 833, 27).

You say, 'Hail, Saldin'
Saldin says, 'Greetings Traveller, how can I help one such as yourself?' Saldin smiles and looks rather friendly at you.'
You say, 'How is it you make such fine bags?'
Saldin says, 'Ah, that is a well kept teaser to be sure, reserved for only for those I trust. Besides, you look too fresh for such a secret, but perhaps we can strike a deal better suited to your.... ahh... specialties? Unless your looking for the night merchant, the woman can not offer the money I do only a few old stories and her knowledge which cannot buy bread, if you know what I mean.' Saldin smiles with a great deal of pleasure warming to his topic'
You say, 'Yes... well then, tell me of this bargain.'
Saldin says, 'I will reward you well if you bring back enough Spider Venom Glads. When they are carefully cured and aged they become the linings for my special bags. As you refill my coffers I will fill your pockets. I also need special sewing needles for my precious bags. I will give you a few extra coins for snake fangs. If you are able to accomplish these tasks your purse will be heaveier with honest coin and perhaps I will give you a fine bag made from my own hands.' Saldin waits on your answer with hope written all across his face.'
You say, 'Sounds like a fine plan from an honest man.'
Saldin says, 'The faster you leave, the faster we prosper!' Saldin looks at you expectantly, as if you should leave and begin looking for his glands and fangs.'

Gather and give Saldin:

  • Snake Fang x 15
Saldin says, 'I cannot believe I am saying this but I think I have enough. Thank you travller.'

You gain (Unknown) experience!!

If you've completed Saldin's Precious Bags you can claim an additional reward:

You say, 'Hail, Saldin'
Saldin says, 'How is that collecting coming?'
You say, 'What more do you need?'
Saldin says, 'I have all I need! Thank you, <Player Name>! Here is something a little extra for your trouble...'

You receive Backpack from Saldin.