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Ring of Seafoam

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Mana cost: 0 Range: 0 Spell skill: Evocation
Cast time: Instant AE radius: 100 Resist type: Unresistable
Recharge time: Instant AE duration: 0 Resist adjust: 0
Duration: 4 ticks (24 seconds) Target type: Group Restrictions: None
Not specified
Push back: 0 Auto Cast:
Not specified
Spell Type: Beneficial
Effects (from parser):
Slot 10: Increase CHA by 10
Slot 11: Increase WIS by 10
Slot 12: Heal Over Time by 10 per tick
Cast on You: A sparkling film of seafoam clings to your skin.
Additional notes: Covers your group in sparkling seafoam, increasing WIS and CHA by 10 while healing for 10 HP per tick. This spell lasts for 4 ticks.
The following items have this effect:
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