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Relic Hunters III

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Archaeologist Yoricus requires some relics from Plane of Earth or Plane of Entropy.


Relic Hunters III
Quest giver Archaeologist Yoricus
Next quest

Relic Hunters IV

Previous quest

Relic Hunters II

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Other Zone(s)

Plane of Earth
Plane of Entropy
Plane of Nightmare
Caverns of the Deep One

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Major Sihalan Artifact
Major Graldalshian Artifact
Major Tarhansaran Artifact
Major Marlowian Artifact

Item Reward(s)

Insignia of Knowledge

Experience Reward 120000

Find Archaeologist Yoricus (The Grand Library at -808, 443, 3).

You say, 'Hail, Archaeologist Yoricus'
Archaeologist Yoricus says, '<Player_Name>? I've heard nothing but good things about you. Are you ready to continue assisting us?'
You say, 'I am. What is next?'
Archaeologist Yoricus says, 'You are to return to the homes of Sihala and Gradalsh. Find there for me major artifacts of their power. I am certain you will need to bring friends to assist you.'

Give Major Sihalan Artifact or Major Graldalshian Artifact to Archaeologist Yoricus.

Archaeologist Yoricus says, 'Nicely done, <Player_Name>. I believe that there is enough power still left in this relic to enhance the item that Certus gave you. Hand it to me and I will attempt to do so.'

You gain 60000 experience!!

Give Insignia of Research to Archaeologist Yoricus.

Archaeologist Yoricus says, 'Ah yes, just a little infusion here. A little adjustment there. This is quite an interesting concept. I've not yet seen these relics used directly like this.'

You receive Insignia of Knowledge from Archaeologist Yoricus.

You say, 'Do you think we can enhance it more?'
Archaeologist Yoricus says, 'I am unsure, <Player_Name>. I think it is definitely possible, but it will depend on how much power is left in the relic. Some of them have long been devoid of any power. They are still useful to us for research purposes, but not every one will have enough magical power left in it to be of use to you in that way.'
You say, 'I guess I'll have to keep looking then.'
Archaeologist Yoricus says, 'Excellent, <Player_Name>. My last task for you to is to head back to the homes of Tarhansar or Marlow. Once there, seek out their strongest of subjects. Return to me once you have found a relic.'

Give Major Tarhansaran Artifact or Major Marlowian Artifact to Archaeologist Yoricus.

Archaeologist Yoricus says, 'Perfect, <Player_Name>. Unfortunately, I sense no lingering magical energy in this artifact.'

You gain 60000 experience!!

You say, 'Do you have anything else for me to do?'
Archaeologist Yoricus says, 'I do not, <Player_Name>. You must speak with Earcy if you wish to be of further assistance here. Kered is also looking for helpers, too.'