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Priest of War

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Priest of War
Level 65


(-215, 363, 13)

Southern Newport

(Unknown Location)

Quests given


Quests involved in


The Priest of War observes a duel from afar within the Grounds of Fate in Southern Newport.

A self-appointed arbiter of combat, the Priest of War gives the player the chance to join in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat or, for those still at Level 1, the irreversible option to adopt a Hardcore playstyle. (Further details on Hardcore mode can be found in this thread.)

You say, 'Hail, Priest of War'
Priest of War says, 'Hail, adventurer. You come to this place, consecrated to the ways of War and bloodshed. Do you feel the desire to fight, to prove yourself, to excel where others would shelter in desolate weakness? Do you feel the songs of battle ring through your soul? I am a Priest of War, and I am blessed with the powers to free you from the binding constraints that plague your society, the ways of Harmony. Alternatively, I can also make you fear Death again. If you choose to become Hardcore, your next death will be your last. With either choice, you strive to prove your worth in the crucible of war. Do you wish the Blessing of War? Do you wish for the auspices of the Hardcore lifestyle? I warn you, such a decision is not easily undone, so proceed only if you are sure of your actions and your heart is not weak.'
Note: If you choose the blessing of War, other characters so blessed will be able to attack and kill you. You will also be able to attack and kill them. You must wait 5 realtime hours before the Priest of Harmony will remove your PvP flag.
Note: If you choose the Hardcore lifestyle, your next death FOR ANY REASON ends this character's existence permanently. This character and its inventory will remain inaccessible. You will not be able to log this character on again after death. It really is final and no amount of threats, bribes, petitions, yelling, or wheedling will return this character to life. It is over on your first death. Do not go Hardcore if you are easily riled. Do not go Hardcore if you have an unreliable connection. Do not go Hardcore ever for any reason.

Flagging for PvP

You say, 'I wish the blessing of war.'

Flagging for Hardcore

You say, 'I wish to become Hardcore. [MUST BE LEVEL 1]