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Myths and Bones

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Myths and Bones
Quest giver Kalunepe the Lorekeeper
Previous quest

Glakrin the Huntsman's quest

Starting Zone

The Murk

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Faction Required The Gruplok
Quest items used

Scrap of a Mythological Text
Chipped Flint Spear
Carved Stone Keepsake
Imperial War Flail
Faded Scroll
Cache of Glowing Weapons

Item Reward(s)

Mythic Spear of Cleansing
Mythic Flail of Cleansing
Mythic Band of Cleansing

Positive (+) Faction

The Gruplok

Find Kalunepe the Lorekeeper (The Murk at -1490, -1800, -16).

You say, 'Hail, Kalunepe the Lorekeeper'
Kalunepe the Lorekeeper tells you, 'My, my! Can't a girl take a bath around here without someone coming in to beg for a story? Haha!'
You say, 'Glakrin sent me.'
Kalunepe the Lorekeeper tells you, 'Oh, did he now? Then I suppose he's sent you here to help him in his little quest? Ah, myths can be a source of quite a bit of inspiration, even hope - as long as there is some truth to them. If not... Ah, poor Glakrin. He wants so desperately to avoid becoming a figure of myth himself - at least, as "the Last of the Gruplok Huntsmen".'
You say, 'Can you tell me more about the myth he mentioned?'
Kalunepe the Lorekeeper tells you, 'Certainly, hon. Let me see now... Ahem! "And so the evil Empire witch-lamia-mistress Slar`thith`la bellowed with unearthly rage when she learned that Gruthluk, the perennial hero, had freed the Gruploks that she had enslaved to help build her infernal tower of hatred and darkness and malice and so on. She used her unholy magics to reach into the void between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and pulled out terrible beasts that, while previously slain, were simply too twisted to enter the peaceful land of the dead - and she sent them off to slay Gruthluk once and for all. Gruthluk learned of their approach just in time, and lured the beasts away from the city. He had countless skirmishes with the beasts in the outlands, always having to retreat as he could not kill what was not truly alive. In the end, however, Gruthluk was able to prevail, as he got ahold of several sacred, cleasing, holy weapons. Once he figured out how to use them properly, he was able to defeat the beasts with one blow each. The weapons were--". This is where the problem begins. We don't know the rest of the story, specifically about the weapons themselves.'
You say, 'Why not?'
Kalunepe the Lorekeeper tells you, 'This story hasn't survived well in the oral tradition. The only version of it we have is from a text, written by an old Gruplok scholar who lived hundreds of years ago. Problem is - a page is missing. It's been missing since before the book came into my possession, and we're not sure if it was missing or not when the previous owner had it. We have no idea where it might be... but I doubt it would be worth taking, or keeping, for anyone other than a Gruplok. If you can manage to track down that missing page, we might have something to go on - but until then, there's not much we can do for poor Glakrin's hopes.'

Gather and give Scrap of a Mythological Text to Kalunepe the Lorekeeper.

Kalunepe takes the scrap of paper from your hand and pours over it. A wide smile creeps across her face. 'This is the missing page! Wherever did you find it?'
You say, 'An undead Gruplok was clutching it...'
Kalunepe the Lorekeeper tells you, 'Ah.. perhaps it was the previous owner. I never knew him, but I received my book after he was dragged off by a Kaezulian patrol. Perhaps he had taken this page with him in hopes of avoiding the fate he eventually did suffer: becoming one of the lingering dead... Ah, in any case, let's have a look and see if this page can't shed some light on those weapons, hmm? Give me a moment to read it over.'
You say, 'Take your time.'
Kalunepe quietly and carefully scans the page. After a few minutes, you hear her bathwater slosh as she looks up at you again. 'Fascinating! Oh, it will be wonderful to have another *complete* myth to share with everyone. The children will be thrilled!'
You say, 'What about the weapons?'
Kalunepe the Lorekeeper tells you, 'Hmm? Oh, right! Sorry. Ahem! "The weapons were created from the blessing of a foreign god... Gruthluk, still being chased by the unliving abominations, and needing rest, ducked into a cavernous tunnel. Knowing that the beasts had not seen him enter, and that he had some time before they discovered him, Gruthluk moved deep into the cave and sat to catch a few brief moments of sleep. Suddenly, he was awoken, to find that he was not alone: unbelievably, a foreign woman stood before him, dressed in white, and radiating a soothing light... She told Gruthluk that she was there to aid him against the unliving abominations, and she asked him to show her his weapons. Gruthluk did not know what to make of this offer - his weapons were ordinary, made of simple carved stone, and had proved themselves useless against the beasts. Nevertheless, he showed them to the woman, and she produced a scroll. She read from the scroll - a sort of prayer - and Gruthluk's weapons were suddenly enveloped in pale light. The woman smiled, and in a flash of white light, disappeared as quickly as she had came, leaving her prayer scroll fluttering to the floor of the cave." Hmm..'
You say, 'Go on.'
Kalunepe the Lorekeeper tells you, 'Of course. "Gruthluk took his infused weapons and easily vanquished the beasts with them. The weapons were three: a flail, a spear, and an enchanted bracelet, all infused with the power of the foreign god." Stone weapons, hmm... I suppose we should try to recreate all three of them. Unfortunately, it's been a long, LONG time since anyone around here made weapons out of carved stone. I doubt anyone here would remember how to make them properly. But, if you could find some... However, I wouldn't know where to begin looking for this supposed prayer scroll. Have you ever heard of this foreign goddess it mentions? Ah, in any case, if you can manage to find all of that - a stone flail, stone spear, and stone bracelet, and this prayer scroll - I'm sure we could find someone to perform the prayer and see if the myth wasn't exaggerating about this whole foreign god business!'

Gather and give Kalunepe the Lorekeeper:

  • Chipped Flint Spear
  • Carved Stone Keepsake
  • Imperial War Flail
  • Faded Scroll
Kalunepe the Lorekeeper tells you, 'Oh you did it, you found them all! And the scroll too! It still seems to be legible... good good. Now then, I have been speaking with our local healer, Kathrinka, while you were gone, and I think she would be able to perform the prayer ceremony. She's certainty better qualified then anyone else around here, in any case. I've told her I'd be sending you when you'd found all the items from the myth. Go and show them to her, she'll be expecting you.'

Go to Healer Kathrinka

You say, 'Kalunepe sent me'
Healer Kathrinka tells you, 'Ah you are the one she was speaking of? Then come show me the weapons and the scroll.'

Give the items to Healer Kathrinka

Kathrinka carefully sets the weapons into a tub of purified water, then glances over the prayer scroll. Then she closes her eyes and stands silently for several minutes, concentrating, focusing her entire consciousness onto her task. Finally, she begins to chant the prayer from the scroll, her voice suddenly filled with beauty. Soon - too soon, you feel - her voice dies away, and Kathrinka sighes [sic] heavily to herself before finally opening her eyes again. She speaks to you, her voice suddenly very weary, '<Player Name>...'
You say, 'Yes?'
Healer Kathrinka tells you, 'Here... take these to Glakrin... he will be so happy. You have my thanks...' Kathrinka shudders, and closes her eyes to rest.'

You receive Cache of Glowing Weapons from Healer Kathrinka.

Give Glakrin the Huntsman the Cache of Glowing Weapons

Glakrin the Huntsman tells you, 'Haha! So the myth was true! These weapons.. they are glorious. I don't know how you managed to find everything that was needed - but you have my ceaseless gratitude! Ah, I must thank Kalunepe, and Kathrinka as well. They've been so much help to such a poor old coot like me. Ah but you - you especially. I would be honored if you would keep one of these sacred weapons of myth for yourself. If you would prefer one of the others, simply hand this one back to me.'

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!

You receive Mythic Flail of Cleansing from Glakrin the Huntsman.

Note: This reward can be cycled. See below.

Give Mythic Flail of Cleansing to Glakrin the Huntsman.

You receive Mythic Spear of Cleansing from Glakrin the Huntsman.

Give Mythic Spear of Cleansing to Glakrin the Huntsman.

You receive Mythic Band of Cleansing from Glakrin the Huntsman.