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Mind games

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Another tricky riddle quest found in the Grand Library.

Note: WARNING! Posting answers to the riddle quests in The Grand Library is strictly prohibited!
Note: WARNING! Quest may cause you to pull out your own hair! If you start to get frustrated take a break from it, sleep on it, or go for a bike ride. You'll find it easier to figure it out with a fresh mind.


Mind games
Quest giver Junior Lorekeeper Thinir
Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Suggested Level Range 1 - 65
Experience Reward (Unknown) At 36 It said Quest was trivial and no XP.

Find Junior Lorekeeper Thinir (The Grand Library at -597, 677, 23).

You say, 'Hail, Junior Lorekeeper Thinir'
Junior Lorekeeper Thinir says, 'Greetings, <Player Name>. I am Thinir, chief of the Junior Librarians. I have spent many years in this position and have seen my share of wanderers in these halls. Sure, they play fetch like any good dog, but most lack the mental acuity to progress in the search for knowledge. Do you think you are ready?'
You say, 'Yes, I do. Also, I don't appreciate being called a dog.'
Junior Lorekeeper Thinir ignores your comment. 'Knowledge is not something to be given lightly. It is the one true source of power. Are you sure you can handle it?
You say, 'Sure.'
Junior Lorekeeper Thinir says, 'We'll see about that.'
You say, 'What do you mean?'
Junior Lorekeeper Thinir says, 'He xnt vdqd sn szjd sgd mtladq ne fncr hm czkzxz zmc zcc sn hs sgd xdzq ne sgd ehqrs qdkhzakd czsd, xnt vntkc fds vgzs mtladq?'?'
You say, 'Uh...what?'
Junior Lorekeeper Thinir smirks at you.
This step has been censored: Posting answers to Main Quest quizzes or riddle quests is prohibited.
Junior Lorekeeper Thinir says, 'Well done, <Player Name>'
This portion of quest dialog has been censored.
Posting answers to Main Quest quizzes or riddle quests is prohibited.

You gain (Unknown) experience.