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Merfolk Brow Adornment

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Merfolk Brow Adornment


Type Equipment
Quest reward for Fair Coralia's Quest
Resists SvC: +1 SvM: +1 
Skill Mod Divination +3
Focus Effect Companion Health I
  • 1: Increase Pet's Maximum Hit Points by 5%

Effects Twofold Tide
Self target, Instant, Detrimental

Lore An iridescent fin with pearl inlay..
Expable Item
Growth Rate per Level +1
Total Growth Levels 4
Growth Experience 200000 base exp per level
2000000 exp total

Slot: Face 
Focus Effect: Companion Health I
Effect: Twofold Tide (Must Wear Clicky, 2.0)
Skill Mod: Divination +3
AGI: +4 (8) INT: +6 (10) CHA: +8 (12) HP: +16 (20) MANA: +31 (35) 
SV MAGIC: +1 (5) SV COLD: +1 (5) 
WT: 0.1 Size: Tiny 
Race: ALL
Slot 1 type 3: empty