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Lorekeeper Cerren's quest

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Lorekeeper Cerren will require your aid in killing Lord Greyclaw. However before you embark she would like some food and drink for the trip. Once you have finished preparing what could very well be her last meal she will meet you in Dragon Necropolis just outside the rat city. From there the fun begins, as a mini event plays out. Finding allies to accompany you might be a good idea.


Lorekeeper Cerren's quest
Quest giver Lurek, Priest of Lore
Next quest

Meeting Jayla

Previous quest

Concerning the God
People of the Plains
Its hot down here
No legs

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Other Zone(s)

Dragon Necropolis

Quest items used

Wyvern Wrap
Southern Ale Bread
Honey Mead
A Worn Book

Item Reward(s)

Researcher's Badge of Jayla

Related overview
These two may be completed in any order
These four may be completed in any order

Find Lorekeeper Cerren (The Grand Library at -971, 700, 5).

You say, 'Hail, Lorekeeper Cerren'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'You're it, huh? Lurek must be out of his mind.'
You say, 'Why do I always get that! Just give me a chance.'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'Why, so you can get us both killed?'
You say, 'What exactly are we doing?'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'Lord Greyclaw, who resides in the caves beneath the Dragon Necropolis has a book Jayla wants. It won't be an easy task to pry it out of his hands, though. But if you're all that Lurek sent, I'm going to need you to collect some supplies first.'
You say, 'What sort of supplies?'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'Food and drink mostly. If I'm going to die I want to be comfortable doing it. I think some southern ale bread to start would be lovely. And Firinis was telling me about these delightful wyvern wraps she had last week. I'd like to try them too. And some honey mead to wash it all down. Bring it all back to me and we can get started.'

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Gather and give Lorekeeper Cerren:

  • Wyvern Wrap
  • Southern Ale Bread
  • Honey Mead
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'Oh excellent! This is perfect. If we leave now, we can hopefully get this over with in a few days. Meet me just outside of Greyclaw', I guess...and I'll lead us in.'

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Go to Dragon Necropolis. Lorekeeper Cerren will spawn when you walk through the tunnel leading to the rat city.

Note: Once you talk with Lorekeeper Cerren you will initiate an event where she walks to Lord Greyclaw's room, killing everything along the way. Clearing the way to Lord Greyclaw prior to initiating the event is suggested. Once Lorekeeper Cerren reaches the entrance to Lord Greyclaw's room she will stop and wait for you to hail her. Be aware that once you hail her she will run into the room towards Lord Greyclaw.
Lorekeeper Cerren brushes some crumbs off her jacket. 'Oh good, you're here. Let me know when you're ready to get started. I hope you brought some friends!
You say, 'Hail, Lorekeeper Cerren'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'Oh, are you set? Let's keep a quick pace, so they don't see us coming. Try to keep up, <Player Name>. It's very important that you do not alert Greyclaw to our presence until we can pin him in his room. If he knows about us before that, he'll ditch the book. Wait for my orders, <Player Name>.'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'Here we go. Weapons at the ready, folks. Let's get that book and get out of here before they know what hit them.'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'All right, Lord Greyclaw is just around the corner here. Try to bring some of his guards over here so we can kill them without him knowing. When you're ready to rush Greyclaw himself, let me know. Do not kill him without my help, <Player Name>. I'm sure he has a few tricks that you'll need me to watch out for. I'm gonna rest up and leave these guards to you. You should do some work at least during this adventure.'
You say, 'Hail, Lorekeeper Cerren'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'All right, are you ready to take out Greyclaw?'
You say, 'Let's do it!'
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'All right, here we go!'
Lorekeeper Cerren lets out a high pitched yelp and rushes Lord Greyclaw!

Kill Lord Greyclaw (Dragon Necropolis). Lorekeeper Cerren must not die.

Note: Lorekeeper Cerren doesn't have much health so you must engage quickly. Once you've defeated Lord Greyclaw, a bag will spawn in the bone hand he was standing on with a book. Loot this quickly as you only have about 30 seconds before a large horde of 65 rats rushes Lorekeeper Cerren's position.
As Lord Greyclaw's body crumples to the ground, there is a brief shimmering on his throne.
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'Oh, there it is! Hurry and get it before...uh oh, too late!'
Lorekeeper Cerren gulps.
Lorekeeper Cerren says, 'This doesn't look good for the home team, <Player Name>. Get that book and get out of here. I'll try to hold them off!'
The Berserk Ratmen rush Lorekeeper Cerren, snarling and frothing at the mouth.

Gather and give A Worn Book to Lurek, Priest of Lore (The Grand Library at -744, -144)

Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'Oh my, you and Cerren did it! I've wanted this book for ages! Where's Cerren? I want to congratulate her on a job very well done.'
You say, 'Cerren didn't make it.'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'That's absurd. Stop joking around with me. Where is she?'
You say, 'I'm sorry. It's true.'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'I see. You are telling the truth. And yet you have returned with the book I requested. Did Cerren do what she could to protect this book?'
You say, 'She gave her life to ensure my escape.'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'You should be grateful not only for her saving your life, but also for the lesson in this. Knowledge is more important than any one of us. Cerren understood that truth in her very core. She didn't hesitate to sacrifice herself to make sure this book made it back to the Athenaeum. You should heed this lesson, and remember Cerren for her dedication to the Athenaeum. Hand me the item the Councilor gave you before. It does not befit someone of your stature any longer.'

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You receive Researcher's Badge of Jayla from Lurek, Priest of Lore.

Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'Wear this with pride, <Player Name>.'
You say, 'What more can I do?'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'Some of the content in this book disturbs me, Fifey. I've shared it with Jayla, and she wishes to speak with you in person. Do not waste her time. Whatever it is she desires of you, do it without question and without hesitation. Are you ready to go see her?'

Your journal has been updated. [The High Price of Knowledge]

You say, 'Send me to Jayla.'
Lurek, Priest of Lore says, 'Very well.'