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Life Reap

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Life Reap


Type Equipment
Dropped by
Resists SvD: +8 
Ratio 0.4
0.8 Expable ratio
Skill 1H Slashing
Effects Fwuko's Striking Curse
Single target, 2 ticks, Detrimental

  • 1: Combat Curse: Takes Critical Damage from all Melee Hits (Level 50 maximum)
  • 2: Increase Curse Counter by 3
Lore Harvests souls and condemns them to eternal undeath.
Expable Item
Growth Rate per Level 10%
Total Growth Levels 10
Growth Experience 10000 base exp per level
550000 exp total

Slot: Primary 
Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 30 
DMG: 12 (24) 
Effect: Fwuko's Striking Curse (Melee Proc, 4.5%)
STA: +5 (10) INT: +4 (8) CHA: +8 (16) HP: -30 (0) MANA: +30 (60) 
SV DISEASE: +8 (16) 
This item grows with experience.
WT: 8.6 Size: Large 
Race: ALL