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I told Hursh on the bridge in Greenmist that I would catch the feared piranha named Jagtooth and bring him the meat. He seemed to be worried for me.


Quest giver Hursh da Fisher
Starting Zone

Greenmist Jungle

Suggested Level Range 6 - 10
Quest items used

Ancient Piranha Meat

Item Reward(s)

Da Fishin' Pole

Currency Reward 2 Platinum, 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 8 Copper
Positive (+) Faction

Denizens of Oggok

Find Hursh da Fisher (Greenmist Jungle at 614, 1198, -6).

You say, 'Jagtooth?'
Hursh finally turns towards you, a serious look in his eyes, 'Jagtooth be mean, mean fish. Old, ancient even. He is da last of da ancient piranha. Dey have da best most yummy meat, so all da others fished to deth. But Jagtooth... Jagtooth is too smart and mean and angry and smart to get caught. Yu need to watch out for da Jagtooth while you are getting da younger piranha.
You say, 'I am not scared of a fish. You say Jagtooth has the most delicious meat? I will bring his meat to you, then.'
Hursh frowns at you, 'Yu better be scared of da fish. He has earned da fear. If yu wan to kill yurself, I wuld pay yu well for da Jagtooth Meat. But if I was yu, I'd swim to da shore if I saw him.

Gather and give Hursh da Fisher:

  • Ancient Piranha Meat
Hursh begins to look at you over his shoulder, but then abruptly turns around when he notices what you are handing him, 'Dis is Jagtooth's meat! Hah! Dis da last ancient piranha meat! Dis will make my career! I da best fisherman eva! Here, take dis money. Hey! Yu can even have my da's fishin' pole. I can jus buy a new one wit da money imma make off dis fish anyway!

Your faction standing with Denizens of Oggok has gotten better!

You receive 2 platinum, 4 gold, 4 silver, 8 copper pieces.

You receive Da Fishin' Pole.