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Helping the Theron

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Theron Praknat needs help investigating rumors about the Ysthar


Helping the Theron
Quest giver Chief Lorekeeper Arthus
Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Ending Zone The Grand Library
Other Zone(s)

Sadri Malath
Cyrtho Malath
Azzerach, the Forsaken Realm
Western Plaguelands

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Praknat's Note
An Empty Vial (Helping the Theron)
Diseased Froglok Blood
Flame Root
Healthy Taldorian Blood
Scourged Treant Leaf
Ystharan Scale
A Cure

Negative (-) Faction


Experience Reward 100000

Find Chief Lorekeeper Arthus (The Grand Library at -40.65, -1142.84, 3.75).

You say, 'Hail, Chief Lorekeeper Arthus'
Chief Lorekeeper Arthus says, 'If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times - do not interrupt me when I'm reading!'
You say, 'I've never met you before.'
Chief Lorekeeper Arthus looks up from the podium. 'Oh. Who the hell are you then?'
You say, 'The Voice sent me. He said you needed some help.'
Chief Lorekeeper Arthus says, Quite right, quite right! Now, if I can just find...that...paper.' Arthus pushes papers around on his podium, finally picking one up. 'Ah yes, here we are. Hmm, what do you know about the Lands of Magic, <Player Name>?'
You say, 'Theron Praknat told me a little.'
Chief Lorekeeper Arthus says, 'Did he now? That's good, because this is a note from that very same person! What a strange coincidence!'
You say, 'How wierd!'
You say, 'I don't believe in coincidences.'
Chief Lorekeeper Arthus says, 'No matter, no matter. Just some idle conversation. Lighten up a bit. It appears the good Praknat, who I've known for many years and who I deeply respect as a fellow Keeper of Lore...I remember this one time a few years back before I was Chief Lorekeeper, you know I haven't always been in this position obviously, locked in all these musty books, surrounded by these barely awake imbeciles. There was a time when I actually got to do some real research instead of all this red-tape bureaucratic garbage...'
You say, 'Ahem'
Chief Lorekeeper Arthus looks up and appears slightly bewildered. 'Oh, sorry. The good ol' days, right? Point is, Praknat is a friend of mine and he needs some help with some research. Go find out what he wants for me. Show him this note so he'll know you came from me.'

You receive Praknat`s Note from Chief Lorekeeper Arthus.

Find Theron Praknat (Sadri Malath at 474, 446).

Give Praknat`s Note to Theron Praknat.

Theron Praknat says, 'You again, <Player Name>? Oh, and with my note to Arthus. Have you come to help me?'
You say, 'Arthus sent me to see what you needed.'
Theron Praknat says, 'Excellent, for I am in need of help indeed. There have been reports that some of my people are being used as slaves by the Ysthar in Cyrtho Malath. The Ysthar too were children of Malath, and if this is true, it is an outrage against our people and the memory of Malath himself!'
You say, 'What do you want me to do?'
Theron Praknat says, 'Go to the new home of the Ysthar. Seek out these slaves, if they do exist, and report back to me with any information you find.'

Investigating the Ysthar

Find a diseased taldorian (Cyrtho Malath at -928.87, -349.87, -256.25).

You say, 'Hail, a diseased taldorian'
a diseased taldorian moans.
Throughout the mines you have seen Taldorian slaves, and now a sick one lies on the ground in obvious pain.

Return to Theron Praknat (Sadri Malath at 474, 446).

You say, 'Hail, Theron Praknat'
Theron Praknat says, 'Ohh it is as I feared! The Ysthar have done the unspeakable!'
You say, 'There was one Taldorian who was sick.'
Theron Praknat says, 'Is there now? We are not equipped for a raid on the Ysthar right now, but perhaps we can help this one Taldorian. Take this vial, collect some of his blood and return to me. We will find out what is wrong with him and make a cure.'

You receive An Empty Vial from Theron Praknat.

Return to a diseased taldorian (Cyrtho Malath at -928.87, -349.87, -256.25).

Give An Empty Vial to a diseased taldorian.

a diseased taldorian groans as you take a sample of his blood.

You receive Diseased Froglok Blood from a diseased taldorian.

Return to Theron Praknat (Sadri Malath at 474, 446).

Give Diseased Froglok Blood to Theron Praknat.

Theron Praknat holds the vial up to the light and shakes it lightly. 'Hmm, I am clueless as to how to find a cure for this poor soul. Perhaps you should speak with an Alchemist. They would know more.

Finding the Alchemist

Find Tenecir (Eastern Plaguelands at -1539, -295).

Give Diseased Froglok Blood to Tenecir.

Tenecir says, 'What's this, then?'
You say, 'Some diseased Taldorian blood. I need a cure for whatever is wrong with it.'
Tenecir says, 'I'm not exactly in the business of handing out cures to random strangers. Look around you. These survivors are very ill. What is so important about this that I should take time away from my work helping them, to help you and your Taldorian friend?'
You say, 'What if you tell me what to do? Who knows, you might learn something that could help you here.'
Tenecir says, 'You might be right about that. Ok, let me examine this. Bide a moment.'
Note: Tenecir will take the sample for a minute or so, then will emote that he has finished.
Tenecir finishes examining the sample.
You say, 'Hail, Tenecir'
Tenecir says, 'How very interesting. This isn't going to be easy to do, but I see a possible solution. I'm going to need 4 items. First, the root of a tree born of fire. Second, the blood of a healthy Taldorian. Third, the leaf of a scourged treant. And last, an Ystharan scale. Bring those items to me and I will attempt to make you a cure.'

Making a cure

Return to Theron Praknat (Sadri Malath at 474, 446).

You say, 'Hail, Theron Praknat'
Theron Praknat says, 'How is the search for the cure coming?'
You say, 'I found an alchemist in the Plaguelands that might be able to help. Tenecir is his name. He needs me to collect components for him, one of which is healthy Taldorian blood.'
Theron Praknat says, 'Say no more.'
Theron Praknat takes out a small knife and cuts a slice into his palm. The blood trickles down into a vial, which he hands to you.

You receive Healthy Taldorian Blood from Theron Praknat.

You say, 'The funny thing is, I need a scale from the Ysthars for the cure.'
Theron Praknat says, 'That is odd. It doesn't make much sense to me that the Ysthar taskmasters would make one of their own slaves sick on purpose. Perhaps there is more going on here than meets the eye. Be careful down there, <Player Name>!'

Collect and Give to Tenecir:

Tenecir says, 'Excellent, <Player Name>. Give me just a moment to prepare this for you.........Ah, here we go. This was only enough to make one dose. If you lose it, you'll have to collect all those items again, so be careful!'

You receive A Cure from Tenecir.

Administering a Cure

Return to a diseased taldorian (Cyrtho Malath at -928.87, -349.87, -256.25).

Give A Cure to a diseased taldorian.

a diseased taldorian begins to convulse and foam at the mouth.
Laughter echoes in the caverns around you. The Taldorians run for cover.
Note: at this point you will have a few seconds while the other Taldorians in the mines flee. A crew of Akhevans will spawn and you will become mezzed
Gollir the Mind Flayer shouts, 'Finally brothers, our time has come!'
You are caught in stasis.
Gollir the Mind Flayer shouts, 'The last piece of the puzzle is here, brothers. The fools have brought it right to us! Our revenge is at hand.'
Gollir the Mind Flayer shouts, 'Now if you will just hold still a little longer. Hehehe, as if you had any other choice! We'll just take a little sample of your brain matter to finish our plague. Malath's idiotic sheep followers will be no more! HAHAHAHA-'
a diseased taldorian surges to his feet and stabs Gollir the Mind Flayer in the heart
Gollir the Mind Flayer gasps as the dagger enters his chest. 'No...this cannot be!'
a diseased taldorian crumples back to the ground, the last breath of his life passing through his lips. 'Malath...forgive me.'
a diseased taldorian died.
Gollir the Mind Flayer shouts, 'KILL THEM ALL, BROTHERS!'
Note: at this point you will be freed from the mind flayers powers and will be attacked by the remaining Akhevans

Kill Rullorz the Insidious, Lillire the Slayer, Hijarz the Destroyer, and Pularz the Heirophant.

You say, 'Hail, Gollir the Mind Flayer'
Gollir the Mind Flayer coughs up blood. 'I can't believe this. It was working perfectly.' Blood sprays out of his mouth and coughs wrack his body. 'Somehow...I will have revenge. Put an end to this.'

Kill Gollir the Mind Flayer.

Return to Theron Praknat (Sadri Malath at 474, 446).

You say, 'Hail, Theron Praknat'
Theron Praknat says, 'Oh god, that poor Taldorian. And yet, you have ended a grave threat to our people this day, <Player Name>. I cannot thank you enough.'

You gain 100000 experience!!

Return to Chief Lorekeeper Arthus (The Grand Library at -40.65, -1142.84, 3.75).

You say, 'Hail, Chief Lorekeeper Arthus'
Chief Lorekeeper Arthus says, 'My goodness! ALL of that happened? I cannot believe some Akhevans survived the Fall. This is very big news, very big news indeed, <Player Name>! Thank you for your efforts in this matter. For now, that is all the work I have for you to do. You have helped the Atheneaum greatly in your time here.'