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Helping Rollins

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Another quest in The Grand Library.


Helping Rollins
Quest giver Junior Lorekeeper Rollins
Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Ending Zone The Grand Library
Other Zone(s)

Southern Newport

Suggested Level Range 21 - 30
Quest items used

Erudin Metal Usage Log
Athica Metal Usage Log
Newport Metal Usage Log

Experience Reward 2500

Find Junior Lorekeeper Rollins (The Grand Library at -404, 505, 3).

You say, 'Hail, Junior Lorekeeper Rollins'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'Hmm, who let you in here?'
You say, 'Uhh, you're standing in the middle of an open room?'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'Oh...right. Well, now that you're here, you can help me with this assignment I've been given.'
You say, 'Sure, sounds like a plan.'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'Good. Now listen up, I don't like repeating myself. I need you to go speak with the metalsmiths in Athica, Erudin and Newport. Collect from them reports of metal usage and supply availability. This is vital information, so don't waste any time. Don't come back until you've spoken with all three.'
You say, 'How are metal usage reports vital information?'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins looks furious. 'They are, trust me! Now go get them!

Erudin metal report

Find Umma Stonehammer (Erudin at -708, -286).

You say, 'Hail, Umma Stonehammer'
Umma Stonehammer says, 'Yes, hello there! Would you like to see a sample of my wares?'
You say, 'No, I'm here for the report for Lorekeeper Rollins.'
Umma Stonehammer says, 'Oh, I see. Let me find it for you...Ah yes, here it is. Send my regards!'

You receive Erudin Metal Usage Log from Umma Stonehammer.

Athica metal report

Find Mafenith (Athica at -97, -340, 3).

You say, 'Hail, Mafenith'
Mafenith says, 'I am incredibly busy. What do you need?'
You say, 'I am here for the metal usage report.'
Mafenith says, 'Oh, fine then. Take it and leave me to my work. Stupid paperwork.'

You receive Athica Metal Usage Log from Mafenith.

Newport metal report

Find Nisbul (Southern Newport at 204, -165, 2).

You say, 'Hail, Nisbul'
Nisbul says, 'Rollins sent you, did he? I told him I would send this report along when I was done with it! But nooooo, he's gotta be Mr. Impatient. Fine then, take the report. And tell him to leave me alone!'

You receive Newport Metal Usage Log from Nisbul.}}

Turning in the reports

Give Erudin Metal Usage Log, Athica Metal Usage Log, Newport Metal Usage Log to Junior Lorekeeper Rollins (The Grand Library at -404, 505, 3)

Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'Good, that didn't take you nearly as long as I thought it would'

You gain 2500 experience!!

Junior Lorekeeper Rollins returned Erudin Metal Usage Log to you.

Junior Lorekeeper Rollins returned Athica Metal Usage Log to you.

Junior Lorekeeper Rollins returned Newport Metal Usage Log to you.

You say, 'So what are you going to do with these reports?'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'I'm not going to do anything with them, you are.'
You say, 'This isn't making very much sense to me.'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'I don't care. Take the logs to Archaeologist Aleach. He'll tell you what to do with them.'

Give Erudin Metal Usage Log, Athica Metal Usage Log, Newport Metal Usage Log to Archaeologist Aleach (The Grand Library at -794, 651, 3).

Archaeologist Aleach flips through the ledgers, mumbling to himself as he goes.
Archaeologist Aleach says, 'Well, everything appears to be in order. Was there anything else I can help you with?'
You say, 'What's so important about these ledgers?'
Archaeologist Aleach says, 'It's nothing major, though Rollins probably thinks it's something big. We are just keeping track of how the conflict is going, for historical purposes. Often in history, there is not enough examination of the leadup to war, often because it is not known war will occur. In this case, the war has been brewing for quite some time.'
You say, 'How are you keeping track of Kaezul's side of the fight? I thought no one has been to Ikisith in a very long time.'
Archaeologist Aleach winks at you. 'Well, wouldn't you like to know?'
You say, 'Yes, actually I would.'
Archaeologist Aleach says, 'Well, let's just say that we have a man on the inside. I can't tell you more right now. Maybe once you've proven yourself. Though, honestly, I don't know nearly as much as the Councilors and Jayla herself do. Something like this has to be kept under wraps, so don't tell anyone I told you!'
You say, 'My lips are sealed.'
Archaeologist Aleach says, 'Good. By the way, go back to Rollins and let him know you've dropped off the ledgers with me.'

Return to Junior Lorekeeper Rollins (The Grand Library at -404, 505, 3)

You say, 'Hail, Junior Lorekeeper Rollins'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'Good job dropping those books off with Aleach. Did he...uh...tell you anything?'
You say, 'About what?'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'You know...about why he needed them?'
You say, 'Oh, you don't know?'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'No, I uh...' Junior Lorekeeper Rollins sighs. 'Look, it's like this. Jayla's the boss here. The councilors are like her generals. Each one oversees half of the staff. Marek's over the Archaeologists, and Cillan's over the Library, with Arthus being his number one. I'm pretty far down the line. Most of the lorekeepers are. Something big is happening, though. You can almost taste it in the air.
You say, 'What do you mean by something big?'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'I don't know much about it, but I think it has something to do with Kaezul.'
You say, 'I'm sorry, my lips are sealed.'
Junior Lorekeeper Rollins says, 'So he did tell you something! Well if he told you, I'm sure he can tell me too! I've got nothing else for you, go ask some of the other junior lorekeepers if they need help. I'm off to have a chat with Aleach!'