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Foridin's Troubles

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Talk to Foridin about his daughter. He asks you to take a letter to her love in Southern Newport. If you chose the evil ending, you do that, and come back to be in his good books, and not so much hers. There is also an alternate good ending.


Foridins Troubles
Quest giver Foridin
Starting Zone

Northern Newport

Ending Zone Southern Newport
Minimum Level Required 6
Suggested Level Range 6 - 10
Quest items used

Letter for Olof

Currency Reward 8 Platinum, 5 Gold or 9 Gold
Alignment shifts toward Good / Evil
Experience Reward 1,000

Find Foridin (Northern Newport at 5, -90).

You say, 'Hail, Foridin'
Foridin says, 'This is my home, <Player Race>. I don't want you talking to my daughter. State your business or leave.'
You say, 'you seem troubled'
Foridin says, 'I AM troubled. Despite all I've taught her, my daughter INSISTS on mingling with the lower races... no offense, <Player Race>, I'm sure you're aware it's the simple truth. It's bad enough that she has no compunctions about being seen with our forest cousins... but she befriends HUMANS. How I wish we were back in Elvenhome! Lately she's been talking awfully much with a merchant son named Olof or another such crude human name... I'm quite worried about his intentions. Not to mention hers.'

Evil ending

You say, 'I can sympathize is there something i can do?'
Foridin says, 'Well... yes, in fact there is. I have a letter here where my daughter tells this Olof that she can't see him anymore. I don't want to leave my daughter alone, so how about you deliver it for me? He's a merchant's son that lives in the southern part of town, that's all I know about him.'

You receive Letter for Olof from Foridin.

Give the letter to Olof Firepride (Southern Newport at 197, -313, 3).

Olof Firepride takes the letter and reads it, face shifting from grief to rage as he rips it to shreds, tossing the pieces onto the ground.
Olof Firepride says, 'What's this? I... I see. She- she couldn't even deliver this in person? I thought she... cared for me... I thought... just tell her... tell her that I don't ever want to see her wretched face again! Tell her THAT!'

Return to Foridin.

Foridin says, 'You've delivered the letter? How did the Human take it? Ah... excellent. Thank you, Human, he is certain to stay away from my daughter now. This is for you.'

You receive 8 Platinum, 5 Gold pieces.

You gain 1000 experience!!

Good ending

You say, 'Why don't you let her talk to him? What harm can it do?'
Foridin says, 'Why don't YOU mind your own business? I don't think you're welcome in my home anymore. Leave.'

A'myola glances over at you and beckons you closer with a subtle gesture.

You say, 'Hail, A'myola'
A'myola says, 'I saw you talking to my father... and I heard what you said. Please listen for a moment. My father has a letter that he forced me to write, and he's trying to get someone to give it to Olof... the letter says that I don't want to see him anymore... but I love him! I have to let him know how I really feel before my father destroys it! Please... if you have a heart, will you take a letter to him from me?'
You say, 'I will take your letter to him.'
A'myola says, 'Oh thank you, thank you! His name is Olof Firepride... his father owns the Firepride Forge in the southern part of town, near the bank. Bring him this letter.

You receive Letter for Olof from A'myola.

Give the letter to Olof Firepride (Southern Newport at 197, -313, 3).

Olof Firepride takes the letter and reads it, a happy smile playing on his face as he folds it into his vest pocket.
Olof Firepride says, 'Thank you so much, stranger. Tell her... tell her that she has nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.'

Return to A'myola.

You say, 'Hail A'myola'
A'myola says, 'Thank you so much! My heart aches to be with my Olof... but at least now he knows how I really feel, and my father's lies can't pollute what we share. I don't have much to offer you in reward, but I won't forget your kindness!'

You receive 9 Gold pieces.

You gain 1000 experience!!