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Eldritch Spell Scroll

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Eldritch Spell Scroll


Type Not specified
Dropped by Various Tier2+ Raid Mobs, Raid Tiers

WT: 0.1 Size: Small 
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Turned in to Apprentice Vaceth in the library of Valley of Erimal to get your classes relic spell scrolls - a random one that you do not yet possess is given to you on turn in. If you have all your relic spells or are not a class that gets relic spells, platinum is given instead. Main Quest must be completed through Main Quest - Seekers of Erimal in order to do this hand-in.

Eldritch spell scrolls have a chance of dropping from most mid level raid mobs, most of which can't be single grouped. You will need to raid if you want to get them.

It should be noted, that turning in multiple scrolls without memorizing them first, can result duplicates. It is suggested you memorize each spell between turn-ins.