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Dungeon Delvers II

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Dungeon Delvers II
Quest giver Archaeologist Kered
Next quest

Dungeon Delvers III

Previous quest

Dungeon Delvers I

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Other Zone(s)

Catacombs of Elthannar

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Researcher's Amulet
Bloodstained Relic
Heirloom of Eldenal
Ancient Artifact
Major Ystharan Relic

Item Reward(s)

Lorekeeper's Amulet

Experience Reward 175,000
Related overview

Find Archaeologist Kered (The Grand Library at -801, 414, 3).

You say, 'Do you think it wise to try to find something from Tarlisha herself?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'No, not quite,.. Tarlisha is too canny to store her relics personally. Another once served her, a trusted valet. An elf some claim was touched by Althuna Herself. When the dark curse befell the Elthannars, this elf was one of several who dodged it... at least initially. He was banished with Tarlisha all the same, though, and haunts the catacombs as a ghost - drenched in the bloodied sins of the Elthannar family. '
You say, ' A ghost in the catacombs..'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'If anyone can do it, I believe it is you, <Player Name>.'

Gather and give Bloodstained Relic to Archaeologist Kered.

Archaeologist Kered says, 'Excellent job, <Player Name>. This is going quite well.'

You gain 40000 experience!!

You say, 'What do you think about seeking out some relics that belonged to Eldenal?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'Hmm, that is not a bad idea indeed. It is unlikely he thought to bring anything of worth with him when they left the throne, so do not waste time looking in his mansion. Instead, return to his former seat of power and see what you can find. Return with something small first to see if it is worth spending time on.'

Gather and give Heirloom of Eldenal to Archaeologist Kered.

Archaeologist Kered says, 'Now this is quite interesting...'

You gain 40000 experience!!

You say, 'Worth continuing?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'I'd say so, <Player Name>. Good idea! Head back to highkeep and venture further in. Perhaps you will find something of worth in the royal suite.'

Gather and give Ancient Artifact to Archaeologist Kered.

Archaeologist Kered says, 'Oh, well done! Well done!'

You gain 45000 experience!!

You say, 'Let's keep going!'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'I'm glad you are so enthusiastic, <Player Name>. Let us return one last time to Cyrtho Malath. Proceed deeper in, find me a relic really worth studying!'

Gather and give Major Ystharan Relic to Archaeologist Kered.

Archaeologist Kered says, 'I knew you'd come through for me, <Player Name>. Oh, what's this? This relic still has a good deal of power in it. Give me your Researcher's Amulet and I will try to enhance it.'

You gain 50000 experience!!

Give Researcher's Amulet to Archaeologist Kered.

Archaeologist Kered says, 'Oh yes, that was easier than I thought it would be. Here you are! Keep up the good work. And now we can progress to a dungeon I thought no one would be able to help study.'

You recieve Lorekeeper's Amulet from Archaeologist Kered.

You say, 'Where's that?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'Emberflow. Have you ever been? No matter. It is home to many races and some of the most fearsome creatures in Dalaya. It is not a place I would ever wish to go myself, but you have proven yourself strong enough, in my eyes, to venture in. Stay near the entrance to begin and try to find me an artifact!'