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Dungeon Delvers I

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Dungeon Delvers I
Quest giver Archaeologist Kered
Next quest

Dungeon Delvers II

Starting Zone

The Grand Library

Other Zone(s)

Cyrtho Malath
Catacombs of Elthannar

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Dusty Old Relic
Minor Ystharan Relic
Ystharan Relic

Item Reward(s)

Researcher's Amulet

Experience Reward 90,000
Related overview

Find Archaeologist Kered (The Grand Library at -801, 414, 3).

You say, 'Hail, Archaeologist Kered'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'Oh hello there, <Player Name>. Have you been working with the other archaeologists here?'
You say, 'No, I am new here.'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'The archaeologist crew here spends their time learning from artifacts and relics found throughout Dalaya. At the moment, our big project is studying the homes of the Gods of Dalaya, particularly those of The Four.'
You say, 'The Four?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'The Four are Tarhyl, Shojar, Sihala and Shiritri, the strongest of the elemental spirits to emerge from the chaos that was the formation of Dalaya. To this day, they reside in their home planes, ruling over their element. It is very dangerous to seek to learn more about them, but also very useful for us. My task, however, is not related to The Four.'
You say, 'What is your task related to then?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'I have been asked to learn about the most dangerous of dungeons on Dalaya. Often, there is a rich history associated with these extremely dangerous locales, and we can learn pieces of it by examining the artifacts and relics left behind or even those held by the current occupants.'
You say, 'Sounds interesting. Where do we start?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'You can begin by going to the current home of the Ysthar, one of the races that fell from Malath's home when it was destroyed. To begin, seek out the weakest of their leaders. Return to me with any relics you might find.'

Gather and give Minor Ystharan Relic to Archaeologist Kered.

Archaeologist Kered says, 'Good start, <Player Name>, but we have a lot of work ahead of us.'

You gain 25000 experience!!

You say, 'What's next, then?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'Why, return to the Ysthar, of course. Head up the food chain a little ways and see what you can find. Usually, the better and more powerful the relic, the more powerful its guardian.'

Gather and give Ystharan Relic to Archaeologist Kered.

Archaeologist Kered says, 'I knew it was a good idea to ask for your help.'

You gain 30000 experience!!

You say, 'Am I going back to the Ysthar?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'Not just yet, <Player Name>. I'd like to take a detour to the home of Tarlisha. Do you know her?'
You say, 'No, who is that?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'Tarlisha was one of, if not the most powerful, of Kaezul's minions. She was sent on a mission to bring about the downfall of Eldenal Elthannar. This she accomplished, but ultimately it was her downfall.'
You say, 'Her downfall?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'Eldenal and the rest of his family were turned by Tarlisha, and all fled Highkeep for the family's Mansion hidden away in the Faydark Forest. After a power struggle in which Eldenal's own brother Jontran turned against him, Eldenal banished Tarlisha and his brother, along with their undead minions, to the catacombs beneath his estate.'
You say, 'What a sad ending for such a great family.'
Archaeologist Kered raises an eyebrow. 'I suppose that is one way to look at it. Eldenal was indeed seduced and turned by Tarlisha, but evil does not always win, and it is not unresistable. There are many accounts of good triumphing over evil in our library. Perhaps you should read some of them sometime. For now, seek out her minions in the catacombs, perhaps even Jontran himself. They are likely keeping safe some very interesting artifacts for her.

Gather and give Dusty Old Relic to Archaeologist Kered.

Archaeologist Kered says, 'And you come through once again. I have a feeling I will finish this task in a much shorter time than I was expecting! Take this item as a reward for all of your hardwork. Hang onto it, though, as I may be able to further enhance it with the power from relics you find.'

You recieve Researcher's Amulet from Archaeologist Kered.

You gain 35000 experience!!

You say, 'Do you think it wise to try to find something from Tarlisha herself?'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'Indeed I do, <Player Name>.'
You say, 'I was afraid you were going to say that.'
Archaeologist Kered says, 'If anyone can do it, I believe it is you, <Player Name>.'