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Defender's Insignia Quest

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Lieutenant Emorn is located in Mistwoods just outside of Erudin. He wants you to bring him four Black Sashes. These can be found on the bandits just west of the lieutenant. They drop fairly frequently and while you're hunting down the sashes make sure to grab Bag of Stolen Money that they drop as well. These bags of cash can be turned in to the guard standing next to Emorn two at a time for some xp, cash, and faction. (see Stolen Money Quest)


Defender's Insignia Quest
Quest giver Lieutenant Emorn
Next quest

An Old Grub Quest

Starting Zone


Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Quest items used

Black Sash x 4

Item Reward(s)

Defender's Insignia

Positive (+) Faction

Defenders of Erudin
Citizens of Erudin
Temple of Divine Light

Experience Reward 500
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Find Lieutenant Emorn (Mistwoods).

You say, 'Hail, Lieutenant Emorn'
Lieutenant Emorn says, 'Welcome to Erudin traveler. I am a Defender of the Guard. I have an important task to attend to, so if you'd please move along.'
You say, 'What task is this?'
Lieutenant Emorn says, 'There is a group of bandits operating within these woods. Many travelers have fallen prey to their nimble fingers. At present, I am unable to leave my post to investigate this matter. I filed a request to have the bandits removed, but without sufficient evidence, I am afraid it will be denied.'
You say, 'What kind of evidence do you need?'
Lieutenant Emorn says, 'In all cases, the victims were unable to provide accurate descriptions of their facial features. However, one detail has remained constant in all incidents. The bandits fancy sashes made of black silk. I believe four of those sashes should be sufficient evidence.'
You say, 'Then I will get the sashes.'
Lieutenant Emorn says, 'You will? Well, that is awfully generous of you. Most of the thefts have occurred in the area west of here, that may be the best place to start. Please be careful.'

Gather and give Lieutenant Emorn four Black Sashes

Lieutenant Emorn says, 'Excellent work! I knew you could do it. You've got the look of a Guardsman about you. For your selfless deed, I will award you with this. Now if I could only get rid of this [box].'
You say, 'I'll take it off your hands.'

You recieve Defender's Insignia from Lieutenant Emorn.

Your faction standing with Defenders of Erudin has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Citizens of Erudin has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Temple of Divine Light has gotten better!

You gain 500 experience!!

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