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Opus of Melee Discipline I

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Opus of Melee Discipline I


Type Tome
Sold by merchants for 1964 Platinum 9 Gold 9 Silver 9 Copper
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WT: 0.0 Size: Small 
Class: None
Race: None

Grants access to the Rested Style, which regenerates stamina at an accelerated rate.

This Codex requires the following abilities to use: 250 spent AAs, minimum level 65, class Monk, Rogue, Warrior

This Codex requires you to have completed the following Codexes: None

Note: Rested style is only for Rogue since Monk and Warrior reworks. Warrior and Monk: Increase out of combat stamina by 20%. For most races this raises stamina to 40% out of combat, for ogre warriors 60%.
Note: Must be apprehensive with The Slave Rebellion to purchase.