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All About That Bass

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All About That Bass
Quest giver Trainer Meghan
Starting Zone

Greenmist Jungle

Suggested Level Range 01 - 10
Quest items used

Red Bass x20

Item Reward(s)

Treble Hook

Find Trainer Meghan (Greenmist Jungle at 620, 1373, -22).

You say, 'Hail, Trainer Meghan.'
As you approach Trainer Meghan, you hear her humming an awful-sounding tune. Trainer Meghan says, 'Oh, hello dere. You come to fish too?'
You say, 'Maybe, is the fishing any good?'
Trainer Meghan says, 'It not bad! I can't find my favorite fish though. It a funny looking bass, kinda red. This river seems to be out of them. Can't make my favorite stew without lots!'
You say, 'I enjoy fishing, would you like me to bring you some?'
Trainer Meghan says, 'That make me so happy! If you collect up a stack of them fish, I share with you my secret fishing trick!'

Give Trainer Meghan 20 Red Bass

Trainer Meghan says, 'This is the fish! Thank you so much friend, I make good stew now! Here my secret - a hook thing with 3 points! It snag fish better, hopefully it help you too!

You receive Treble Hook.