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Adding Gatenecks and Keys

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Input the exact name of the item into the box. If it does not already exist, the following template will load, minus all of the this is what goes here. If it does already exist, the parameters will need to be added manually. Here is an example of adding the correct parameters to an existing gateneck, Amulet of Athica.

Remove any of the parameters that do not apply. For example, the item isn't Loot, but is quested for? Delete mob = (and any other parameters that don't apply!)

| image = Put the iconid here if you know it. If you don't leave it blank.
| source = Source. Usually [[Loot]] or Quest
| questreward = The name of the quest this item is rewarded for.
| questitem = The name of the quest this item is used in.
| mob1 = The name of the mob that drops it. This is for [[Loot]] only.
| gateneck = Where this item gate necks to.
| gatenecktype = Self / Group / Raid
| opens = What this item opens.
| chest = Use instead of opens if this is a chest key!
<!--Everything below this line in the preload deals with item stats. Alt-click the item in game to see these.-->