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A bloodied note

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A bloodied note


Type Quest item
Quest item for The Trouble With Grobb
Dropped by
See also Text
The Note is rolled up.
WT: 0.1 Size: Tiny 
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Hail Lord Kaezul! Hail Master Serizus! Kaskrisk. The Master requires your obedience. For his next glorious experiment, sure to bring much favor to our cause and much harm to our enemies, the Master requires that you retrieve these speciments;
A block of ethereal metal;
An extract of most virulent plague;
A mass of animated shadow;
And four sinews of fiendishness manifest.

On your honor, Kaskrisk, do not return without them!
--Xarikanyone know what this note's talking about when it refers to "A Block of Ethereal Metal" Nathasar 10:41, 21 November 2011 (EST)