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A Quarry Work Report

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A Quarry Work Report


Type Book
Dropped by
A kaezulian runner in Unknown zone
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The Book is closed.
WT: 0.6 Size: Small 
Class: None
Race: None

Yclistinite Quarry Production Report

Administrator Korl

I was most upset to hear from Earthhand Serlinda that last month's report never reached you in Ikild. Both goblins and orcs have become more daring in their raids on our supply wagons and messenger corps.

We have exceeded our production goals for the last two months by nearly ten percent, but due to several setbacks attrition among the slave population is increasing at an alarming rate. We must have more shipments of slaves to continue production at this level. I also request an additional complement of footsoldiers and the attached list of equipment, especially the heavy mauls. Finally, the administrator's manor at the head of the mine is in serious need of housetrained slaves. The dust and grit is becoming unbearable.

Incursions of the underground burrowing insects have increased in the lower tunnels, and spread to the grave pits. It seems that the stonemites have begun to lay their eggs inside the corpses in the depths of the mine. An additional high-fire oven has been installed and put to work incinerating bodies to curtail their breeding. The requested increase in food supplies reflects this new shortage of available meat for the slaves.

Work is complete expanding the old tunnels to accommodate slaves larger than the Yiv. I oversaw the work on the last and deepest tunnel. The last few feet were entirely composed of mounded Yiv skeletons. Most of the brutes had their hands wrapped around each other's throats. It is no wonder they cannot mount any effective resistance.

The last shipment of goblin smelters we received has proved a mixed blessing. The creatures are largely responsible for the increase in production of refined ore, but we could be producing even more if we hadn't lost so many slaves and the auxiliary smelter. The disgusting goblins were not adequately searched before they were put to work and one of them managed to smuggle in a shackled fire spirit. When he attempted to release the spirit into the fire-bin it exploded. The goblin claimed he was only attempting to 'make the big pot burn hotter' but I have no patience for it. Unless they are better trained the goblins are proving to be more trouble than they are worth.

Earthhand Serlinda has been hard at work investigating the disappearances and strange sounds coming from the depleted shafts ever since she arrived last week. She says that she is close to understanding the relationship between the mine and the strange glowing humanoids that have attacked crews in the eastern tunnels. Serlinda will send her own report when it is finished, but I am deeply concerned about the incursions and they seem to be increasing.

I spoke, or attempted to speak with the poor captain of the troop I sent into the mine to investigate. He came back spattered in blood, gibbering, and dragging a severed arm.

He has calmed down some but his accounts of what happened in the tunnels rarely match one another and seem to center around the mine itself somehow consuming his companions. I stationed guards at the entrances to these western sections, and they have proved most effective. Unfortunately they have been slaughtering both intruders and their relief alike. Because it seems that nobody will make it past them either way, I have decided to leave the situation be. O I can no longer abide that Ofgats. His current requests for more slaves total more than the total number working the mine, and his Scelerium elites have taken to 'relieving' my guards of their work crews if they stray too near the western tunnels. My slaves spread terrible tales of what goes on in his Scelerium. When I attempted to see for myself, the guards wouldn't permit ME, Administrator Korl, to enter. I heard the most awful screams before they actually SHOVED me away. The Prime Ritualist completely refuses to report to me on his research, refuses to even acknowledge my request, in fact. Furthermore, he ordered some of his troops to distribute the latest supply shipment and the bastard made off with ALL of my rare elven wine. You simply MUST send someone to deal with Ofgats.