A Memory/Malachite

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A Memory


Type Book
Quest item for Ylek's quest
Dropped by
See also Text
The Book is closed.
WT: 0.5 Size: Tiny 
Class: None
Race: None

It was moments before dawn when they pounded on the door. Four soldiers, carrying torches and just behind them, a hooded figure. Neither of my parents spoke a word of protest and they led me, wide-eyed, to the center of the town square with the other children of my year.
The grocer's scales had been moved to the square as well. As they lined us up in order by height, the hooded figure dropped a heavy sack on one side of the scale. It shrieked as the knives inside rubbed blade to blade.
"Bring the first" the Claw intoned and they led Jilkul to the scale.