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A Cultists Scribings

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A Cultists Scribings


Type Quest item
Quest item for In preparation of a cold fever
See also Text

The Book is closed.
WT: 5.0 Size: Medium 
Class: None
Race: None

Glory to Gradalsh! Praise to Entropy! My Master has blessed me with a vision. A vision to bring the world fallen to his will, to the grasp of chaos and oblivion. A disease, contagious and vile, that will distort the very body and mind of those weak willed simpletons. While I have of course committed each step to memory, my prowess has enraged the guardians of the water whore Althuna, and she sends her most loyal puppet, Thanes, to slay me. Come then, I say! Gradalsh's champions still enjoy the challenge! Still, I shall pen the dream here, so that others in the future may know of my triumphs. In my dream I awoke in the midst of perfection. Eveyrthing had finally returned to its natural state. Decay and death abounded. Entropy had finally triumphed! And those who stood by us, saw the world for what it had always been. I saw one of Sihala's creations sickly and plagued, and I reached up and plucked two leaves from it. In this world our misguided sister Sihala had finally given up her ways, and joined the one truth. I continued to travel, and saw an ancient and corrupted water spirit, vile and dirty, and caught some of him in a vile. This showed that even the oldest most hidden of Shojar's creations would come to finally embrace entropy. Finally I came upon the last of the cylcops, naturally plague-ridden himself, for that experience was all that kept him alive. I took his eye, for while it could not see, it showed me much. All these I put into a blessed Vessel, and a suspension of perfect death was the result.
While the draught would surely kill any mortal, this was not the final intention. No, more was needed to keep the imbuer alive. Life itself. I saw it very clearly. An adventurer or guardsmen would not do. It is not the way of the strong to be subjugated, but the weak, the helpless, the civilians. In my dreams I first met a Gnoll. The dog man was covered in filth, but I took it as my own. With this sickness in hand, I traveled to what was left of their city, and killed a wood elf. It's heart spasmed as I collected it. I then met a strange mushroom. His sickness hurt the longer I had it, but soon enough I found a human from what was once Newport to infect and kill. I took it's plagued heart as well. Finally deep underground, I found an ancient moss being and took his malady, that wracked my lungs and made it hard to breathe. I traveled to the hole that was Underhill, and found a suitable dwarf. Making it drown in it's own bile and pus was most satisfying, it's plagued heart now my property as well.
Much later, I Took the suspension and the hearts and placed them back into the vessel. But something unexpected happened... The concoction would not keep form of stable long enough to be of any use! I laughed at the irony. Of course the essence of chaos would not be confined, could not be controlled. Not without the touch of the master. The final part became clear. A worthy Vessel of Gradalsh was needed.
To honor Gradalsh properly, I Found a set that the water bitches followers once used in their ceremonies. Easily acquired from her once merciful cities shops, then I set about corrupting them. Her followers cherishes life and justice most, so only the death of an innocent... one forced to such extremes and betrayed so brutally and unjustly that it scars their very soul... would do. After much work I created such a victim. I took the essence and bound it in the vial and put just a drop of blood in.
[The rest of the notes are blood stained and ripped apart...]