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Historian Galka

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Historian Galka
Level DB to 57 - 65

The Murk

(-1470, -1770, 27) Gruplok City

The Gruplok

Quests given

Quests involved in

You say, 'gruplok'
Historian Galka tells you, 'The Gruploks have always been on this continent and have, for as long, been excluded from any of the political benefits of whatever Empire happened to be in charge at the time. Before Kaezul, we were merely outcasts from the Empire. Present but not ever accounted for. While Old Ikild stood, we watched but rarely interacted with any of the goings-on in the capital. Before that, it seems that one thing or another happened around us, good or bad, while we sat ignored in our little corner of the swamp. Surely, Gruploks were around for eons before any other groups came to this place, but information is hard to find aside from stories about Gruthulk and so forth.'
You say, 'ikild'
Historian Galka tells you, 'No Gruplok who has ever been to New Ikild has ever returned to my knowledge, so information on that whole place is scarce.'
You say, 'continent'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Most maps we had were destroyed by the Kaezulians or have fallen apart due to age and poor materials. We know that we are near the current capital, that loathsome castle they call New Ikild. We know we are near the old capital, which fell millenia ago. Aside from that, we know generally where to go to find the supplies we need to go on living, materials for crafting, and so forth. Everything else about the whole continent is a mystery again after being nearly common knowledge for thousands of years. It only took three or four generations to start losing information and now, well...'
You say, 'kaezul'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Life under the thumb of Kaezul is as bleak as you can imagine it is. Maybe a lot more than you can imagine if you have never known suffering. They frequently ride off with our friends and family to use as slave labor. Usually, being a slave means they won't kill you for fun or send your children to fetch scorpions or whatever awful pleasure they've cooked up for themselves that week. The particularly hopeless have said that the dead ones are the luckiest as they do not live in constant toil or constant fear as every Gruplok must.'
You say, 'culture'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Whatever culture we may have had in the past, is long since lost. All we know now is the swamp around us. Of course, we still try to make do with what we have. There are some ingenious Gruploks here in the village, I promise you.'
You say, 'gruthulk'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Gruthulk.. he's the most revered and legendary of all Gruploks. Thousands of years ago, when the books say the whole world was swamp, Gruthulk slew many fearsome beasts, made many of them extinct, even. He succeeded at heroic tasks, slew other gods, and so forth. All for the protection and benefit of his people. He was the most perfect and powerful Gruplok and in some ways still is. Many nights here are spent fervently praying for Gruthulk to return and end this nightmare.'
You say, 'story'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Any number of Gruploks will be happy to tell you a tale -- probably of mighty Gruthulk! In fact, Kalunepe has been regaling many newcomers with her stories.'
You say, 'craft'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Oh, the Gruplok are well-versed in many crafts. Judging by what I have seen from our new guests, we must have similar ideas about many of them. Did you have one in particular you wished to know more about?'
You say, 'smithing'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Blacksmithing? Well, I suppose we do our share of tool-making here in the swamp. Not that any of our tools would excite one who has traveled the world like you! We've had a few records.. scraps, really.. about Gruplok smithing from the past. Given the penchant for Gruplok historical texts to be full of fantastic lands and magical wizardry, it's hard to determine what information is factual and what is an ancient Gruplok's flight of fancy. One of our number came in a few years back to scrounge up information on blacksmthing for some reason. I believe it was Kallepo. Ask him about blacksmthing some time, I'm sure he knows as much as anyone.'
You say, 'pottery'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Ah, the one true art that Gruplok hold in their bones. No creature of the murk has anything less than reverence for the life-giving mud and to work with it to create art is universally seen as one of life's higher callings. This is as true today as it has been for as much of Gruplok history as we have been able to scrape together. Would you believe, centuries ago... well, no, I will let Gartonak tell you instead, he has read on the subject most voraciously. Ask him about pottery and prepare to be astounded by the sheer genius of ancient Gruplok technology!'
You say, 'alchemy'
Historian Galka tells you, 'Alchemy! One of the few crafting traditions saved from the hopeless regression to utilitarianism. Even the tales of Gruthulk are filled with such things.. potions, tinctures, unguents of the gods. Wonderful potions are still brewed, though many are focused toward everyday life, some are extraordinary indeed! I believe Kathrinka was speaking of a mixture both useful and fantastic just the other day. I'm sure she would love to talk shop with you!'
You say, 'jewel'
Historian Galka tells you, 'As the swamp is full of jewels and various other ornaments once you know where to look, Gruploks have quite a history with jewelry. Quite a history, indeed. But, of course, that all ended when the Kaezulians arrived. Every swamp location where gems could be found in abundance was quickly stripped clean and abandoned. Even today, you can still find perfectly good cast-off gems around the swamp sometimes that weren't quite "good enough" for the Kaezul. So if you want some information about jewelry that is actually applicable today, we must look to the past, where ancient Gruploks knew of gem caches the world over. This is not an area that has piqued my interest much, but please ask Kirstap just over there about jewelry sometime. You'll get quite an earful, I assure you!'
You say, 'tailor'
Historian Galka tells you, 'We have quite an extensive section, well.. as extensive as it can be, in our humble library on the weaving and tapestries of ancient Gruploks. Many of the tales make mention of faroff lands and so forth. Quite fantastical in nature, really, but then that remains a hallmark of ancient Gruplok history you know "Gruthulk smote.." and such. One could get the impression that, long ago, the Gruploks were relatively cosmopolitan in this part of the world! I suspect that is not actually the case. We have several Gruplok who have taken an interest in ancient weaving and one in particular, Gertund, would be the one to talk to, I feel.'