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Web-woven ShoesWeblinked Barbmail
Webspinner Verl`nalWedding RingWee Wasp Colony
Weekend warriorWeight Reduction Containers
Weighted Greaves of ShieldingWeighted Training BracerWelcoming Committee
Well-Illustrated Treasure MapWell-Illustrated Treasure Map (Event)Well-Worn Boots
Well-Worn Ivory BeadsWell-forged Kite ShieldWell-worn Bridgekeeper Gloves
Wellford's Bag
West Badlands Hunting GuideWest Freeport
West Freeport/Items listWest Freeport/NPC ListWest Freeport/NPC Loot
West Freeport/NPC tableWest Freeport/Quest ItemsWest Freeport/Quests
West Freeport/Zone DescriptionWest Freeport/Zone Infobox
West New IkildWest New Ikild/Zone DescriptionWest New Ikild/Zone Infobox
Western BadlandsWestern Badlands/Items list
Western Badlands/NPC ListWestern Badlands/NPC LootWestern Badlands/NPC table
Western Badlands/Quest ItemsWestern Badlands/QuestsWestern Badlands/Zone Description
Western Badlands/Zone InfoboxWestern Gate DocumentsWestern Plaguelands
Western Plaguelands/Items listWestern Plaguelands/NPC ListWestern Plaguelands/NPC Loot
Western Plaguelands/NPC tableWestern Plaguelands/Quest ItemsWestern Plaguelands/Quests
Western Plaguelands/Zone DescriptionWestern Plaguelands/Zone Infobox
Western WastelandsWestern Wastelands/Items listWestern Wastelands/NPC List
Western Wastelands/NPC LootWestern Wastelands/NPC tableWestern Wastelands/Quest Items
Western Wastelands/QuestsWestern Wastelands/Zone DescriptionWestern Wastelands/Zone Infobox
Wetfang MeatWexfordWhat Ghosts Fear
Wheel of ProphecyWhen a Cat is Cornered
Whimsical CircletWhip of Endless Agony
Whip of TormentWhip of the SadistWhirl madly
Whirling Paw StaffWhirling Smash
Whirling terrorWhirlpool
Whirlpool Effect
Whirlpool RingWhirlwind
Whirlwind (Item)Whirlwind (Item)/1HSWhirlwind (Item)/2HS
Whirlwind (NPC)Whirlwind (Skill)Whirlwind Breastplate
Whiskers of an undead ratWhiskey
Whispering RobesWhispering Specter Scythe
Whisperling ForestWhisperling Forest/Items listWhisperling Forest/NPC List
Whisperling Forest/NPC LootWhisperling Forest/NPC tableWhisperling Forest/Quest Items
Whisperling Forest/QuestsWhisperling Forest/Zone DescriptionWhisperling Forest/Zone Infobox
Whisperling RunetokenWhispers of HateWhispers of Horror
Whispers of Zealous RaptureWhispers of the EarthWhisperwing
Whisperwing CloakWhistling StoneWhite Bass
White BeltWhite Bread CakesWhite Gauntlets of the Holy
White LurkerWhite Ring
White TrousersWhite WineWhite Wyvern Armbands
White Wyvern ArmguardsWhite Wyvern BeltWhite Wyvern Boots
White Wyvern BraceletWhite Wyvern BracerWhite Wyvern Breastplate
White Wyvern BreechesWhite Wyvern CapWhite Wyvern Circlet
White Wyvern ClogsWhite Wyvern CoifWhite Wyvern Dagger
White Wyvern FocusWhite Wyvern GauntletsWhite Wyvern Girdle
White Wyvern Glacial MalletWhite Wyvern GlovesWhite Wyvern Greatsword
White Wyvern GreavesWhite Wyvern HammerWhite Wyvern Handwraps
White Wyvern HelmetWhite Wyvern Ice RipperWhite Wyvern Inscribed Dagger
White Wyvern Inscribed FocusWhite Wyvern Inscribed GreatswordWhite Wyvern Inscribed Hammer
White Wyvern Inscribed LongbowWhite Wyvern Inscribed LongswordWhite Wyvern Inscribed Quarterstaff
White Wyvern Inscribed StaffWhite Wyvern LeggingsWhite Wyvern Longbow
White Wyvern LongswordWhite Wyvern MittsWhite Wyvern Pantaloons
White Wyvern QuarterstaffWhite Wyvern RingmailWhite Wyvern Robe
White Wyvern Runic DaggerWhite Wyvern Runic FocusWhite Wyvern Runic Greatsword
White Wyvern Runic HammerWhite Wyvern Runic LongbowWhite Wyvern Runic Longsword
White Wyvern Runic QuarterstaffWhite Wyvern Runic StaffWhite Wyvern Sandals
White Wyvern SashWhite Wyvern Scribe's SashWhite Wyvern Sleeves
White Wyvern SlippersWhite Wyvern Snow ClawWhite Wyvern Soul of Shojar
White Wyvern StaffWhite Wyvern Statistician's SashWhite Wyvern Tunic
White Wyvern VambracesWhite Wyvern WaistbandWhite Wyvern Wristband
White Wyvern WristguardWhitefin Cavefish
Whitefire RobeWhiteleather CloakWhiteleather Wristband
Whorl of Engulfing HorrorsWhorl of Holy SufferingWhy Is Everchill Caverns So Cold? Answer: Demons
Wicked Boot KnifeWicked Rapier of AgonyWicked Talon
Wickedly Evil BrewWidow Kistulka
Widow Kistulka's questWiggly, Orbinous PuppetosphereWild Berries
Wild Murk MushroomWild SpasmsWild Trapper Root
Wildfire RobeWildfire Vambraces
Wildkin's BoxWildkin HammerWildkin Maul
Wildkin Spirit - Part IWildkin Spirit - Part IIWildkin Spirit - Part III
Wildkin Spirit - Part IVWildkin Spirit - Part VWildkin Spirit - Part VI
Wildkin Spirit - Part VIIWildkin Spirit - Part VIIIWildkin Totem
Wildkin TrainingWildstrike BatonWilheim the Vendor
William DefarWincent van ToadWinches in the Quarry
WindWind-fused VisorWind-worn Neckguard
Wind/TextWind BarrageWind Chime Earring
Wind InstrumentsWind Phoenix Cape
Wind of the Desert
WindbladeWindblade/Faction BoundWindblaze
Windfeather HeadbandWindfeather PantaloonsWindfocus Ring
Windruffled FeatherWindsinger
Windsong PixiesWindstone CavernsWindstone Caverns/Items list
Windstone Caverns/NPC ListWindstone Caverns/NPC LootWindstone Caverns/NPC table
Windstone Caverns/Quest ItemsWindstone Caverns/QuestsWindstone Caverns/Zone Description
Windstone Caverns/Zone InfoboxWindstone Caverns WildlifeWindstone Earring
Windstone Graklin ClanWindswept LeggingsWindwarden's Duty
Windwing FeatherWindworn BokaWindworn Earing
Windworn Sandstone ShardWindwoven Armbands
Windwoven Cord
Windwoven Cord/Faction BoundWindwoven GiWindwoven Handwraps
Windwoven HeadbandWindwoven LeggingsWindwoven Slippers
Windwoven WristbandWindwoven armor quest - Part IWindwoven armor quest - Part II
Windwoven armor quest - Part IIIWindwoven armor quest - Part IVWindwoven armor quest - Part V
Windwoven armor quest - Part VIWindwoven armor quest - Part VIIWindwoven armor quest - Part VIII
Windwoven armor questsWine YeastWingcaller
Winged BeltWinged Cloak of the Soothing Night
Wings of The Great CrafterWings of Zi'zt
Wingsquadron Raider
Winter StrikeWinter Wolf SkinWinterfang
Wintery FlowsashWintry Veil
Wiseman's WiggletopWisp, Branch of a Thousand Winters