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Wake the Dead
Waldorr's Trousers of Enragement
Walking Death
Walks with WyrmsWall of Wailing EchoesWallop of Wisdom
Walrus SkinWand of Altered ManaWand of Cold Calculation
Wand of Destructive ForceWand of GateWand of Ice
Wand of Ice (Sorcerer's Labyrinth)Wand of Ice (Western Waste)Wand of Research
Wand of VenomWand of the ChosenWand of the Coercer
Wand of the EverlivingWand of the High ResearcherWandering Fungus Wrappings
Wandering Mind RecourseWandering Novice
Wandering iksar remainsWanelo
War-Forged BangleWar-Painted Scout MaskWar Axe of the Frogloks
War DrumWar HammerWar Hammer Mold
War Idol of the NilvalkWar Mystic GmahrthWar Priest
War ReportingWar ScavengerWar Scholar Sherlin
War Scholar ShordinWar ShovelWar Sling
War SpeakersWar VeilWar Wasp Venom Sack
War Worn Face SplitterWar Worn Head SmasherWar Worn Heart Piercer
War Worn Skull CrusherWar Worn Stone ShieldWarblade
Warcaller's MantleWarchanting VeilWarchief Rujik Moktar
Warclub of the Frost
Ward of AgonyWard of DeterminationWard of Divine Favor
Ward of Forgiving WisdomWard of FrightWard of Piety
Ward of the EyeWarden's Bloody MittsWarden's Breastplate
Warden's CoinpurseWarden's CullWarden's Longbow
Warden's WhipWarden DagrathWarden Grugmok
Warden HelgaWarden TarvalWarden Tarval Poacher Ring Bounty Quest
Warden Tie'qunenWarden WevrynnWarden Xili'co
Warden of DalayaWarden of HateWarden of Torment
Warder Dagrath
Warder Keeper TylesWarder RezukWarder Shretzih
Wardetched BucklerWardfist
Warding CrystalWardstoneWardstone Loop
WarepWarhol's Elemental WardWarhol's Elemental Ward Effect
Warhol's Ultimate GuardWarhol's Ultimate Guard Effect
Warlock CerdeltWarlock ValishkaWarlord's Barrier
Warlord GarommWarlord Garomm's questWarlord Orglir
Warlord Pripitraliti the GreatWarlord ZorgWarlord Zorg's quest
Warm Elemental PebbleWarm Red ThreadWarmaster Korganh
Warming Silken BlanketWarpWarped Anklet
Warped BarbuteWarped BraceletWarped Hoop of Salubrity
Warped Rosewood TotemWarped SkullWarped Transformation
WarpfinWarpmetal Axe
Warpmetal Bastard SwordWarpmetal Battle AxeWarpmetal Broad Sword
Warpmetal Chainmail BeltWarpmetal Chainmail Boots
Warpmetal Chainmail BracerWarpmetal Chainmail CloakWarpmetal Chainmail Coat
Warpmetal Chainmail CoifWarpmetal Chainmail GlovesWarpmetal Chainmail Leggings
Warpmetal Chainmail MantleWarpmetal Chainmail MaskWarpmetal Chainmail Neckguard
Warpmetal Chainmail SleevesWarpmetal DaggerWarpmetal Flail
Warpmetal Great AxeWarpmetal Great HammerWarpmetal Great Sword
Warpmetal HalberdWarpmetal IngotWarpmetal Knuckles
Warpmetal Long SwordWarpmetal MaceWarpmetal Morning Star
Warpmetal Ner'Va
Warpmetal Ner`DenWarpmetal Ner`Tok
Warpmetal OreWarpmetal Platemail Boots
Warpmetal Platemail BracerWarpmetal Platemail BreastplateWarpmetal Platemail Cloak
Warpmetal Platemail CollarWarpmetal Platemail GirdleWarpmetal Platemail Gloves
Warpmetal Platemail GreavesWarpmetal Platemail HelmWarpmetal Platemail Pauldrons
Warpmetal Platemail VambracesWarpmetal Platemail VisorWarpmetal Rapier
Warpmetal ScimitarWarpmetal Scythe
Warpmetal Shan'Tok
Warpmetal Shan`DenWarpmetal Shan`EshWarpmetal Shan`Sel
Warpmetal ShieldWarpmetal Short Spear
Warpmetal Short SwordWarpmetal SpearWarpmetal Studs
Warpmetal Tel'Fii
Warpmetal Tel`VaWarpmetal Ter`Tok
Warpmetal UlakWarpmetal War Hammer
Warpstone CavernsWarpstone Caverns/Items listWarpstone Caverns/NPC List
Warpstone Caverns/NPC LootWarpstone Caverns/NPC tableWarpstone Caverns/Quest Items
Warpstone Caverns/QuestsWarpstone Caverns/Zone DescriptionWarpstone Caverns/Zone Infobox
Warpstone ChillWarpstone Mail CoatWarpstone Shards
WarrensWarrens/Items listWarrens/Lore
Warrens/NPC ListWarrens/NPC LootWarrens/NPC table
Warrens/Quest ItemsWarrens/QuestsWarrens/Zone Description
Warrens/Zone Infobox
WarriorWarrior's Brew
Warrior's Guild Arena ChallengeWarrior/Class TomesWarrior Aggro Weapons Guide
Warrior SpiritWarrior Spirit - Part I
Warrior Spirit - Part IIWarrior Spirit - Part IIIWarrior Spirit - Part IV
Warrior Spirit - Part IXWarrior Spirit - Part VWarrior Spirit - Part VI
Warrior Spirit - Part VIIWarrior Spirit - Part VIIIWarrior Spirit - Part X
Warrior Spirit - Part XIWarrior Spirit - Part XIIWarrior Starfall Boots of Spite quest
Warrior Starfall Obsidian Razor questWarrior Starfall Quests
Warrior Thurgadin Glamorous Visor questWarrior Thurgadin QuestsWarrior Thurgadin Spear of Provocation quest
Warrior TrainingWarrior equipment with recommended levelsWarrior equipment without recommended levels
Warrior questsWarworn Shin GuardsWasp Poison
Wasp Poison SacWasp StingerWasp Wing
Wasteland Basilisk MeatWasteland Basilisk Scale
Wasting CoreWatch Captain's GazeWatch Captain Bonmig
Watch Captain Bonmig's Tal'Yan Head bounty questWatch Captain Predisic
Watch Corporal GarekWatch of Second ChancesWatcher's Precision
Watcher's ShroudWatcher FenrikWatcher of the Eye
Watchful ChestplateWatchman BlurgWatchman Blurg's Jungle Spider Silk bounty quest
Watchman Blurg's Lizards bounty questWatchman Blurg's Viper Scales bounty quest
Watchman GrushkWatchmaster Kreltar
Watchwoman FugaWaterElementalAttackWater Barrage
Water CrystalWater Dragon BreechesWater Flask
Water Goblin HeadWater Goblin SkinWater of Courage
Water of HealingWaterborne GemWaterlogged Driftwood Plank
Waterlogged GhoulWaterlord NaktalWaterstone
Waterstone ShardWatery Goblin EyeWatery Membrane
Watery Rusite Eye
Wave of Heat
Wave of MightWave of ToxicityWavecrasher
Wavelord GrahtWaves of ForceWavewalker's Sandals
Wax DeathmaskWaxy Goop
Weak PoisonWeak Undead SoulWeak Veins
Weakened Dragon BoneWeakened Dragon Bone Necklace
Weakened Guardian CoreWeakened Pounder CoreWeakened Tear of Elael
Weakening Poison IWeapon of the Anchorage
Weaponized Syringe RackWeaponmaster Palgola
Weathered Rosewood BowWeave of CorruptionWeave of Existence
Weave of Myr'ZaradWeave of Wer'Zarad