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Spell: Terror of DeathSpell: Terror of KaezulSpell: Terror of Marlow
Spell: Terror of ShadowsSpell: Terrorize AnimalSpell: Thazeran's Planar Shift
Spell: The RackSpell: The Unspoken WordSpell: Theft of Thought
Spell: ThistlecoatSpell: ThorncoatSpell: Thrall of Bones
Spell: Thunder SparkSpell: Thunder StrikeSpell: Thunderbold
Spell: ThunderclapSpell: Tigir's InsectsSpell: Til's Elemental Recomposition
Spell: Til's Intervening EnchantmentSpell: Tiny CompanionSpell: Tishan's Clash
Spell: Tishan's DiscordSpell: Tishan's FistSpell: Togor's Insects
Spell: Torbas' Acid BlastSpell: Torbas' Poison BlastSpell: Torbas' Venom Blast
Spell: Torment of GnyrtSpell: Torpor
Spell: Torrent of FatigueSpell: Torrent of HateSpell: Torrent of Pain
Spell: Torrent of PoisonSpell: Touch of NightSpell: Touch of Vitality
Spell: Touch of the SuccubusSpell: Touch of the TheronSpell: Translocate
Spell: Translocate: BadlandsSpell: Translocate: EverfrostSpell: Translocate: Faentharc
Spell: Translocate: FaydarkSpell: Translocate: FrosthornSpell: Translocate: Great Divide
Spell: Translocate: GroupSpell: Translocate: HeartlandSpell: Translocate: Mistwoods
Spell: Translocate: MountainsSpell: Translocate: SouthSpell: Translocate: Sun Peaks
Spell: Translocate: WestSpell: Translocate: WyvernfangSpell: Translocate: Zenn Malath
Spell: Transon's Elemental InfusionSpell: Transon's Elemental RenewalSpell: Transon's Phantasmal Guard
Spell: TreeformSpell: Tremor
Spell: TrepidationSpell: Trickster's AugmentationSpell: True North
Spell: Tug and Teg's LamentationSpell: Tumultuous StrengthSpell: Tunes of Apathy
Spell: Turgur's InsectsSpell: Turning of the UnnaturalSpell: Turtle Skin
Spell: Tuyen's Chant of DiseaseSpell: Tuyen's Chant of FlameSpell: Tuyen's Chant of Frost
Spell: Tuyen's Chant of PoisonSpell: Tuyen's Chant of VenomSpell: Tuyen's Chant of the Plague
Spell: Ulithas's Animation
Spell: UltravisionSpell: Unfailing ReverenceSpell: Unholy Shield
Spell: Unholy Shield IISpell: Unholy ShockSpell: Unholy Shock II
Spell: Unholy ShockwaveSpell: Unimplemented SpellSpell: Unswerving Hammer of Faith
Spell: UpheavalSpell: Valiant CompanionSpell: Valor
Spell: Valor of EnthannSpell: Vampiric CurseSpell: Vampiric Embrace
Spell: Vampiric SpiritSpell: Vampiric Spirit RecourseSpell: Veil of Dis
Spell: Veil of MarlowSpell: VelocitySpell: Vengeance of Al'Kabor
Spell: Venom of the SnakeSpell: Venom of the WildSpell: Verses of Victory
Spell: Vessel of AlthunaSpell: VexSpell: Vexing Mordinia
Spell: Vexing SpiritSpell: Vigilant SpiritSpell: Vigor of Zehkes
Spell: Vilia's Chorus of CeleritySpell: Vilia's Verses of CeleritySpell: Vingrin's Animation
Spell: Visions of GrandeurSpell: Vocarate: AirSpell: Vocarate: Earth
Spell: Vocarate: FireSpell: Vocarate: WaterSpell: Voice Graft
Spell: Voice of DarknessSpell: Voice of DeathSpell: Voice of Kaezul
Spell: Voice of MarlowSpell: Voice of Shadows
Spell: Void FlareSpell: Void ShockSpell: Voltaic Draught
Spell: Vortex of DeathSpell: Wail of FrightSpell: Wake of Tranquility
Spell: Waking SleepSpell: Walking SleepSpell: Wandering Mind
Spell: Warchant of the TribesSpell: Ward ElementalSpell: Ward Undead
Spell: Warder's ProtectionSpell: Warsong of the TribesSpell: Wave of Enfeeblement
Spell: Wave of EnstillmentSpell: Wave of FearSpell: Wave of Light
Spell: WeakenSpell: Weakness
Spell: West GateSpell: West PortalSpell: Whirling Wind
Spell: Whispers of HarmonySpell: WildfireSpell: Wind of Althuna
Spell: Wind of TashanSpell: Wind of TashaniSpell: Wind of Tashanian
Spell: Winds of GelidSpell: Winged DeathSpell: Winter's Claim
Spell: Winter's FurySpell: Wolf FormSpell: Wonderous Rapidity
Spell: Word DivineSpell: Word of CommandSpell: Word of Completion
Spell: Word of FulfillmentSpell: Word of PainSpell: Word of Shadow
Spell: Word of SoulsSpell: Word of SpiritSpell: Word of the Crusader
Spell: Words of ProtectionSpell: Words of ThunderSpell: Words of Tranquility
Spell: WraithbondSpell: WrathSpell: Wrath of Al'Kabor
Spell: Wrath of the BeastSpell: Wrath of the ElementsSpell: Wrath of the Skies
Spell: Wyvernfang GateSpell: Wyvernfang PortalSpell: Yaulp
Spell: Yaulp IISpell: Yaulp IIISpell: Yaulp IV
Spell: Yaulp VSpell: Yaulp VI
Spell: Yekan's QuickeningSpell: Yekan's RecoverySpell: Yonder
Spell: Zealot's StrikeSpell: Zenn Malath GateSpell: Zenn Malath Portal
Spell: Zevfeer's Theft of Vitae
Spell BreakSpell Fragment
Spell HasteSpell QuestsSpell Rune
Spell Rune CoreSpell Rune GlyphsSpell Rune Shell
Spell WardSpellblade
Spellcasting MushroomsSpellguardSpells
Spells: BardSpells: Beastlord
Spells: ClericSpells: DruidSpells: Enchanter
Spells: MagicianSpells: NecromancerSpells: Paladin
Spells: RangerSpells: ShadowknightSpells: Shaman
Spells: Wizard
Spellslinger's Burning Core
Spellslinger's Corrosive CoreSpellslinger's Degenerating CoreSpellslinger's Frozen Core
Spellslinger's Rending CoreSpellsurgeSpellsword
Sphere of VitationSphere of the Aetherial
Sphere of the TorridSpiced Fruit SaladSpiced Steak Sandwich
Spiced Troll SteakSpicesSpider-Smasher
Spider Aggregate GlandSpider BiteSpider Bite Effect
Spider BloodSpider Crate
Spider Fur CloakSpider Leg RingSpider Legs
Spider SilkSpider TarsusSpider Tibia Chitin
Spider Venom GlandSpiderfang Armband
Spiderkin-Claw ScytheSpiderkin-Silk RobeSpiderkin Carapace
Spiderkin EggSpiderkin GibletsSpiderkin Poison Gland
Spiderkin SilkSpiderkin Silk (Summoned)Spiderkin Webspinners
Spiderweb CloakSpike
Spike (Item)Spike (NPC)
Spiked Bone ArmguardsSpiked Breastplate
Spiked Demon CollarSpiked Dominator's LeashSpiked Lion Collar
Spiked Screechmetal BootsSpiked Warclub of the ClanSpikefang Darter
Spikes in a BottleSpikes in a Bottle EffectSpiky Armor
SpinecrusherSpinecrusher/Faction Bound
Spiny Cactus NeedleSpiny moleSpiral of Dark Energy
Spire of ContemptSpire of DestructionSpire of Dripping Plasma
Spire of EffluenceSpire of PenetrationSpire of Stonemelding
Spire of SympathySpire of Veneration
Spire of the FencerSpires Twins
Spirit's Vision
Spirit's Vision IISpirit-HarvestSpirit-stone
Spirit Catcher
Spirit Catcher (Unknown Cries)Spirit Graft Recourse
Spirit Mistress Jyla
Spirit RuneSpirit Stone
Spirit Strikes
Spirit Talker GrekalSpirit Talker Grekal's questsSpirit Talker Grekal's quests - Part I
Spirit Talker Grekal's quests - Part IISpirit Talker Grekal's quests - Part IIISpirit Talker Grekal's quests - Part IV