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Robe of the ProphetRobe of the Snake TonguedRobert Grayes
Robert the EnvoyRobes of AvariceRobes of Blood Thirst
Robes of CorruptionRobes of Deviant SorceryRobes of Fiery Renewal
Robes of RoyaltyRobes of TaeshlinRobes of Whirling Wind
Robes of the ApprenticeRobes of the CaretakerRobes of the Consummate Showman
Robes of the DarkRobes of the FaydarkRobes of the Old Empire
Robes of the Prime EnchanterRobes of the StonemitesRobes of the Summoner
Robot OilRock-Climbing PawsRock-Solid Sabatons
Rock-fleece CloakRock-fleece SleevesRock Bass
Rock HeartRock Lump
Rockbeetle CarapaceRockbeetle ClawRockbeetle Meat
RockberriesRockberry SwigRockblossom Barb
Rockblossom PetalsRockblossom Seedling PetalsRockfish
RockweedRockworm Husk BracerRocky Armadillo Hide
Rod of ChancelleryRod of Divine GuidanceRod of Draconic Flame
Rod of LifeRod of Living FireRod of Pox
Rod of Random PredationRod of SlimeRod of Smiting
Rod of the AquamanticRod of the HydromancerRod of the Manascorcher
Rod of the ScorpikinRodent Skull BludgeonRodential Regeneration
RogueRogue's HoodRogue's Tunic
Rogue/Alternate AdvancementRogue/Class Tomes
Rogue Starfall Cloak of the Assassin questRogue Starfall Poisoner's Crucible quest
Rogue Starfall Quests
Rogue Thurgadin Gloves of Deceit questRogue Thurgadin QuestsRogue Thurgadin Trap Kit quest
Rogue dwarf minerRogue equipment with recommended levelsRogue equipment without recommended levels
Rogue of HalasRogue questsRohk's Bloodstone
Rohk's DiamondRohk's JadeRohk's Jasper
Rohk's MalachiteRohk's OnyxRohk's Pearl
Rohk's PeridotRohk's SapphireRohk, The Traitorous Hand
Rolt LeafwyneRonfer's ReportRooftopper's Capelet
Rooftopper's GraceRoom KeyRoom Key (Left)
Room Key (Middle)Room Key (Right)
Root-rottingRoot Beer
RootfruitRootsRope Snare
Roping TendrilRorlna, Mistress of AssassinsRosa's Whip of Submission
Rosa's Whip of Submission/Faction BoundRoseRose Squadron Uniform
Rosegourd FruitRoses of JudgementRoslyn Ironforge
Rot-Woven VestRotbladeRotbringer
Rotfang's HeadRotgillRothide Captain
Rothide CaptorRothide ChampionRothide Gnoll
Rotlinked CowlRotted Dragon ToothRotted Flesh
Rotten Flesh WristwrapRotten Scornwood HuskRotten mound
Rotting Flesh SleevesRotting Hide CloakRotting Plague
Rotting Ratfur MoccasinsRotting greenmeat
Rouge FiendRough Elemental Beads
Rough Hickory BowRough Lining of CharmRough Lining of Cold Warding
Rough Lining of Disease WardingRough Lining of EnduranceRough Lining of Fire Warding
Rough Lining of HealthRough Lining of LogicRough Lining of Magic Warding
Rough Lining of ManaRough Lining of MightRough Lining of Motion
Rough Lining of Poison WardingRough Lining of ProtectionRough Lining of Sense
Rough Lining of SkillRough Oak 1-Cam BowRough Sigil of Charm
Rough Sigil of Cold WardingRough Sigil of Disease WardingRough Sigil of Endurance
Rough Sigil of Fire WardingRough Sigil of HealthRough Sigil of Logic
Rough Sigil of Magic WardingRough Sigil of ManaRough Sigil of Might
Rough Sigil of MotionRough Sigil of Poison WardingRough Sigil of Protection
Rough Sigil of SenseRough Sigil of Skill
Rough Tal`Yan StaffRough Treant WoodRoughhewn Hands
Roughneck RadishRound KickRound Shield
Route of RotRowdy golemRowdy maniac
Rower MergalineRoyal Amber KeyRoyal Crown
Royal Dragonbone BraceletRoyal Dragonbone Bracelet/Faction BoundRoyal Fungus
Royal Halberd of FrostRoyal Jelly
Royal Jelly EffectRoyal KeyRoyal Majesty
Royal PincerRoyal Signet RingRoyal Signet Ring/Faction Bound
Royal Silk WaistbandRoyally Adorned GarmentsRroar Rum
RubrickRubyRuby Crown
Ruby Hilted LongswordRuby Skin's EyeRuby Studded Gloves of Ekrod
Ruby of Chaotic FlameRude AwakeningRudimentary Mechanism of Charm
Rudimentary Mechanism of Cold WardingRudimentary Mechanism of Disease WardingRudimentary Mechanism of Endurance
Rudimentary Mechanism of Fire WardingRudimentary Mechanism of LogicRudimentary Mechanism of Magic Warding
Rudimentary Mechanism of ManaRudimentary Mechanism of MightRudimentary Mechanism of Motion
Rudimentary Mechanism of Poison WardingRudimentary Mechanism of ProtectionRudimentary Mechanism of Sense
Rudimentary Mechanism of SkillRuhfeelRuin Hunter's Guise
Ruined Ikildian TrinketRuined Mossy HideRuined Sculpture
Ruined SwordRuins of First CityRuins of First City/Items list
Ruins of First City/LoreRuins of First City/NPC ListRuins of First City/NPC Loot
Ruins of First City/NPC tableRuins of First City/Quest ItemsRuins of First City/Quests
Ruins of First City/Zone DescriptionRuins of First City/Zone Infobox
Ruins of NagthilianRuins of Nagthilian/Items listRuins of Nagthilian/NPC Loot
Ruins of Nagthilian/NPC tableRuins of Nagthilian/Quest ItemsRuins of Nagthilian/Quests
Ruins of Nagthilian ARuins of Nagthilian A/Items listRuins of Nagthilian A/Zone Description
Ruins of Nagthilian A/Zone InfoboxRuins of Nagthilian BRuins of Nagthilian B/Items list
Ruins of Nagthilian B/Zone DescriptionRuins of Nagthilian B/Zone InfoboxRuins of Nagthilian C
Ruins of Nagthilian C/Items listRuins of Nagthilian C/NPC LootRuins of Nagthilian C/Zone Description
Ruins of Nagthilian C/Zone InfoboxRujik Armbands
Rujik Essence ExtractorRujik Shin Guards
Rujik Spirit CharmRujik TribeRujik War Mask
RumRum Punch
RuneRune-Encrusted Crystalline ShieldRune-Etched Wood
Rune-Scarred Full GreavesRune-Scorched AxeRune Etched Bangle
Rune Etched Vessel of Gradalsh
Rune Marked Bar of Night
Rune Sealed: Agent of KaezulRune Sealed: Anthem of CommandRune Sealed: Avatar of Destruction
Rune Sealed: Cascading VimRune Sealed: Hierophant's BreathRune Sealed: Intensify
Rune Sealed: Pack of the HunterRune Sealed: Protective LustrationRune Sealed: Quiver of the Legion
Rune Sealed: Servant of the ElementsRune Sealed: Sphere of EternityRune Sealed: Spiritual Attuning
Rune of Absorption
Rune of AcuityRune of AgilityRune of Black Iron
Rune of BrawnRune of CharismaRune of Circumscribed Resistance
Rune of Cold ResistanceRune of ConcentrationRune of Damage
Rune of DefenseRune of DestructionRune of Dexterity
Rune of Disease ResistanceRune of EnergyRune of Fire Resistance
Rune of FluidityRune of FocusRune of Foul Resistance
Rune of HealthRune of HuntingRune of Intelligence
Rune of Magic ResistanceRune of MuscleRune of Poison Resistance
Rune of Prismatic ResistanceRune of ProwessRune of Stamina
Rune of StrengthRune of SwiftnessRune of Temperate Resistance
Rune of Vandathian MightRune of WisdomRune of the Decrepit
Rune of the RoyalRuneaxe of the GruploksRuned Berserker Chestplate