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Remnants of the grounds keeperRen'Talii, Festering Blade
Rend Flesh
Render Crown of SightRender Fin GlovesRender Hide
Render SpawnfatherRender of the FalseRending Anarchy
Rending BlowRenee FarootRenee to Thaernd
Rengaw's Mighty FistRengra
RennetRenu's Harasser
RepellerReport for BerengotRepugnant Footwraps
Repurposed SprocketRequiem's Final Strike
Requiem of FearRequiem of Fear/Events listRequiem of Fear/Items list
Requiem of Fear/NPC ListRequiem of Fear/NPC LootRequiem of Fear/NPC table
Requiem of Fear/Quest ItemsRequiem of Fear/QuestsRequiem of Fear/Zone Description
Requiem of Fear/Zone InfoboxRequiem of HateRequiem of Hate/Events list
Requiem of Hate/Items listRequiem of Hate/NPC ListRequiem of Hate/NPC Loot
Requiem of Hate/NPC tableRequiem of Hate/Quest ItemsRequiem of Hate/Quests
Requiem of Hate/Zone DescriptionRequiem of Hate/Zone Infobox
Rescuing the Vah - Set OneRescuing the Vah - Set Three
Rescuing the Vah - Set TwoResearch BinderResearcher's Amulet
Researcher's Badge of JaylaResearcher DamontResearcher Delig
Researcher Neth`ralaResearcher Olo
Researcher TalbanResearcher Thek'rakResearcher Velnir
Researcher WickResearcher WorqReserve Guardsman Thlek
Reset RingResidents of KelethinResilient Silicon Honeycomb
Resistant Scroll
Resistant Scroll/Faction BoundResolute Headguard
Resonant Crystal PinResonant Icicle
Resonating CrystalResplendent Phoenix Feather Sleeves
Rest to the CacophonyResting the Dead
Restless Bones (NPC)Restless Leg SyndromeRestless dead
Restocking Fur bounty quest
Restore Warder
Resurrection UrnsResurrection Urns/Text
Revenant's BladeRevenant's GauntletsRevenant Shield
Reverberating BoneReverberating CoilReverence, Drape of Divinity
Reverent AegisReversed Murk Leech Stomach
Revitalizing Petal
Rex GaleaRex Talons
RezRezeawan FangRezeawan Hide Boots
Rezeawan Hide LeggingsRezeawan Hide SleevesRezeawan Scaled Mail
Reznolaw's EyeReznolaw Claw Necklace
Reznolaw FangReznolaw Hide GlovesRhea's Armband
Rhino MeatRhino RaptorRhino Wool Gloves
Rhino Wool HoodRhinoceros SkullcageRhitzat the Mangled
Ribbed ShieldRibbleRibbon of Controlling Thoughts
Ribbon of Woven FireRibcage CageRice
Riddle Me ThisRidreth MoongemRight Eye of the Ancient
Right Hand of MaysunRight of PassageRighteous Gem
Righteous Silk ShawlRigid Bat ClawRigorous Armbands
Rikki Red-HandsRikki Red-Hands Pick Lock QuestRildar Elthannar
Rime Covered SkullRinaldRinbo Strongfoot
RindaRing Jewelry Mold
Ring of Ancient KingsRing of Battle
Ring of BloodlustRing of Brash ActionsRing of Burgeoning Vengeance
Ring of Crackling FireRing of DamnationRing of Darkened Turquoise
Ring of Devout ConquestRing of Earthen EssenceRing of Endless Flame
Ring of Endless SufferingRing of Everburning EssenceRing of Everfreezing Essence
Ring of Evocative MightRing of Filth
Ring of Forgotten SorrowsRing of Frozen Mana
Ring of Frozen Rancor
Ring of High Standing
Ring of Intense VengeanceRing of LightningRing of Living Fire
Ring of Living FrostRing of Living Frost IIRing of Lost Hopes
Ring of Luminous CrystalsRing of Mountaineering
Ring of Paltry VengeanceRing of ResentmentRing of Seafoam
Ring of Sealed SoulsRing of Spiked BonesRing of Spite
Ring of StrifeRing of Supreme Vengeance
Ring of Tempered VengeanceRing of Tenacity
Ring of ThornsRing of ThunderRing of Twisted Wire
Ring of Unyielding BondsRing of WardingRing of Warped Intellect
Ring of Whirling VaporsRing of the Anchorage
Ring of the AncientRing of the AwokenRing of the Betrayer
Ring of the DefiantRing of the EastRing of the East (Klikiti-klik)
Ring of the East (valk regret)Ring of the Fallen Noble
Ring of the FlamecasterRing of the Fluxator
Ring of the LakeRing of the Man-At-Arms
Ring of the Plague SeerRing of the Scale
Ring of the StoutRing of the Underwater Eye
Ring of the WestRing of the West (Item)
Ringmail Coif of RecoveryRingmail of Shadowed Pools
RiposteRipped Black CloakRipped Shrift Shift
Rise of the FallenRisvild
Rita VennfordRita Vennford's Ring questRite of Pyre
Rites of CleansingRites of PurityRitual Healing
Ritual Mending EffectRitual SacrificeRitual Scroll
Ritual Spell FragmentRitual Spell Fragment/CLR (Full Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/CLR (Incomplete Page)
Ritual Spell Fragment/CLR (Left Half Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/CLR (Right Half Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/DRU (Full Page)
Ritual Spell Fragment/DRU (Incomplete Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/DRU (Left Half Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/DRU (Right Half Page)
Ritual Spell Fragment/ENC (Full Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/ENC (Incomplete Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/ENC (Left Half Page)
Ritual Spell Fragment/ENC (Right Half Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/MAG (Full Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/MAG (Incomplete Page)
Ritual Spell Fragment/MAG (Left Half Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/MAG (Right Half Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/NEC (Full Page)
Ritual Spell Fragment/NEC (Incomplete Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/NEC (Left Half Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/NEC (Right Half Page)
Ritual Spell Fragment/WIZ (Full Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/WIZ (Incomplete Page)Ritual Spell Fragment/WIZ (Left Half Page)
Ritual Spell Fragment/WIZ (Right Half Page)Ritual Staff of XavaraRitual of Rejoining
Ritualist DruslinRitualist Vagarn
Ritualistic CandleRiver Blessed Necklace
River Hag's HeartRiver RunestoneRivervale
Rivervale/Items listRivervale/NPC ListRivervale/NPC Loot
Rivervale/NPC tableRivervale/Quest ItemsRivervale/Quests
Rivervale/Zone DescriptionRivervale/Zone Infobox
Riveted Joint Vambraces
Roar of the AbyssRoaring Boots
Roaring Mandolin of LionsRoaring WhipRoast Gruplok Leg
Robe PatternRobe ScrapsRobe of Burning Lava
Robe of Elemental ExertionRobe of Elemental MasteryRobe of Enticing Flames
Robe of Fanatical ConjurationRobe of Flowing WaterRobe of Foreign Skies
Robe of Glacial FuryRobe of Ignorant BlissRobe of Insipid Thoughts
Robe of Melting MemoriesRobe of Nebulous ThoughtRobe of Swirling Light
Robe of Wild ElementsRobe of Woven FogRobe of the Art Keeper
Robe of the BixieRobe of the Cleansing
Robe of the CouncilRobe of the Cult PriestRobe of the Dark Magus
Robe of the EarthhandRobe of the IcarusRobe of the Infernal