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Large Silver WeaponsLarge SporeLarge Urn of Hot Lead
Large Urn of Molten LeadLarge Vial of ArsenicLarge Vial of Belladonna
Large Vial of Cold ResistanceLarge Vial of ConiumLarge Vial of Cramps
Large Vial of CrippleLarge Vial of Disease ResistanceLarge Vial of Fire Resistance
Large Vial of Freeze BloodLarge Vial of FrenzyLarge Vial of Greater Basilisk Gaze
Large Vial of Greater HaemopheliaLarge Vial of Greater Mind LockLarge Vial of Haemophelia
Large Vial of HemlockLarge Vial of Lesser Lethargic CurseLarge Vial of Lethargic Curse
Large Vial of Magic ResistanceLarge Vial of Mind AssaultLarge Vial of Mind Lock
Large Vial of NightshadeLarge Vial of PlagueLarge Vial of Poison Resistance
Large Vial of Savage FrenzyLarge Vial of Spider BiteLarge Vial of System Shock
Large Warpmetal IngotLarge Warpmetal WeaponsLarge Waterstone
Large Weapon MoldLarge Windswept EarstudLarthan's Alchemy by Trivial
Larthan's Alchemy tutorialLarthan's Blacksmith by TrivialLarthan's Brewing by Trivial
Larthan's Jewelry Making by Trivial
Lasanth's HeartLasanth the AlchemistLasel Ironforge
LashLash of ChaosLash of Terror
Lashar KashekLashing PainLashmaster's Lash
Lashmaster Venzi`karLaskenaLasso
Last Breath of the BuriedLast Will and TestamentLatent Lava Wisp
Latent SporeLatent Wisp of FuryLava-Forged Blade
Lava-scorched ClogsLava Deflector
Lava DustLava Golem FistsLava Infused Morning Star
Lava LeakLava LordLava Spark
Lavacore StoneLavadancers
Lavalier of Long-Forgotten JewelsLavarock SkullcageLavascale
LavastoneLavastone BattleaxeLavastone Bead Anklet
Lavastone ClaymoreLavastone DaggerLavastone Mace
Lavastone MineriteLavastone SaberLavastone Shard
Lavastone TiaraLavastone TridentLavender Barb
Lavishly Jeweled HeadressLawman's MarkLay on Hands
Lazuli's Treasure SatchelLazuli the FickleLazy servbot
Leach Recourse
Leaching Spirit Recourse
Lead Artificier MarynniLead Artificier Marynni's questLead Bracelet
Lead FeetLead Patroller RenuLeader Dannisin
Leader Dannisin's questsLeader Dannisin's quests - Part ILeader Dannisin's quests - Part II
Leader of the PackLeader of the Pack EffectLeader of the Pack Recourse
LeadershipLeah MeldilLeaking Undead
Leaking Undead - Part ILeaking Undead - Part IILeaky Armor Crate
Lean Fire Giant MeatLean Hill Giant MeatLean Ice Giant Meat
Lean Shark MeatLeaper's SashLearner's Bait
Learner's SashLearning BowLeashin' da Leech
Leather BagLeather Boots
Leather Bound TomeLeather CloakLeather Gloves
Leather GorgetLeather JacketLeather Kilt
Leather LeggingsLeather MaskLeather Sash
Leather ShoulderpadsLeather SkullcapLeather Sleeves
Leather WhipLeather Wristband
Leathered Slave TattooLeathery Gruplok Skin
LecatiarLecatiar's Ring
Lecimka's Armguards of the LostLecimka's Cloak of the LostLecimka's Cord of the Lost
Lecimka's Earring of the LostLecimka's Garbs of the LostLecimka's Greater Abjuration
Lecimka's Major AbjurationLecimka's Mask of the LostLecimka's Minor Abjuration
Lecimka's Mittens of the LostLecimka's Necklace of the LostLecimka's Pants of the Lost
Lecimka's Ring of the LostLecimka's Shawl of the LostLecimka's Slippers of the Lost
Lecimka's Soul ShardLecimka's Tiara of the LostLecimka's Wrath
Lecimka's Wristband of the LostLedrana's HeadLedrana Stormkeeper
Ledrana Stormkeeper's questLeech BiteLeech Bite Recourse
Leech BloodLeech Brain RingLeech Hide
Leech Hide Chest StrapsLeech Hide PouchLeech Leash
Leech Lord XenarLeech Lord Xenar (The Abyss)Leech Lord Xenar (Undercity)
Leech SuckerLeech VenomLeech Venom Effect
Leeching Servant I
Leeching Servant IILeeching Servant IIILeeching Servant IV
Leeching Steel DreadbladeLeeching TendrilsLeechskin
Leechstorm RecourseLeft Eye of the Ancient
Left Hand of MaysunLeft Hand of an Exiled KingLeg slot for Bard
Leg slot for BeastlordLeg slot for ClericLeg slot for Druid
Leg slot for EnchanterLeg slot for MagicianLeg slot for Monk
Leg slot for NecromancerLeg slot for PaladinLeg slot for Ranger
Leg slot for RogueLeg slot for ShadowknightLeg slot for Shaman
Leg slot for WarriorLeg slot for Wizard
Legacy of the Dragonkin
Leggings PatternLeggings of AnimismLeggings of Atavism
Leggings of Beastial FerocityLeggings of Chaos
Leggings of Corporeal SufferingLeggings of DeceptionLeggings of Defiled Secrets
Leggings of DeflectionLeggings of Flowing LavaLeggings of Lingering Memories
Leggings of MartialismLeggings of Ravaged LifeLeggings of the Art Keeper
Leggings of the DeceiverLeggings of the DevoteeLeggings of the Fall
Leggings of the NightLegguards of Deception
Legilion's Request
Legilion of the WindsLegilion of the Winds' quests
Legilion of the Winds' quests - Part ILegilion of the Winds' quests - Part IILegilion of the wind
Legion of KaezulLegionnaire's ArrowLegionnaire Breastplate
Legplates of CommandLegplates of Seething HatredLegplates of Vituperation
Legplates of the DivineLegwraps of Woven QuintessenceLegwraps of the Fluxator
Legwraps of the StampedeLegwraps of the TranquilLekkin
LemonLemon Eclair DelightLemon Juice
LemonadeLength of Hulkwood LumberLengthy Belt
Lenny the GargantuanLeonin BolaLeopard Cub Hide
Leskala's Angelic GlovesLeskala's Angelic Gloves/Faction Bound
LesleyLesser Arcana
Lesser Basilisk GazeLesser Basilisk Gaze Effect
Lesser Charm CreditLesser Circle of HealingLesser Cloud of Spores
Lesser Cold ResistanceLesser Commando's Core
Lesser CrippleLesser Cripple Effect
Lesser Curse of the FrozenLesser Defender's Core
Lesser Disease ResistanceLesser Dragonkin ScalesLesser Dragoon's Core
Lesser Energetic CoreLesser Essence of BearLesser Essence of Bear Effect
Lesser Essence of CatLesser Essence of Cat EffectLesser Essence of Fungi
Lesser Essence of Fungi EffectLesser Essence of GorillaLesser Essence of Gorilla Effect
Lesser Essence of PantherLesser Essence of Panther EffectLesser Essence of Raptor
Lesser Essence of Raptor EffectLesser Essence of RhinoLesser Essence of Rhino Effect
Lesser FaydarkLesser Faydark/Items list
Lesser Faydark/NPC ListLesser Faydark/NPC LootLesser Faydark/NPC table
Lesser Faydark/Quest ItemsLesser Faydark/QuestsLesser Faydark/Zone Description
Lesser Faydark/Zone Infobox
Lesser Fire ResistanceLesser Fortified CoreLesser Glacial Strike
Lesser HaemopheliaLesser Haemophelia Effect
Lesser Harrier's CoreLesser Healthy Core
Lesser Heavy CoreLesser Hybrid Core
Lesser Leech VenomLesser Leech Venom Effect