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Holding the Line
Hollow Golem HeadHollow Skull EarringHollowed Brood Legbone
Hollowed Feather Hoop EarringHollowed Kobold PawsHollowed Rock
Hollowed Treantwood StaffHolnyrHolnyr's quest
Holy Charm of ProtectionHoly Constitution I
Holy Constitution IIHoly Constitution IIIHoly Constitution IV
Holy Faceguard of ProtectionHoly Faceguard of Protection/Faction Bound
Holy No MoreHoly Priest's BloodHoly Relic
Holy Relic of ShojarHoly Runes of ProtectionHoly Staff of Elael
Holy Sword of KaelaenthHoly Sword of Kaelaenth QuestHoly Symbol
Holy Symbol of MalathHoly WaterHoly Water of Yaralith
Honey MeadHoneyed FabricHonor, Signet of Enthann
Honor Blade of the RujikHonorable Badge of the FroglokHonorable Mask
Hood of Eternal SorrowHood of HellfireHood of Ki'Sanard
Hood of a Fallen BloodfireHooded Fire GownHoof of Enragement
Hook of the Great SeaHookblade of ScourgeHooked Arrow
Hooked ArrowheadsHooked Bone Hunting ArrowHooked Ceramic War Arrow
Hooked TrinketHooloovoolian Etitakaloons
Hoop of Dark DeceptionHoop of DecayHoop of Enslavement
Hoop of Intertwined FatesHoop of LeavesHoop of Madness
Hoop of Soothing EchoesHoop of the DeepHoop of the Hound
Hoop of the KedgeHoop of the Obstinate
HooptyhorkHooptyhork!Hooves of the Red
Hopper HideHopper Hide Cloak
Hopper Hide CordHopper Hide GlovesHopper Hide Headband
Hopper Hide MantleHopper Hide PantaloonsHopper Hide Scarf
Hopper Hide ShirtHopper Hide SleevesHopper Hide Slippers
Hopper Hide VeilHopper Hide WristbandHopper Meat
Hopper of SkysplittersHopping NachoHops
HornHorn of the CommanderHorn of the Frozen Warlord
Horn of the Morning CallHorns of the RedHorok, Reality's Kaleidoscope
Horribly Herniated SpineHorse Leash
Horshint, The Gelid EidolonHorsing AroundHostile Ratmen
Hot Coal SlippersHot LeadHot Lead Effect
Hotblooded Mace
HotkeyHowl-Speak's Head
Howl at the Moon IHowl at the Moon IIHowl at the Moon III
Howl of the BansheeHowling Blade
Howling FuryHrata's Wages, Diseased CoinHrata, Scarred Veteran
Hrugtah's SludgeHrugtah Hide BracerHsargh
Hsargh's MaulerHugHuge Patched Leggings
Huge Shark FangHuge Underbulk ClawHuge Underbulk Claw (Weapon)
Huge Underbulk Claw (Worn Item)
Hulud`Shai the Worm MotherHumanHuman Blood
Human EyesHuman HandHuman Meat
HumanoidHumanoid Monster AgentHumanoid Monster Arrows
Humongous CapHumunguous Fungusaur
Hungry EyesHungry hrugling
Hunter's Black String
Hunter's FlaskHunter's FocusHunter's Idol
Hunter's MarkHunter's MaskHunter's String of Eyes
Hunter's Sturdy PouchHunter's VeilHunter Porln
Hunter SakosHunter White-FangHunter of Souls
HuntfangHuntfang Skin Boots
Hunting Centaurs for EntropyHunting Frogloks for EntropyHunting Guide
Hunting Skeletons for EntropyHunting Vulfwere for EntropyHunting Warscythe
Huntmaster KelishHuntmaster RenvexHuntress Naizoe
Huntsman's BraceletHuntsman's Bracelet/Faction BoundHurngol's Flare
HurricaneHursh da FisherHurthi, Fortress of Mistakes
Husband and WifeHusk of the Demiurge
Hybrid CoreHybrid Quests Difficult 65Hybrid Quests Level 1-5
Hybrid Quests Level 11-20Hybrid Quests Level 21-30Hybrid Quests Level 31-40
Hybrid Quests Level 41-50Hybrid Quests Level 51-60Hybrid Quests Level 6-10
Hybrid Quests Level 61-65Hybrid classesHydrangea
Hydromancer FriskhHymn Master Harold
Hypnotic Goblin LoopHypodermic Hook
HyssopHysteriaHyvek Vahl
Ian McGuireIble Gull's Accurate Trunceon
Ice-encrusted Wrap
Ice (4391)Ice AuraIce Chunk
Ice Cold MilkIce Cream Churn
Ice Crystal StaffIce Crystal Staff/Faction BoundIce Diamond Crown
Ice Dragon BreathIce Forged GreataxeIce Forged Greatblade
Ice Hooked GreathammerIce Kobold Fur
Ice Oracle BraceletIce PoppiesIce Queen Renalia
Ice Render Heart
Ice of ShojarIcecrawler's HeartIced Blade
Iced Crystal RingIced EdgeIced Egg Sack
Iced Glazed RobeIced Scaled CloakIced Scaled Cloak/Faction Bound
Iced TeaIcefeatherIcefeather's Eye
Icefeather TalonIcefireIceflow Signet
Iceforger YllragIcegouge
IcetalonIcetalon Stud
Icethistle FernIcetoothIcetooth (NPC)
Icewell KeepIcewell Keep/Items listIcewell Keep/NPC List
Icewell Keep/NPC LootIcewell Keep/NPC tableIcewell Keep/Quest Items
Icewell Keep/QuestsIcewell Keep/Zone Infobox
IcewindIcey Hot ToddyIcis, Precursor to the Endless Winter
Icy BlastIcy Construct Heart
Icy CoreIcy Creeper SilkIcy Desolation
Icy Diamond BandIcy Heart of a Perfect GolemIcy Silk Cloak
Icy Silk SwatchIcy Terror Hide BootsId, Barbed Choker of Pride
Identification ScrollIdentify Taxonomy
Identity TheftIdol of Companionship
Idol of ImmunityIdol of ManslaughterIdol of Melee
Idol of Melee/Faction BoundIdol of SihalaIdol of Thought
Idol of the DonatorIdol of the ExiledIgneous Cummerbund
Igneous RearguardIgneous TrousersIgnis Enforcer
Ignis Enforcer IIIgnis Fatuus
Ignite Flesh
Igridik the VoiceIkild Bastard SwordIkild Dagger
Ikild HalberdIkild LongswordIkild Mace
Ikild RaincloakIkild ShieldIkild Spear
Ikildian Rampager BludgeonIkisith Solo Entry Quest
Ikisith Wasp MeatIksar
Iksar/Warrior Armor Quests(Newbie Grobb)Iksar Meat
Iksar Scale EaringIksar Skeleton Remains
Iksar Spirit EssenceIl-Ia, Wristguard of the PatriarchIllegible Scroll
Illidona StarpyreIllidona Starpyre's questIlltana