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Crystallized Tears BeneficialCrystallized Tears DetrimentalCrystallized Yclistinite
Cube ArmatureCube GiggingCubed Marble Terror Flesh
Cubes of the FourCubic Zircon EarringCudgel of Ancient Depths
Cudgel of Dank DoomCudgel of the Black DreamCuirass of Bound Spirits
Cuirass of the CircleCulicid Saliva GlandCull Soul
Culling the Bats bounty quest
Culling the Beetle Infestation bounty questCult GateCult Priest Vanissa
Cult of EntropyCult of PlagueCult of the Eternal Flame
Cultist ImdenCultist NilannaCultist Papers
Cultist ShrialCultist ViraCunning
Cuprosil ArrowsCuprosil Battle Arrows
Cuprosil Combat ArrowsCuprosil Flu-flu ArrowsCuprosil Hunting Arrows
Cuprosil Long Range ArrowsCuprosil Mid-Range ArrowsCuprosil Recreational Arrows
Cuprosil Short Range ArrowsCurator's Sash
Curator's TouchCurator DentinCurator Mashira
Curator MaslinCurator MeinaCurator Niniliti
Curator OrezCurator SandraCure
Cure RustCured Lava Stalker JerkinCured Mammoth Hides
Cured Silk CloakCured Silk Cord
Cured Silk GlovesCured Silk HeadbandCured Silk Mantle
Cured Silk PantaloonsCured Silk RobeCured Silk Scarf
Cured Silk ShirtCured Silk SleevesCured Silk Slippers
Cured Silk VeilCured Silk WristbandCured Spider Hide
Cured Tiger Hide PantsCuriouser and CuriouserCurled Fungusaur Talon
Curlicued DeadheadCurrencyCurse of Flames
Curse of StoneCurse of VagarnCurse of Walking Sleep
Curse of the Stone GuardianCursed Banner
Cursed BookCursed Tarot CardCursed Tarot Card (Claw)
Cursed Tarot Card (Crown)Cursed Tarot Card (Skull)Cursed Tarot Card (Sword)
Cursed Vah BonesCurtailed Essence of WolfCurtailed Essence of Wolf Effect
Curtis BloodbladeCurveblade of Ancient KingsCurveblade of the Malik
Custodian of EnthannCustodian of Enthann (Stronghold)
Custodian of Enthann (Stronghold)'s quest
CutCut-ThroatCutthroat's Knife
Cuunel PengaeCyclone Staff
Cyclonus, the Wind's RevengeCyclops Drop RumCyclops Elder Staff
Cyclops EyeCyclops ToesCyclops Warrior Club
Cycyl, Girdle of Perpetual MotionCyrilCyrtho Malath
Cyrtho Malath/Events listCyrtho Malath/Items listCyrtho Malath/NPC List
Cyrtho Malath/NPC LootCyrtho Malath/NPC tableCyrtho Malath/Quest Items
Cyrtho Malath/QuestsCyrtho Malath/Strategy guideCyrtho Malath/Zone Description
Cyrtho Malath/Zone Infobox
Cytha RehnCyzaine's Splurt-tastic Poison!
DPSD`unteraux Family HeirloomDa Fishin' Pole
DaceanDaemonic WeaponDaerosh's Prowess
DaggerDagger MoldDagger Of Primitive Rituals
Dagger of DirectionDagger of NzokagDagger of Protective Illusions
Dagger of Spiritual EmancipationDagger of the Challenger
Dagger of the ChillDagger of the Chill/Faction BoundDagger of the Chosen
Dagger of the FisherkingDagger of the Learner
Dainty Chipped Ruby StudDaisy SwampblossomDaisy Swampblossom's black backpack quest
Daisy Swampblossom's blue backpack questDaisy Swampblossom's green backpack questDaisy Swampblossom's navy backpack quest
Daisy Swampblossom's orange backpack questDaisy Swampblossom's pink backpack questDaisy Swampblossom's quests
Daisy Swampblossom's red backpack questDaisy Swampblossom's white backpack questDaisy Swampblossom's yellow backpack quest
Dal DannanDalaya Kroaker
Dalium AxeDalium Bastard SwordDalium Battle Axe
Dalium Broad SwordDalium Chainmail Belt
Dalium Chainmail BootsDalium Chainmail BracerDalium Chainmail Cloak
Dalium Chainmail CoatDalium Chainmail CoifDalium Chainmail Gloves
Dalium Chainmail LeggingsDalium Chainmail MantleDalium Chainmail Mask
Dalium Chainmail NeckguardDalium Chainmail Sleeves
Dalium DaggerDalium FlailDalium Great Axe
Dalium Great HammerDalium Great SwordDalium Halberd
Dalium IngotDalium Knuckles
Dalium Long SwordDalium MaceDalium Morning Star
Dalium Ner'Va
Dalium Ner`DenDalium Ner`Tok
Dalium OreDalium Platemail Boots
Dalium Platemail BracerDalium Platemail BreastplateDalium Platemail Cloak
Dalium Platemail CollarDalium Platemail GirdleDalium Platemail Gloves
Dalium Platemail GreavesDalium Platemail HelmDalium Platemail Pauldrons
Dalium Platemail VambracesDalium Platemail VisorDalium Rapier
Dalium ScimitarDalium ScytheDalium Shan'Den
Dalium Shan'Esh
Dalium Shan`SelDalium Shan`TokDalium Shield
Dalium Short SpearDalium Short SwordDalium Spear
Dalium StudsDalium Tel'FiiDalium Tel'Va
Dalium Ter'Tok
Dalium UlakDalium War Hammer
Damage IncrementDamage Increment IDamage Increment II
Damage Increment IIIDamage Increment IVDamage Increment IX
Damage Increment VDamage Increment VIDamage Increment VII
Damage Increment VIIIDamage Increment X
Damage ReductionDamage over time
Damage shieldDamaged CarapaceDamaged Dagger Hilt
Damaged Electrum TiaraDamaged Golden HoopDamaged Magic Carpet
Damaged Visual SensorDamask Leather BootsDamask Leather Leggings
Damask Leather SleevesDamask Leather TunicDampen Magic
Dancer's TambourineDandy's Foil
Danek the PlumberDaniel McUlricDanionin Vizard
Dankwater Chain SleevesDanmer ZirilDannisin's Antidote
Dannisin's Antidote EffectDannisin's Discarded GaloshesDanrak, Greatblade of Blizzards
Daphne and ApolloDarima wants meat!
Darisha FanneiDark-sludge GaloshesDark Blade of Sorrows
Dark Boned DragonDark Bow StaffDark Bubbly Potion
Dark CorruptionDark Cruciation
Dark Crystal Bastard SwordDark DrainDark Elf
Dark Elven MeatDark Essence
Dark FeedbackDark Fist of Chilling GhastsDark Flare
Dark HandDark Knight ShaizDark Legs of Circumvention
Dark Lion ManeDark Matter WandDark Poison
Dark RootsDark Rune of Torture
Dark Runes IDark Runes IIDark Runes III
Dark Runes IV
Dark Shield of the Entropic RecruitDark Shrine Fragment
Dark Silk BraceletDark Silk FootpadsDark Silk Sash
Dark TemperDark WatersDark Web
Darkalloy Bracer of EnmityDarkalloy Bracer of RageDarkbloom
Darkbloom Aloe LeavesDarkelven RemainsDarken Skies
Darkened Crystal FragmentsDarkened Galaxy-etched BoneDarkened Hide Wristband
Darkened Shield of the StormDarkened Shield of the Storm/Faction BoundDarkfungus Tunic
Darkmaw Gnoll FangDarkmaw Gnoll Trouble bounty questDarkmaw Sentinel Paw
Darkmesh Helm of WarDarkmesh Helm of War/Faction Bound