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An Imprisoned DeviantAn Incomplete Diary
An Initiate's BadgeAn Injured Newport GuardAn Inquisitors Story
An Inquisitors Story/TextAn Irate VisitorAn Iron Key
An Official Looking DocumentAn Official Looking Document/TextAn Ok`Tar Guard
An Old AdventurerAn Old Bear Paw
An Old Grub QuestAn Old JournalAn Old Journal/Text
An Old LetterAn Old Letter/TextAn Ornate Box
An Ornate KeyAn Uncouncious Halfling
An Unfair BargainAn Unmarked LetterAn Unmarked Letter/Text
An Unseen HandAn Unusual CrystalAn abandoned Nagthilian
An abandoned barrelAn abandoned boxAn abomination
An accursed priestAn acolyteAn acolyte of Shojar
An adept of the deepAn adolescent vandathianAn advisor
An aged koboldAn ahoolAn air elemental
An airy whirlwindAn albino brughwarAn alert sentry
An alligatorAn alligator hatchling
An amberite burlAn amberite lancheAn amberite thrall
An amberite torAn ancestor lordAn ancestor prophet
An ancestor spiritAn ancestor warderAn anchorite hopeful
An ancient GruplokAn ancient barbarian spiritAn ancient bloodrock key
An ancient challengerAn ancient chestAn ancient darkwood
An ancient empire pugilistAn ancient empire scholarAn ancient empire soldier
An ancient empire toxinistAn ancient fire spiritAn ancient guardian
An ancient guardian (Catacombs of Elthannar)An ancient guardian (Heartland Plateau)An ancient guardian (Large) (The Spires of Saitha)
An ancient guardian (Medium) (The Spires of Saitha)An ancient guardian (Small) (The Spires of Saitha)An ancient iksar enchanter
An ancient mammothAn ancient manservantAn ancient mummy
An ancient owlbearAn ancient pounderAn ancient rhino
An ancient roverAn ancient scavengerAn ancient shark
An ancient statueAn ancient temple guardAn ancient terror
An ancient treantAn ancient vampireAn ancient vandathian
An angry froglokAn angry geodeAn animated revenant
An animated statueAn animatorAn anointed of Yaralith
An anointed vandathianAn antagonistic traderAn antagonstic banker
An apprenticeAn apprentice necromancerAn arc keeper
An armadilloAn armored wind spiritAn aspect of terror
An assault droneAn athica citizenAn attack dog
An avaricious machineAn azure drakeAn earth-rooted tree
An earthen mephitAn earthen wardenAn earthen warden (Plane of Earth)
An earthy corpsewormAn efreetiAn efreeti blademaster
An efreeti dominarAn efreeti firecallerAn efreeti flame dancer
An efreeti flame lordAn efreeti gangbossAn efreeti guardian
An efreeti juggernaughtAn efreeti juggernautAn efreeti lashmaster
An efreeti lavacallerAn efreeti lavamancerAn efreeti punisher
An efreeti skycallerAn efreeti thrallherdAn elaborate bloodrock key
An elaborate fire marked chestAn elder owlbearAn elder shade fiend
An elder shade wraithAn elder shadefiendAn elemental guardian
An elemental stormcloudAn elemental summoningAn elephant
An elephant calfAn elhasaurAn elite bandit
An elite claw guardAn elite guardian predatorAn elite keep guard
An elite knightAn elite phantom guardAn elite scelerium guard
An elite stronghold guardAn elthannar bodyservantAn elthannar butler
An elthannar chefAn elthannar evokerAn elthannar maid
An elthannar wizardAn embodied horrorAn emerald mountain drake
An emptied NagthilianAn empty Book of Stories.An engineered devourer
An enhanced discipleAn enlightened machineAn enraged Suhayb
An enraged co`dairAn enraged impAn enraged pirahna
An enraged war boarAn enraged wyrmAn enslaved goblin
An enslaved slimeAn enslaving impAn entertainer
An entropic abominationAn entropic constructAn erimal dweller
An erratic earthfiendAn escaped liodrethAn escaped specimen
An escaped tigerAn escaped wolfAn escort guard
An eternal servantAn eternal servant's petAn eternal statue
An ethereal harbingerAn everchill giantAn evil muck fly
An exalted protectorAn excavation constructAn excited child
An executed GruplokAn executed thiefAn exiled goblin
An exiled readerAn exorcised machineAn expedition survivor
An experienced necromancerAn experienced studentAn experiment
An experiment (MielC)An experiment (Spires)An explosive flame player
An honest manAn honored guestAn ice boned iksar
An ice burrowerAn ice giantAn icecrawl spider
An iced recluseAn icy creeper
An icy cubeAn icy defenderAn icy eidolon
An icy watcherAn ikild exileAn ikild mercenary
An ikild murdererAn ikild scavengerAn iksar skeleton
An iksar skeleton (Greater Faydark)An iksar skeleton (Storm Sea)An illusionary ward
An imp overseerAn imp tricksterAn impatient experimentor
An imperial animatorAn imperial eliteAn imperial lobotomist
An imperial occultistAn imperial researcherAn imperial taxonomist
An imperial vivisectionistAn imperial warriorAn imprisoned druid
An imprisoned liodrethAn incarnation of lavaAn indentured daemon
An infected crags piranhaAn infernalAn infernal advisor
An inferniteAn infestedAn infested caretaker
An infested corpseAn infested guardianAn infested warden
An infested watcherAn infested zombieAn injured Surefall scout
An insane brownieAn insane followerAn insane researcher
An interdimensional keeperAn invisible presenceAn irathi caller
An irathi guardianAn irathi mageAn irathi spellbender
An ironbone skeletonAn irradiated scorpionAn irradiated stonemite
An irradiated stonemite queenAn island giantAn nethunian mender
An nethunian seekerAn obese frilakhAn oblivion wyrm
An obsidian gargoyleAn obsolete clockworkAn oddly bloated corpse
An off-duty defenderAn off-duty guardAn off-duty guard (Field of Bone)
An off duty slaveAn old adventurerAn old chest
An old froglokAn old hermitAn old letter
An old letter/TextAn old treeAn old tree (Ikisith)
An ominous shadowAn orc bladewielderAn orc caller
An orc dwellerAn orc footmanAn orc forsworn
An orc hunterAn orc invokerAn orc laborer
An orc labormasterAn orc lifewardAn orc messenger
An orc oathbreakerAn orc patrollerAn orc pikeman
An orc purebloodAn orc raiderAn orc scout
An orc shamanAn orc spirit masterAn orc spirit weaver
An orc swordsmanAn orc tundra eliteAn orc tundra fighter
An orc tundra prowlerAn orc unboundAn orc visionary
An othmir fisherAn othmir merchantAn othmir mystic
An othmir sentryAn othmir warriorAn outcast
An overfull watergourdAn overgrown szithriAn overgrown szithri (The Abyss)
An overgrown szithri (The Murk)An unbound shadowAn unclean Rebel
An unclean crewmanAn unclean excavatorAn unclean laborer
An unclean medicAn unclean noblemanAn unclean pathwatcher
An unclean servitorAn unclean tenderAn unconscious yiv
An uncontrollable failureAn uncontrolled demonAn undead adventurer
An undead armorerAn undead armsmasterAn undead banker
An undead bardAn undead bartenderAn undead bouncer
An undead canineAn undead championAn undead citizen