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A vah childA vah fisherA vah guard
A vah malathA vah refugeeA vah rehn
A vah rehn scoutA vah scoutA valorous vaultmistress
A valorous vendorA vandathian chaplainA vandathian chosen
A vandathian primogenitorA vault keeping constructA vaultkeeping construct
A vegarso gathererA vegarso soliderA venemous slime
A verdant vaultkeeperA verdant vendorA vibrant flower
A vicious slimeA vigilant wind spiritA vile mouth
A villagerA vine laden constructA viscous slime
A visiting adornerA visiting brewerA visiting cook
A visiting fletcherA visiting healerA visiting jeweler
A visiting nobleA visiting paladinA visiting potter
A visiting smithA visiting vaultkeeperA visitor
A visitor from ErudinA visitor from GrobbA visitor from Newport
A visitor from UnderhillA volatile fire elementalA volunteer guardsman
A voracious soulA vulfwere ancientA vulfwere desecrator
A vulfwere druidA vulfwere elderA vulfwere hunter
A vulfwere initiateA vulfwere invaderA vulfwere longtooth
A vulfwere packfatherA vulfwere prowlerA vulfwere pup
A vulfwere raid-leaderA vulfwere raiderA vulfwere render
A vulfwere youngclawA wailing ghostA wailing spectre
A wailing vortexA waiting patronA walking mushroom
A walking sporeA walrusA wandering cleric
A wandering druidA wandering skeletonA wandering spore
A wandering wyrmA war golemA war lion
A war lionessA war trained boarA war wasp drone
A war wasp queenA war wasp workerA warden
A warding impA warlockA warped scorpion
A warped skeletonA warped slaveA warped spider
A warped test subjectA warpstone minnowA wasteland basilisk
A wasteland cobraA wasteland cockatriceA wasteland succulent
A watcher in the darkA watchful impA watchlight
A water serpentA water spriteA watergourd
A waterlingA waxfaced demonA weakened wardcore
A whirl of controlled mistA white rabbitA whorl of freezing air
A whorl of mountain airA wild co`dair
A wild rabbitA will`o`wispA wind mephit
A windwing hatchlingA windwing skytalonA wine crate
A witchA witchlightA woodland scorpion
A wooly spiderA workerA wormwood root
A worried motherA wounded banditA wounded elhasaur
A wounded elhasaur's questA wounded frost giantA wounded mammoth calf
A wrathful beyondlingA wrinfly larvaeA writhing mass of tentacles
A wyrmA wyrm eliteA wyrm soldier
A wyvernA wyvern eliteA wyvern hatchling
A wyvern soldierA yclistinite elementalA yclistinite elementaling
A yclistinite rocklingA yellowcrestA yeti
A yi'x crusherA yi'x defenderA yi'x fuser
A yi'x igniterA yinazran sorcererA yiv goblin adept
A yiv goblin assassinA yiv goblin beastmasterA yiv goblin captain
A yiv goblin elderA yiv goblin elite discipleA yiv goblin elite shaman
A yiv goblin elite soldierA yiv goblin elite summonerA yiv goblin elite wizard
A yiv goblin gruntA yiv goblin knightA yiv goblin magus
A yiv goblin priestA yiv goblin prisonerA yiv goblin scout
A yiv goblin scout (Forest of the Fallen)A yiv goblin shamanA yiv goblin smelter
A yiv goblin soldierA yiv goblin tricksterA yiv golbin scout (Tears of Elael)
A yiv mine cart operatorA yiv slave foremanA yiv slave miner
A young chromatic drakeA young cyclopeanA young fungoid
A young griffonA young harpyA young lover
A young manticoreA young pandaA young stalker
A young wyvernA zaranth convokerA zaranth dracoknight
A zaranth priestA zaranth rebelA zaranth shadowstalker
A zaranth soldierA zealotA zealot of darkness
A zombieA zombie ratA zombie trooper
A`han StoneheartAanshlavAanshlav's Eye
Aanshlav's Eye/Faction Bound
Abandon of the BlazingAbduction of Strength Recourse
AbeytuAbhorrent Girdle
Abominable TattersAbominable amberiteAbomination of Tortured Souls
Abomination of Tortured Souls IIAbominations of MielechAbrasive Sand
Absolute Zero
Abyss (Item)Abyss orbspinner
Abyssal ArmwrapsAbyssal Lady Storage KeyAccelerated March
Accelerated MinionAcid TongueAcidic Chest Wraps
Acidic SolutionAcidic SolventAcidic Suspension
Acolyte ImdenAcolyte RivelAcolyte Spiritwalker Caftan
Acolyte ViraAcolyte of FrostAcrobatic Apple
AcronymsActivate GolemActive Yclistinite Mining Pick
Actuary NathanActuate IActuate II
Actuate IIIAcuity
Adamant Bone-GreavesAdamant Claw
Adamant Construct BindingsAdamant Kirt'sek Carapace
Adamant Kirt`sek ExoskullAdamant Kirt`sek PincerAdamant Kirt`sek Wing-sheath
Adamant Stein
Adamantite FacemaskAdaptable Tinkered JewelryAdaptive Fungal Growth
Adding Gatenecks and KeysAddy's Emerald Eyes
Adept's Belt
Adepts FAQAdjudicator of the DepthsAdmantine Necklace
Admantine Tower ShieldAdministrative Traffic Limiter
Administrator KorlAdmyrrza's Antechamber PortalAdmyrrza's Inner Prison Portal
Admyrrza's Sanctuary PortalAdmyrzza's SanctuaryAdorned Silken Mantle
Adorned Silver AmuletAdroit Coif
Adulterated Fuel PodAdvanced Apiculture IAdvanced Apiculture II
Advanced Apiculture IIIAdvanced Apiculture IVAdvanced Beast Magic
Advanced Foe ManagementAdvanced Foe Management/TextAdvanced Item Effects
Advanced Minion ControlAdvanced settings
Adventures in CuisineAdventuring BandAdversity
Advisor's Cloth WrapAdvisor Cubacu
Advisor GarathorAdvisor Th`Lyan
Advisor ZerkotahAedi
Aegis ChainAegis of Frost
Aegis of RitualsAegis of the Armada
Aegis of the FrozenAegis of the Frozen/Faction BoundAegis of the Immortal
Aenthyr the BardAerated Bandolier
Aerie Wisp of FaithAeron Mithril MantleAfaven
Afaven's CrueltyAfaven's Failed Experiment
Afeyi HilineAffinityAfflicted Bone Pauldrons
Affliction EnhancementAffliction Enhancement I
Affliction Enhancement IIAffliction Enhancement IIIAffliction Enhancement IV
Affliction Enhancement IXAffliction Enhancement VAffliction Enhancement VI
Affliction Enhancement VIIAffliction Enhancement VIIIAffliction of Den'Aer
After The DivideAgainst the GrainAged Buckler
Aged GreavesAged HauberkAged Rune-Covered Longsword