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A shadow masterA shadow of memoryA shadow scarab
A shadow treantA shadow wolfA shadowdale bat
A shadowdale kodiakA shadowed rook
A shadowroot treeA shadowy corpse-spawnA shadowy froglok cultist
A shadowy knightA shadowy knight (Everfrost)A shadowy knight (Sundered Mountains)
A shady shadow dwarfA shambling abmonitionA shambling abomination
A shard golemA sharkA shield golem
A shield golem (Spires of Saitha)A shimmering brughwarA shimmering phantasm
A shipping crateA shoretrapper lotus
A si`thl crawlerA si`thl scuttler
A siemnar monitorA siemnar packmasterA siemnar protector
A sign of things to comeA silent shadowA siltster
A silverback gorillaA silvercrown captainA silvercrown escort
A sister of sihalaA sivakian assassinA sivakian elite
A sivakian hexmasterA sivakian murdererA sivakian warrior
A sivakian witchA skeletal court magicianA skeletal medic
A skeletal renterA skeletal sentryA skeletal subject
A skeletal trooperA skeletonA skeleton gripper
A skeleton prison guardA skeleton prison wardenA skeleton trooper
A skreigh inkerA skunkA sky mephit
A skyripper wyvernA slaughtered Gruplok huntsmanA slaughtered Gruplok youth
A slaughtered rebel scoutA slaughtered researcherA slave
A slave beastA slave workerA sleek construct
A sleeping manA sleeping visitorA sleepless vagabond
A sleepy sentryA slimeA slouch viper
A sludge mummyA sludge oozeA sludgepaw gnoll
A sludgepaw gnoll shamanA slumbering murk flowerA slumbering murkflower
A sly thiefA small ancient chestA small bloodrock key
A small fire impA small spiderA snare trap
A snareweedA snow cougarA snow griffon
A snow kodiakA snow leopardA snow leopard cub
A snow rhinoA snow wyrmA soft patch of sand
A soft plot of soilA soft plot of soil (Azzerach, the Forsaken Realm)A soft plot of soil (Plane of Entropy)
A soft plot of soil (Plane of Nightmare)A soft plot of soil (Towers of Agony)A soldier of the depths
A solemn bloodfireA son of the depthsA soothing petal
A sorrowful GruplokA sorrowful gruplokA sorrowful machine
A soulless traderA soulless vassalA soulwind
A sparring anchorite hopefulA sparring dummyA sparring visitor
A spectral arcanistA spectral architectA spectral artificer
A spectral caretakerA spectral conjurerA spectral froglok
A spectral haunterA spectral iksarA spectral keeper
A spectral librarianA spectral vicarA spectre
A spectre of corruptionA spiderkin
A spiderkin broodmotherA spiderkin invokerA spiderkin mindwarp
A spiderkin skulkerA spiderkin soldierA spirit of cold
A sporeA spore carrierA sporeling
A sproutariA sproutari frenzyA sproutari knight
A sproutari nobleA sproutari sageA sproutari sporecaster
A sproutari warriorA stable windA stampeding boar
A starved Gruplok shamanA starved vulfwere
A starving GruplokA starving broodA starving soul
A steward of frostA stone gargoyleA stone guardian
A stone tentacleA storm elementalA storm giant chosen
A storm giant convokerA storm giant cryomancerA storm giant fighter
A storm giant gladiatorA storm giant knightA storm giant lawman
A storm giant nobleA storm giant royal guardA storm giant spectator
A stormkeep supplierA stormwolf
A strange carrotA stray automatonA stunned alligator
A suffering machineA summoned apparitionA supply barrel
A surefall rangerA surefall trackerA surging mephit
A suspicious looking crateA suspicious rabbitA swamp constrictor
A swamp leechA swampglow glareA swampglow sear
A swampglow shimmerA swampglow sparkA swarmborn drone
A swarmborn gathererA swarmborn soldierA swarmborn worker
A swarmer beetleA swarmer beetle (Shar Vahl)A swarmer beetle (Shrouded Isle)
A swarming piranhaA swirling current
A sworn kromtor bruteA sworn kromtor shaperA sworn kromtor trainer
A szithri droneA szithri drone (The Abyss)A szithri drone (The Murk)
A szithri horrorA szithri horror (The Abyss)A szithri horror (The Murk)
A szithri hunterA szithri hunter (Abyss)A szithri mind sipper
A szithri sapperA szithri trapper
A tal'yan broodling
A tal'yan gathererA tal'yan guardian
A tal'yan prophet
A tal`yan bonecaster
A tal`yan chosenA tal`yan discipleA tal`yan guardian
A tal`yan oracleA tal`yan pool scryerA tal`yan ritual guard
A tal`yan ritual keeperA tal`yan scry spiritA tal`yan seer
A tal`yan signseerA tal`yan signwarder
A tal`yan soothsayerA tal`yan temple guardA tal`yan temple keeper
A tal`yan temple knightA tal`yan temple sentryA tal`yan temple watcher
A taldorian minerA taldorian workerA tall shadow
A tame lionA tame lionessA tame mistmane
A tamed cloud wolfA tamed giant batA tamed giant rat
A tamed kromtor wolfA tamed large batA tamed lava stalker
A tamed lesser kodiakA tar`loc elementalistA tarxan earth melder
A tarxan growthmasterA tarxan saboteurA tarxan sapweaver
A tasdarkh spawnA tasdrakh callerA tasdrakh chanter
A tasdrakh depthlordA tasdrakh immortalA tasdrakh outcast
A tearerfishA tendril of mistA tentacle terror
A terrorA terror handA terror spawn
A terrorsaurA thieving gnoll pupA thinking terror
A thugA thunderous elementalA tiny lava spirit
A tiny lava spiritsA tiny mepharA tiny rotund bear
A titan of airA titan of earthA titan of fire
A titan of frostA tomb caretakerA tomb guardian
A torchfire elementalA torhog agonizerA torhog deathlord
A torhog patrol leaderA torhog patrollerA torhog torment gaurd
A tormented GruplokA tormented arachnaeA tormented soul
A tormented victimA tormentlingA torn leaflet
A torn leaflet/TextA tortured slaveA tower watcher
A trakith bruteA trakith callerA trakith guardian
A tranquil szithriA tranquil treantA transmuted gnoll
A trap doorspiderA trapped slimeA traveller
A travelling augurA treant
A treasure chest (Difficult Treasure Map)A treasure chest (Easy Treasure Map)A treasure chest (Extremely Difficult Treasure Map)
A treasure chest (Moderate Treasure Map)A treasure chest (Simple (20-29) Treasure Map)A treasure chest (Simple (30-39) Treasure Map)
A treasure chest (Simple (40-49) Treasure Map)A treasure chest (Simple (50-59) Treasure Map)A treasure chest (Very Difficult Treasure Map)
A treasure chest (Very Easy Treasure Map)A treasure urnA tree keeper
A tree snakeA tribute watchmanA trilobite
A tunnel beetleA tunnel terrorA turned construct
A twisted constructA twisted shade wraithA twisted slave
A twisted warlockA useless skeletonA vaguely loyal mephit