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A murkling tunneler (The Abyss)A murkling tunneler (The Murk)A murkling watcher
A murkmire shrewA murkwater bufonA murkwater ranid
A murkwater serpentA mutated beast keeperA mutated elementalist
A mutated guardianA mutated shearerA mutated skull collector
A mutated stitcherA mutated stonemiteA mutated tormentor
A mutated warriorA mutilated GruplokA mutilated gruplok
A muture fungusA myconidA myconid ancient
A mystic drakeA najadA nazdrich howler
A nazdrich maulerA nazdrich renderA necromancer apprentice
A necromancer traineeA newborn tadpoleA newport citizen
A night shadeA nightfang crawlerA nighthound
A nightmareA nightstalkerA noble beyondling
A orc laborerA page of a journal (1)A page of a journal (1)/Text
A page of a journal (2)A page of a journal (2)/TextA page of a journal (3)
A page of a journal (3)/TextA page of a journal (4)A page of a journal (4)/Text
A page of a journal (5)A page of a journal (5)/TextA page of a journal (6)
A page of a journal (6)/TextA page of a journal (7)A page of a journal (7)/Text
A page of a journal (8)A page of a journal (8)/TextA page of a journal (9)
A page of a journal (9)/TextA paladin in trainingA paladin initiate
A pale banditA pale discoloured stalkA panther
A parched GruplokA patient froglok duelistA pawn
A penitent citizenA perfected bone golemA phantom guard
A phantom squireA phase golemA phoenix master
A pianistA piece of lampA piece of lamp/piece1
A piece of lamp/piece2A piece of lamp/piece3A piece of lamp/piece4
A pile of bonesA pilgrim of mercyA pioneer kromtor
A pious bloodfireA pirate (Sea of Swords)
A pit bansheeA pit gnollA pixie
A pixie harpistA pixie soldierA pixie songwarden
A pixie waywardenA pixie weaverA pixie windsinger
A plague-wracked terrorA plague gnatA plague priest
A plague specterA plague victimA plague worshipper
A plagued corpseA plagued wrinflyA plaguewind champion
A plaguewind gnollA plaguewracked aspA plaguewracked bear
A plaguewracked pumaA plaguewracked scorpionA plaguewracked spider
A plains catA plains chargerA plains lion
A plains lion cubA plains lionessA plains strider
A plains wolfA plains wolf (Plane of Earth)A planar jewelcrafter
A planar prison guardA pleasurer of ShiritriA plotting shadow dwarf
A plump rosegourdA poison beetleA polar bear
A portal guardianA possessed constructA possessed shrieker
A prehistoric protectorA presenceA priest of Enthann
A priest of ShojarA priest of Shojar (Azmaen, The Heart of Frost)A priest of Shojar (Thazeran's Tower)
A priest of YaralithA primeval colossusA primordial stonemite
A protective eyeA protector of faekind
A prototypeA prowlerA prowler leader
A psychotic GruplokA psychotic gruplokA pulsating black slime
A pulsating chunkA pulsating poolA puma
A pumpwork grouserA puppet of XavaraA quarry guard
A radiant coralA ragged nomadA raging fire elemental
A raging lava spiritA raised froglokA rapidly growing seedling
A raptorA rapturous mortalA rare fungus
A rare lowland lotusA ratA rat priest
A ratmanA razhak agonizerA razhak blackguard
A razhak blacklordA razhak deathlordA razhak torment guard
A razhak tormentorA razorfang piranha
A reanimated bloodswornA reanimated courtierA reanimated iksar
A reanimated priestA reanimated slaveA reanimated student
A reanimated young nobleA rebellion guardA reckless imp
A recuperating animatorA red lotusA red wisp
A refereeA refugeeA regretful rogue
A rejected experimentA relaxing researcherA render
A rending shadowA repair droneA repaired clockwork
A reptitusA repulsive statueA research assistant
A researcherA reserve medicA resolute guardian
A resting researcherA restless shopkeeperA resurgent ooze
A revived ancestorA rich yclistinite golemA rich yclistinite rockling
A rickety skeletonA righteous worshipperA risen deciever
A risen discipleA risen guardA risen paladin
A risen subjectA ritual captiveA ritual scribe
A river alligatorA roaming thiefA rock hopper
A rock wormA rockbeetleA rockblossom
A rockblossom seedlingA rogue constructA rogue dreadnaught
A rogue fiendA rogue golem
A rogue necromancerA rogue patrollerA rogue sentinel
A rogue skimmerA rogue watcherA roll master
A rosegourdA rotting GruplokA rotting bloodsworn
A rotting failureA rotting hunterA rotting plague gnoll
A rotting skeletonA rotting skeleton (Thaz)A rough yclistinite golem
A royal guardA royal servantA royal treasure urn
A royal treasure urn's questA rujik controllerA rujik mine cart operator
A rujik slave minerA rujik soldierA runaway concubine
A runaway kromtorA rusite elderA rusite keeper
A rusite watcherA rusted bladeA rusty clockwork
A sabretooth piranhaA sadri citizenA sanctuary guard
A sanctuary masterpieceA sanctuary monumentA sanctum brughwar
A sand beetleA sand giantA sand imp
A sand scarabA sand scarab hatchlingA sand scarab senior
A sand scorpionA sand scorpion (Field of Bones)A sand stinger
A sand viperA sandstone ancientA sandstone juggernaught
A sandy treasure chestA sane froglokA sanguine treant
A sated Kye KyeA savage kodiakA savage owlbear
A scaled guard wolfA scaled temple wolfA scaled wolf guardian
A scarabA scarecrowA scavenger
A scelerium jailorA scelerium slaveA scelerium slave skinner
A scholar of HakimA scholar of the depthsA scitapod
A scitterleapA scitterlingA scornwood hollow
A scorpikinA scorpikin cloakerA scorpikin nightclaw
A scorpikin savageA scorpionA scourged treant
A screaming GruplokA screaming gruplokA screaming spirit
A screeching massA screeching shadowA scribe of Fasal
A scribe of GishnaA sealed crateA security ward
A seeking shadowA seimnar protectorA sentient fungus
A sentient reanimationA sentient succulentA sentinel
A sentinel of the stormA sepulcher guardianA sepulcher jewelcrafter
A sepulcher outfitterA sepulcher ritualistA sepulcher sentinel
A sepulcher sentryA servantA servant of Gishna
A servant of frostA servo golemA sewer beetle
A sewer ratA sewer ratlingA sewer ratman
A sewer wardA shackled hereticA shackleforger
A shade crawlerA shade fiend
A shade predatorA shade prowlerA shade wraith
A shadefiendA shadelordA shadeweb lurker
A shadeweb silkspinnerA shadowA shadow dwarf archer
A shadow dwarf guardA shadow dwarf minerA shadow hunter