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A corrupted slaveA corrupted spiritA corrupted treant
A corrupted young griffonA couatl
A coyoteA crags anglerA crags knifefish
A crags piranhaA crateA crate (Freeport Bank Logs)
A crate (Runnyeye)A crate (Sales Logs: Freeport Inn)
A crate (Sales Logs: Hogcaller's Inn)A crate (Sales Logs: Imports Shop)
A crazed fanaticA crazed razadian spiritA crimson champion
A crimson discipleA crimson masterA crippled slave
A crocodileA crush golemA cryospine egg
A cryospine matriarchA cryospine patriarchA crypt golem
A crypt gooA crypt ratA crypt warder
A cryptkeeping constructA crystal creeperA crystal seer
A crystal spiderA crystal terrorA crystal wyrm
A crystalline defenderA crystalline dissectorA crystalline guardian
A crystalline protectorA cultistA cultist of sorrow
A cultivated brownie fungusA cursed caretakerA cursed keep citizen (Highkeep)
A cyclopean elderA cyclopean maulerA cyclopean mystic
A cyclopean warriorA cyclopsA damaged clockwork
A damned curatorA damned prisonerA dancer
A dankwater elementalA dark bansheeA dark communer
A dark defenderA dark fanaticA dark guardian
A dark protectorA dark scarabA dark sentinel
A dark sentryA dark shrine keeperA darksun dakka moar
A darksun fisherA darksun fooderA darksun mutant
A darksun raiderA darksun scoutA darkweb spider
A darkwood drakeA darkwood scorpionA darkwood spider
A dawn serpentA dawn tribe orcA dawn tribe trader
A dazzling emerald drakeA dead darkelfA dead machine
A dead rangerA dead ratA deathwalker
A decadent elven guardA decaying beetleA decaying corpse
A decaying guardianA decaying hellhoundA decaying skeleton
A deck handA deep burrower elderA deep burrower larvae
A deep caverns shriekerA deep caverns underbulkA deep spring elemental
A deep terrorA deepfiendA deepocean acolyte
A deepocean guardianA deepspawnA deepwater acolyte
A deepwater barracudaA deepwater guardian
A defender of the citadelA defunct constructA degenerated brigand
A degenerative priestA demented gruplokA demonic apparition
A demonic invaderA demonic ravagerA derelict guardian
A derelict pounderA desecrated crusaderA desert orc blood-kin
A desert orc championA desert orc dune hunterA desert orc elite
A desert orc fighterA desert orc mysticA desert orc prophet
A desert orc seerA desert orc shamanA desert orc slave
A desert orc smithA desert orc war guardA desert orc warrior
A desert scarabA destitute pariahA destitute survivor
A destroyed GruplokA destroyed gruplokA destroyer of what was
A detached shadowA devoted protectorA devouring soul
A dimensional horrorA dire wolfA disciple of the Order
A diseased corpseA diseased orcA diseased taldorian
A diseased water elementalA diseased wrinflyA displaced beyondling
A disposed experimentA dissolute shapeA distressed druid scout
A distressed druid scout (North Badlands)A divine hoardA divine invocation
A djar berA djar elderA djar emir
A djar emiraA djar flame spreaderA djar sheikh
A djinni protectorA djorn emirA djorn pacifier
A djorn sultanA docile co`dairA dock worker
A domesticated co`dairA doomed jailerA drake
A drake eliteA drake patroller
A drake skirmisherA drake soldierA dread co`dair
A dread pack co`dairA dread scarabA dreadwasp
A dreadwater renderA dreadwater seekerA dream
A dreamerA dreamkeeperA dreampeddler
A dreck golemA dredged corpseA driven hermit
A drowned corpseA dulled geonidA durable mushroom
A dwarf skeletonA dwarven corpseA dwarven corpse's quest
A dying dreamcatcherA erudite misanthropeA faceless doomwing
A faceless preywingA facet of terrorA fae artist
A fae drakeA fae drake (Greater Faydark)A fae dreamer
A fae madwomanA faentharc treantA failed dark elf child
A failed golemA failed iksar childA fairy
A fairy guardianA fairy outcastA fallen Gruplok healer
A fallen Gruplok intellectualA fallen crusaderA fallen guardian
A fallen spiritA fanged blossomA farhag champion
A farhag chieftainA farhag flamecallerA farhag healer
A faydark spider hatchlingA faydark spiderlingA faydark treant
A fearsome shadowA feeder adultA feeder calf
A feral co`dairA feral mistmaneA festering Gruplok
A festering deadA festering gruplokA festering harpy
A fiend touched SuhaybA fierce co`dairA fierce lion
A fierce lionessA fire crawlerA fire elemental
A fire elemental (Azzerach)A fire giantA fire imp
A fire priestA fire salamanderA fire warrior
A firey explosion playerA fishA flailing terror
A flame impA flame talon firelingA flame talon fury
A flame talon patrollerA flame talon protectorA flame talon screecher
A flamefinA flamer prototypeA flametalon master
A flare fiend bodyguardA flare fiend clericA flare fiend destroyer
A flare fiend fighterA flare fiend wizardA flaring lava spirit
A fleeing crac`teeA flesh carverA flesh golem
A flesheating machineA fleshrenderA flexfuel harvester
A flutterbugA flutterbug monarchA follower of Hakim
A footpadA forest drakelingA forest frog
A forest goblin demolitionistA forest goblin diggerA forest goblin diviner
A forest goblin guardA forest goblin lookoutA forest goblin overseer
A forest goblin peonA forest goblin scoutA forest goblin spiritseer
A forest goblin vindicatorA forest grizzly bearA forest hopper
A forest snakeA forest spiderA forest wolf
A forestfuryA forestlightA forgotten and infested body
A forgotten constructA forgotten legendA forgotten spawn
A forgotten watchmanA forsaken oneA forsaken paladin
A fortress archerA fortress eliteA foul ooze
A frantic szithriA free kromtorA freezer prototype
A frenzied deep burrowerA frenzied fire elementalA frenzied frilakh
A frenzied fungus fiendA frenzied pirahna
A frenzied walrusA frenzied waspA frenzied worshipper
A frightened ghostly dwarfA frilakh blackguard
A frilakh bladeforgerA frilakh boneseerA frilakh broodling
A frilakh commanderA frilakh fearbladeA frilakh fright blade
A frilakh fright speakerA frilakh grimguard
A frilakh guardianA frilakh outcastA frilakh quarrymaster
A frilakh sacrificial priestA frilakh scale guardA frilakh scout
A frilakh shadow seekerA frilakh tribesman
A froglok acolyteA froglok advisorA froglok anointed
A froglok apprenticeA froglok artisianA froglok bard
A froglok bartenderA froglok battlemasterA froglok blademaster