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10 Gauge Wire to A Kirk'sec Soldier
A Kirk'sec Worker to A barbed bone skeleton
A bardalsh djinni to A corrupted scavenger
A corrupted shadowdale druid to A froglok battlemaster
A froglok blademaster to A horned beetle
A horrible concoction to A murkling stalker
A murkling tunneler to A shadow dwarf miner
A shadow hunter to A useless skeleton
A vaguely loyal mephit to Aged Hauberk
Aged Rune-Covered Longsword to An Ikisith baby shark
An Ikisith shark to An undead champion
An undead citizen to Apprentice's Badge of Jayla
Apprentice Bethany to Atropa Berries
Attack to Barbute of Vengeance
Barbute of the Giant Smashing to Black Silk Bracelet
Black Silk Cap to Blood Ritual I
Blood Ritual II to Bottle of Leeches
Bottle of Ooze to Bulky servbot
Bullbrunt to Cat's Eye Inlaid Silver Long Sword/Pristine
Cat's Eye Inlaid Silver Ulak to Chill Blood
Chill Blood Effect to Cloak of the Taldor Guardian
Cloak of the Taldor Protector to Completed Sylvan Rune
Completed Tragic Rune to Council Junior Researcher's Badge/Melee
Council Junior Researcher's Badge/Priest to Crystallized Djinni Voice
Crystallized Jellyfish Spaulders to Darkened Shield of the Storm/Faction Bound
Darkfungus Tunic to Desk Sergeant Ranald's Newport Major Bounty Tokens quest
Desolation of Shadow to Draconic Platemail Collar
Draconic Platemail Gloves to Dwarf
Dwarf Meat to Electrum Star Rose Quartz Earring
Electrum Star Rose Quartz Necklace to Enthann's Necklace and Augment
Enthann (Faction) to Exquisite Crystalline Orb
Exquisite Emerald Bracelet to Ferocity IX
Ferocity V to Flamewarder/Faction Bound
Flameweave to Free Machines
Freeport to Fusion Woozle Mark III
Fusion Woozle Mark IV to Gemstone of the Third Seeker
Gemstone of the Third Seeker/BRD to Gleaming Scale Helmet/Faction Bound
Gleaming Scimitar to Gold Runes of Mana
Gold Runes of Might to Greaves of Embedded Eyes
Greaves of Endless Rage to Haegra Malath/Zone Infobox
Haeles Brightmoon to Healer Urgont
Healer Vogir to Historian Kelden's Misery quest
Historian Kelden Quest to Iksar/Warrior Armor Quests(Newbie Grobb)
Iksar Meat to Inscription of Major Elemental Sundering
Inscription of Major Frog Crushing to Item Images/6800-6899
Item Images/6900-6999 to Kelethin (Nightmare)
Kelethin Gate to Large Mithril Weapons
Large Mosquito Wing to Lesser Fire Resistance
Lesser Fortified Core to Lord Zirvane
Lord of the Estate to Mandy Wandersong's quests - Part II
Mandy Wandersong - Part I to Mastercrafted Iron Tel'Va
Mastercrafted Iron Tel`Fii to Message Courier
Message for Coralsha to Mithril Tel`Va
Mithril Ter'Tok to Neck slot for Enchanter
Neck slot for Magician to Noxin's Longbow
Noxin's Robe of Chaos to Opus of the Mind I
Opus of the Mind I/Text to Pantaloons of Glamour
Pantaloons of Manipulation to Plane of Entropy: Quest Items
Plane of Entropy: Quests to Pre Sentient Yclistinite Pick
Preaching Voices to Purebladed Axe
Purification to Ratfur Collar
Ratfur Gloves to Relic Hunters IV
Relic Hunters V to Robe of Enticing Flames
Robe of Fanatical Conjuration to Rune of Fire Resistance
Rune of Fluidity to Sash of Corrupt Justice
Sash of Ethereal Energy to Seeker Storage Satchel
Seeker Tomina Greyscar to Shahar Expedition Report (Part 2)/Text
Shahar Expedition Report (Part 3) to Shortblade of Chaos
Shortblade of Conquest to Silver Hematite Ring
Silver Ingot to Slime Root
Slimehide's Amulet to Soulfire
Soulfire/1HS to Spell: Brazen Bull
Spell: Breath of Tarhyl to Spell: Everlasting Breath
Spell: Exile Elemental to Spell: Lightning Bolt
Spell: Lightning Call to Spell: Runic: Quiver of the Legion
Spell: Runic: Servant of the Elements to Spell: Talisman of the Raptor
Spell: Talisman of the Rhino to Spirit's Vision II
Spirit-Harvest to Steamy Wind Worn Cloth
Steel-Threaded Cloth Sleeves to Studded Leather Belt
Studded Leather Boots to Surefall Glade: NPC Loot
Surefall Glade: Quest Items to Tasinath, Land of Bliss/Zone Infobox
Tasineth to The Darkwoods: NPC Loot
The Darkwoods: Quest Items to The Scrap Heap
The Scrap Heap/Items list to Tinkered Device
Tinkered Gadget to Touch of Night
Touch of Vitality to Tvidrik the Corrupt
Tvidrik the Corrupt's Head to Vampiric Embrace
Vampiric Spirit to Vulfwere Fur Belt
Vulfwere Fur Cloak to Waterstone
Waterstone Shard to Windwoven Armor
Windwoven Armor Quests to Yaga
Yale to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t