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10 Gauge Wire to A Mechanic
A Memory to A brazen bandit
A breacher drone to A derelict pounder
A desecrated crusader to A giant asp
A giant bat to A lesser basilisk
A lesser chest to A razhak tormentor
A razorfang piranha to A swampglow spark
A swarmborn drone to Acumen
Acumen of Dar Khura to Amulet of Histories
Amulet of Icewind to An obsolete clockwork
An oddly bloated corpse to Annihilation of Flame
Annointed Bone Circlet to Atavism quests - Part IV
Atavism quests - Part V to Barbute of Corruption
Barbute of Deflection to Black Steel Leggings
Black Steel War Axe to Bloodfire Ambassador
Bloodfire Elemental Prince to Box of Sturdy Plating
Boxed Plague Sample to Butcher's Boning Knife
Butcher's Cleaver to Ceremonial Blade of the Yshtar
Ceremonial Brownie Dagger to Circle of Vitality
Circle of Winter to Cold Arrow
Cold Arrows to Copper Platemail Bracer
Copper Platemail Breastplate to Crown of the Forgotten
Crown of the Hill to Dalium Shield
Dalium Short Spear to Defender Ordlan
Defender Zarm to Draconic Boot Mold
Draconic Chainmail to Duroth's Stave of Annihilation
Duroth's Vambraces of Pugnacity to Electrum Runes of Poison Warding
Electrum Runes of Protection to Entropic Recruits Arm Guards
Entropic Recruits Chestguard to Exquisite Silk Headband
Exquisite Silk Mantle to Fiery Explosion Kneepads
Fiery Explosion Mitts to Flitterdust Pouch
Flittering Wing to Froggy's Jar
Froggy's Song of the Frogloks to Gem of Knowledge
Gem of Lonesome Nightmares to Ghuros, Mantle of Hidden Hatred
Gi of Light to Gnarg's Folkmangler
Gnarg's Pebble-woven Sleeves to Greater Basilisk Gaze Effect
Greater Basilisk Gaze poison effect to Guard Jari
Guard Kerwyn to Haven of Lore
Haversack of the Winds to High Lady Athuai
High Lord Scorith to Idol of Companionship
Idol of Exile to Inscription of Major Pesticide
Inscription of Major Poaching to Item Summon
Item flags to Key to the Citadel
Key to the Factory to Lasanth
Lasanth's Heart to Lesser Soldier's Core
Lesser Spider Bite to Luscious Lemon and Mango Bars
Lutak Gan to Mark of the Songwarden
Mark of the Tribes to Maul of the Aegis
Maureen McDonald to Mine Overseer's Badge
Miner Furni to Muck-Covered Clogs
Muck-Stained Leggings to Nightforger Talziv
Nightjaunt to Old Gruplok Hunting Spear
Old Hard Treasure Map to Osseous Combat Arrows
Osseous Flu-flu Arrows to Piranha Tooth Necklace
Pirate Earring to Portal
Portal Bonds to Provocation
Pryomancer Kashaan to Rare Lotus Flower
Rare Mineral Dust to Relic of a Forgotten Crusade
Religion to Robot Oil
Rock-Climbing Paws to Runewoven Leather Vest
Runewoven Leather Wristband to Scholarly Signet
Scimitar to Set Bolt Trap
Set Dart Trap to Shattered Recourse
Shattered Ritual Dagger to Signet of Twentyfold Enchantments
Signet of Worship to Sivyana's Malice
Sivyana's Necklace and Augment to Sneaky Sneaky - Part II
Sneaky Sneaky - Part III to Spell: Alter Plane: Water
Spell: Althuna's Conduit to Spell: Disinfecting Aura
Spell: Disintegrate to Spell: Illusion: Water Elemental
Spell: Illusion: Werewolf to Spell: Relic: Storm of the Elements
Spell: Relic: Tarhyl's Embrace to Spell: Stun Command
Spell: Sublimate Soul to Spiced Troll Steak
Spices to Starter Bow
Starting Area Guide to Strong Poison
Strong Silk Cord to Surge of Memories
Surge of Torment to Tattered Mana Poison Scrap
Tattered Offense Poison Scrap to The Emerald Jungle/Zone Infobox
The Eternal One to The Spy Mask
The Star of Dawn to Tome of Animation
Tome of Battle Arts to Trainer Varsh
Training Arrows to Undead-Bane Arrows
Undead Agent to Vexclaw's Fang
Vexed Choking Device to Warlord Pripitraliti the Great
Warlord Zorg to Whirlwind
Whirlwind (Item) to Wretched Black Filings
Wretched Blue Filings to Zone Connection Map
Zone Connection Map/Large to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t