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10 Gauge Wire to A Lost Diary, Page 2
A Lost Diary, Page 3 to A bloodsworn summoner
A bloodthirsty shadow to A deep spring elemental
A deep terror to A fungusaur
A furious co`dair to A large empty crate
A large erudite skeleton to A priest of Shojar
A priest of Shojar (Azmaen, The Heart of Frost) to A sproutari warrior
A stable wind to A young harpy
A young lover to Ambassador of Elthannar
Amber to An experienced student
An experiment to Ancient Tinkered Goggles
Ancient Treant Leaves to Artificier Largur
Artificier Malitha to Bane DMG Chaotic
Bane DMG Clockwork to Berserker Spirit
Berserker Strength to Blessing of the Deep
Blessing of the Flame to Boots of Fatality
Boots of Flight to Broken Treaties
Broken Vessel of Gradalsh to Caster Quests Level 31-40
Caster Quests Level 41-50 to Chestguard of Feral Instinct
Chestguard of Savagery to Cloak of Vigilance
Cloak of Winter to Concentrated Arsenic
Concentrated Arsenic Effect to Councillor's Kirt'san
Councillor's Robe to Curator Meina
Curator Niniliti to Dawnlord Ghorlan's quest II
Dawnlord Ghorlan's quest II - Part II to Diamondine Pearl
Diamondine Pearls and Their Use to Drakehide Amice
Drakehide Armor to East Freeport
East Freeport/Items list to Elven Mithril Veil
Elven Spirit Essence to Essence of Raptor
Essence of Raptor Effect to Faded Scrying Water
Fae Drake Wing to Fire Crystal
Fire Crystal Necklace to Food
Food Storage to Frosted Berserker Chestplate
Frosted Berserker Gauntlets to Gemstone of Insight/BRD
Gemstone of Insight/BST to Gilli
Gimble Highsprocket to Goblin Ears
Goblin Ears bounty quest to Greater Faydark: NPC Loot
Greater Faydark: Quest Items to Guardian Drape
Guardian Kylesto to Head of Kyle Bloodblade
Head of Matru Fleetfoot to High Priestess Drilma
High Priestess Zarysha to Idol of Exile
Idol of Immunity to Inscription of Lightning Bolts
Inscription of Major Antivenin to Item Images/7300-7399
Item Images/7400-7499 to Kenlas Starseeker
Keo'Kodal to Large Vial of Lesser Lethargic Curse
Large Vial of Lethargic Curse to Lesser Rune of Brawn
Lesser Rune of Charisma to Lucky Dice
Lucky Rabbit's Foot to Manual of Triggered Casting/Text
Map to Mastercrafted Silver Shan`Esh
Mastercrafted Silver Shan`Sel to Mild Construct Agent
Mild Dragonkin Agent to Mor'Rodi's Ritualistic Sigil
Morale Zealot Book to Neverending Canteen
Neverik to Oggok/Items list
Oggok/NPC List to Ornate Shell Necklace
Ornate Silk Armor to Permafrost Bezel
Permafrost Bezel Mold to Player Guides
Player guilds to Pristine Emerald Bracelet
Pristine Fishbone to Ragnar Deathbloom
Ragor Greybloom to Refined Lining of Skill
Refined Sigil of Charm to Ring of Whirling Vapors
Ring of Wyvernfang to Ruins of First City: Quest Items
Ruins of Kaesora to Sanctify
Sanctuary to Secondary slot for Rogue
Secondary slot for Shadowknight to Shadowy Cultist's Focus Gem
Shadowy Deception to Shoes of Elemental Mastery
Shojar to Silver Earrings
Silver Figurine to Slime Crystal Earring
Slime Root to Soulspike, Belt of the Pool
Soulspike Recourse to Spell: Cadeau of Flame
Spell: Cadence of the Muddled Mind to Spell: Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor
Spell: Firefist to Spell: Manasink
Spell: Manaskin to Spell: Selo's Consonant Chain
Spell: Selo's Song of Travel to Spell: Torbas' Poison Blast
Spell: Torbas' Venom Blast to Spirit of Zehkes
Spirit of the Blizzard to Stone Breath
Stone Carved Buckle to Summon Shard of the Core
Summon Skysplitter to Synergy of Poison
Synnves to Tenecir's quest
Tentacle to The Imprisoned
The Infested to The Writing of the Dead
The Writing of the Dead/Text to Tome of Racing Thoughts I/Text
Tome of Racing Thoughts II to Trap Master Nine Fingers
Trap Master Nine Fingers' Quest to Unfinished City Painting
Unfinished Elemental Mantle to Vibrating Tunnel Gem
Vicious Headband to Warpmetal Morning Star
Warpmetal Ner'Den to White Trousers
White Wine to Wrist slot for Beastlord
Wrist slot for Cleric to Zone Connection Map/Large
Zone Short Names to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t