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10 Gauge Wire to A Lost Diary
A Lost Diary, Page 1 to A bloodsworn reanimator
A bloodsworn reaver to A deep burrower larvae
A deep caverns shrieker to A fungus brute (The Murk)
A fungus horror to A lake elemental
A lake frog to A poison beetle
A polar bear to A spiderkin soldier
A spirit of cold to A yiv goblin prisoner
A yiv goblin scout to Althuna's Necklace and Augment
Althuna (Faction) to An escort guard
An eternal servant to Ancient Race Bane
Ancient Render to Artificer Munte
Artificer Rendok to Banded Giant Mail Coat
Banded Giant Mail Coif to Bensha's First Spell
Bent Fishhook to Blessed Gnoll Spear
Blessed Gnoll Staff to Book of the Archmagi
Book of the Archmagi/Faction Bound to Brilliant Golden Band
Brilliantly Pure Stone to Carved Kobold Bow
Carved Quartz Mask to Chemist's Mask
Cherish, Gauntlets of Mending to Cloak of Ill Fortune
Cloak of Ill fortune to Compendium of Passive Stances
Compendium of Passive Stances/Text to Council Researcher's Badge/Caster
Council Researcher's Badge/Hybrid to Culling the Beetle Infestation
Culling the Beetle Infestation bounty quest to Darkwood Doublehead
Darkwood Long Bow to Dharnan Vahl
Dhathrael, Guise of the Guardian to Dragonhorn Keep/Zone Infobox
Dragonhorn Keep: NPC List to Earth Splitter, Axe of Destruction
Earth Trio to Elephant tusk
Elhasaur Dung to Eruption of Pain
Escaped Liodreth's Head to Eztak
FG to Fine Planar Elemental Arrows
Fine Poison Arrows to Focus of Battle Prayers
Focus of Soul to Frost Covered Orc Stompers
Frost Effect to Gemstone-Inlaid Iron Ulak
Gemstone-Inlaid Silver Great Sword to Giant Gold Hoop (Caster/Priest)
Giant Gold Hoop (Melee) to Gnoll Balm Bandages
Gnoll Double Ale to Greater Basilisk Gaze Effect
Greater Basilisk Gaze poison effect to Guard Captain Borlesh
Guard Emil to Haryn Rehn (Southern Wastes of Tarhyl)
Hasmila's Head to Hidon
Higaru, Vision-Haver to Iced Glazed Robe
Iced Scaled Cloak to Inky Sleeves
Inner Fire to Item Images/2600-2699
Item Images/2700-2799 to Keep of Mielech/Items list
Keep of Mielech/NPC List to Large Fish
Large Ghostmetal Ingot to Lesser Faydark/Zone Description
Lesser Faydark/Zone Infobox to Lord Za'Yth
Lord Za`Yth to Manslayer Shuriken
Manticore Heart to Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Boots
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Bracer to Michala
Midnight Chain Vambraces to Molten Waistband
Molten golem to Necromecha Clockwork
Necromechanical Research to Obsidian Shard Mountains
Obsidian Shard Mountains/Items list to Ornate Bracelet of the Sentry
Ornate Draconic Armor Quest to Peach
Pearl to Platinum Cat‘s Eye Agate Earring
Platinum Diamond Earring to Primary slot for Bard
Primary slot for Beastlord to Quiver of Superb Arcane Arrows
Quiver of Superb Bug Arrows to Red Room
Red Satin Sash to Riddle Me This
Ridreth Moongem to Rough Sigil of Mana
Rough Sigil of Might to Sadri Guardian Boots
Sadri Guardian Bracer to Scuffed fishbone
Scythe to Shadow Vortex Recourse
Shadow Wraith to Shimmering Crystalline Band
Shimmering Dagger to Silver Crown - Heartland Plateau
Silver Crown - The Great Dryad quest to Skullcap of Glamour
Skullcap of the Glacier to Soldiers journal
Solid-Iron Great Axe to Spell: Barrier of Combustion
Spell: Battlecry of the Tribes to Spell: Elixir of Bliss
Spell: Elnerick's Electrical Rending to Spell: Jyll's Zephyr of Ice
Spell: Kazumi's Note of Preservation to Spell: Ring of the Sun
Spell: Ring of the West to Spell: Summoning: Earth
Spell: Summoning: Fire to Spinecrusher
Spinecrusher/Faction Bound to Steamfont Armor
Steamfont Iron Armguards to Studded Leather Belt
Studded Leather Boots to Swamp Zombie Bonemail
Swamp leech to Tattered Sap Poison Scrap/Text
Tattered Silk Cape to The Eternal One
The Eternal Well to The Spiritwalkers - Part VII
The Spiritwalkers - Part VIII to Token of Kharth
Token of Living Lava to Trader Milda
Trader Nilana to Ulidrak the Insane
Ulkag the Earthshaper to Venomous Bangle
Venomous Channeling to War Wasp Venom Sack
War Worn Face Splitter to West Plaguelands/Zone Description
West Plaguelands/Zone Infobox to Wonderous Rapidity
Wood Elf to Yiv Chieftain Dasogk
Yiv Chieftain Nzokag to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t