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10 Gauge Wire to A Kirk'sec Worker
A Kirt'sek Soldier to A bardalsh djinni
A bardalsh djinni concubine to A corrupted shadowdale druid
A corrupted slave to A froglok blademaster
A froglok brawler to A horrible concoction
A hostile shadow to A murkling tunneler
A murkling tunneler (The Abyss) to A shadow hunter
A shadow master to A vaguely loyal mephit
A vah child to Aged Rune-Covered Longsword
Aged Runewood Bow to An Ikisith shark
An Imperial vivisectionist to An undead citizen
An undead corporal to Apprentice Falco
Apprentice Gehrin to Attendant Inzilza
Attendant Teg to Bard Class Quests
Bard Cyrtho Malath Armor to Black Silk Gloves
Black Silk Legwraps to Blood Runed Epaulets
Blood Shock to Bottle of Superb Bane Varnish
Bottle of Superb Elemental Varnish to Bulwark of Hateful Voices
Bulwark of Malice to Cat Meat
Cat Skin to Chill Sight
Chill of the Depths to Cloak of the Wayward Dragon
Cloak of the Wind to Complex Mechanism of Cold Warding
Complex Mechanism of Disease Warding to Council Junior Researcher - Mass Graverobbing
Council Junior Researcher - Mercy to Crystallized Tears
Crystallized Tears Beneficial to Darkmesh Helm of War/Faction Bound
Darkness of the Betrayer to Despondency of Kaezul II
Destroy to Draconic Silk Armor
Draconic Silk Boots to Dwarven Spirit Essence (Dwarven Spirit Essence bounty quest)
Dwarven Spirit Essence (Wildkin Spirit) to Electrum Turquoise Earring
Electrum Turquoise Ring to Entrancing Lights
Entrancing Ring to Exquisite Lining of Endurance
Exquisite Lining of Fire Warding to Festering Bone Chips
Festering Harpy Flesh to Flare Resistant Shades
Flare Scarred Wrist Guard to Freeport: Quests
Freeport Bank Logs to Fyona the Elementalist
Fyrsaz the Summoner to Gemstone of the Third Seeker/PAL
Gemstone of the Third Seeker/RNG to Glimmerweed
Glinda the Last to Gold Star Rose Quartz Necklace
Gold Star Rose Quartz Ring to Greaves of the Fallen
Greaves of the Frost Dragon to Hakim's Promise
Hakopta, Queen of Chaos to Healing Increment IX
Healing Increment V to Hizaish the Inferno
Hmal to Illtana
Illtor to Inscription of Pesticide
Inscription of Poaching to Item Images/7900-7999
Item Images/800-899 to Kelp Covered Sandals
Kelp Sewn Cloak to Large Silver Platemail
Large Silver Weapons to Lesser Leech Venom poison effect
Lesser Lethargic Curse to Lorekeeper Ygda
Loremaster Tresaria to Manticore Hide
Manticore Mead to Mastercrafted Silver Battle Axe
Mastercrafted Silver Broad Sword to Meteoric Iron Ore
Meteoric Tal'Yan Ritual Needle to Modified Brownie Ballista
Modig to Necklace of the Neutral
Necklace of the Undying Earth to Nurgath the Betrayed
Nurse Shark to Orb of Chaos
Orb of Daylight to Pantherskin Wristband
Pants of Captured Screams to Plane of Nightmare/Quests
Plane of Nightmare/Zone Description to Prelak the Dawn Caller
Prelate Kozlov to Pyrocruor
Pyromancer Kashaan to Ratstink's Head
Ratstinks Head to Remnants of Old Ikild/NPC Loot
Remnants of Old Ikild/NPC table to Robe of the Infernal
Robe of the Prophet to Runed Berserker Chestplate
Runed Bolster Belt to Sash of the Wintery Vortex
Sash of the Wintry Vortex to Self-Spinning Lure
Selo's Accelerating Chorus to Shaman Thurgadin Quests
Shaman equipment with recommended levels to Shoulders slot for Shaman
Shoulders slot for Warrior to Silver Ner`Va
Silver Newport Token to Slippers of Murky Venom
Slippers of Sparkling Ash to South Badlands/NPC table
South Badlands/Quest Items to Spell: Cackling Bones
Spell: Cadeau of Flame to Spell: Feign Death
Spell: Feral Spirit to Spell: Major Concussion
Spell: Major Shielding to Spell: Scent of Dusk
Spell: Scent of Shadow to Spell: Terror of Darkness
Spell: Terror of Death to Spirit Talker Grekal's quests - Part IV
Spirit Talker Grekal's quests - Part V to Sticky Fingers
Stiff Charger Hide to Style Guidelines for Quests
Style guide to Sweet Succulent Meat
Swift Brood Claws to Tattered Runecloak
Tattered Sap Poison Scrap to The Elael Stalker
The Emerald Jungle to The Spires of Saitha/Items list
The Spires of Saitha/NPC List to Tlisthil's Preserved Entrails
Tlisthil the Risen to Tracker Orlin
Tracker Pan to Two Handed Battle Axe
Two Handed Hammer to Vegetable fried rice
Vegetables to Wake of Tranquility
Wake the Dead to Web-Woven Shoes
Web-woven Shoes to Wisp, Branch of a Thousand Winters
Wisps of Recollection to Yclist/NPC table
Yclist/Zone Description to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t