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10 Gauge Wire to A Memory/Bloodstone
A Memory/Bloodstone/Text to A brown mauler
A brownie to A desert orc mystic
A desert orc prophet to A giant scarab
A giant skeleton to A levitating supply crate
A librarian of the storm to A red lotus
A red wisp to A szithri hunter
A szithri hunter (Abyss) to Addy‘s Emerald Eyes
Adel to Amulet of danger Sense
Amulet of the Aspiring Cultist to An orc invoker
An orc laborer to Anti Coagulant
Antidote to Athica Lore
Athica Metal Usage Log to Bard equipment with recommended levels
Bard equipment without recommended levels to Blackened Dragonspine Cutlass
Blackened Guard Blade to Bloodshot Corpse-Spider Eye
Bloodshot Wolf Eye to Bracelet of Golden Ice
Bracelet of Hateful Bones to Calefaction
Caliph Askaril to Chainmail Cloak Mold
Chainmail Coat to City of Mercy/NPC List
City of Mercy/NPC Loot to Collar of the White Lynx
Collect Ore to Coral Buckled Belt
Coral Encrusted Earring to Crushing Wave
Crustaceans to Dandy's Foil
Daniel McUlric to Demitri Eto
Demitro Eto to Draconic Silk Cloak
Draconic Silk Gloves to Ear slot for Ranger
Ear slot for Rogue to Elemental Fists IV
Elemental Focus Effects to Erudin/Lore
Erudin/NPC List to Eye of Thurm
Eye of Traekoth to Fine Fire Arrows
Fine Giant-Bane Arrows to Focus of the Glacier
Focus of the Inferno to Frost King's Crown
Frost King's Crown/Faction Bound to Gemstone of History (Cleric)
Gemstone of History (Druid) to Gigantic Fang
Gigantic Spore to Goblin Earring
Goblin Ears to Greater Ice Dragon Breath
Greater Ice Drake Breath to Guardsman Burke
Guardsman Kombe to Healer Crachek
Healer Deshuva Shahar to Hit Points
Hit points to Illusion: Half Elf
Illusion: Halfling to Insignia of an Ancient Order
Insignia of lore to Jeral's Lumberjack of Stormkeep bounty quest
Jeremiah's Wolftailored Robe to Klazka, the Mirror Blade
Klikiti-klik to Leader Dannisin's quests - Part I
Leader Dannisin's quests - Part II to Library Overseer Gnarka
Lich to Magician Pets: Air Elemental
Magician Pets: Earth Elemental to Mask of the Elder Dragon
Mask of the Elder Dragon/Faction Bound to Medium Iron Weapons
Medium Mastercrafted Copper Platemail to Minor Tarhansaran Artifact
Minor Tarhylian Artifact to Mutilated Erudite Finger
Mutilated Eyestalk to North Freeport/Quests
North Freeport/Zone Description to Opus of Bodily Resistance I/Text
Opus of Bodily Resistance II to Page template for quests
Page template for spells to Plaguewracked Scorpion Venom
Plaguewracked Spider Venom to Powder of Reanimation
Powder of the Storm to Quarry Prison Key
Quarterstaff of the Learner to Razok Coralsha
Razor Fangs to Resist Poison
Resistant Scroll to Rosa's Whip of Submission/Faction Bound
Rose to Ryhajin Kajek
Ryhajin Kajek (Southern Wastes of Tarhyl) to Scrawl of Sloth
Scrawl of Terror to Shadow Mail Bracer
Shadow Mail Coif to Shields
Shieldskin to Silver Chainmail Mantle
Silver Chainmail Mask to Skullcap of Echoing Whispers
Skullcap of Glamour to Songweavers
Sonic Scream to Spell: Blast of Frost
Spell: Blast of Poison to Spell: Engulfing Darkness
Spell: Engulfing Roots to Spell: Legacy of Thorn
Spell: Lesser Cloud of Spores to Spell: Runic: Flare Shot
Spell: Runic: Flaring Blades to Spell: Talisman of the Mammoth
Spell: Talisman of the Niklothar to Spirit Sight
Spirit Stone to Stinger's Bog/Quests
Stinger's Bog/Zone Description to Summon Burning Rocks
Summon Cat's Eye Agate to Symbol of Naltron
Symbol of Pinzarn to Temple of Eternal Flame
Temple of Yaralith to The House/Zone Infobox
The Hunger to The Wonderous World of Violet Ointments
The Wonderous World of Violet Ointments/Text to Tome of Striking II
Tome of Striking II/Text to Trapper's Idol
Trapping Needle to Unswerving Hammer of Faith
Untempted Ointment to Vingrin's Class I Apparatus of Awakening
Vingrin's Wand of Animation to Warpstone Caverns/NPC List
Warpstone Caverns/NPC Loot to Wildfire Robe
Wildfire Vambraces to Wyvernfang Coast/Zone Description
Wyvernfang Coast/Zone Infobox to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t