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10 Gauge Wire to A Kralaw adjuctant
A Kralaw bonecaster to A blacksoul stallion
A blacksting scorpion to A crystal creeper
A crystal seer to A froglok neophyte
A froglok novice to A kaezulian defender
A kaezulian disciplinarian to A noble beyondling
A orc laborer to A siltster
A silverback gorilla to A visiting potter
A visiting smith to Aggro
Aggro Range to An aged kobold
An ahool to An undead tailor
An undead tanner to Arcane Dust
Arcane Echo to Avatar's Scar of Gradalsh/Hybrid
Avatar's Scar of Gradalsh/Tank to Bash
Basic Arrowmaking to Blackened Ritual Sash
Blackened Scale Armguards to Bloodied Sivakian Scale
Bloodied Tabbard Scraps to Box of Angry Halflings
Box of Bones to Burning Greatsword
Burning Hauberk to Caverns of the Deep One/Zone Description
Caverns of the Deep One/Zone Infobox to Chromatic Belt
Chromatic Mask to Cloth Wristband
Cloud of Debris to Consecrated Blade
Consecrated Gloves to Cracked Hangnail of Decay
Cracked Lavastone Bracer to Curse of Stone
Curse of Vagarn to Deacon of the Four (Shojar)
Deacon of the Four (Shojar)'s Quest to Difficult Treasure Map (Event)
Dig to Drained Power Source
Drake Head to Earthstomping Clogs
Earthweave Leggings to Elizer the Eliminator
Ellok Elthannar to Erudite Spirit Essence
Erudnext to Eyepatch of Devastation
Eyes of Entropy to Fine Clockwork-Bane Arrows
Fine Cold-Blooded Arrows to Flowing Thought I
Flowing Thought II to Frilakh Tail
Frilakh Tails to Gaze of Confusion
Gaze of Unflagging Aggression to Ghostmetal Ner'Den
Ghostmetal Ner'Tok to Glowing Greatsword
Glowing Greatsword/Faction Bound to Gown of Gloomwater
Gown of Woven Miasma to Grinner's Eye
Grip of Cold to Hand of Twisted Magics
Hand of Yaralith to Heavy Shelled Boots
Heavy Shelled Gloves to Horsing Around
Hostile Ratmen to Immaculate Tunic
Immaculate Woven Cap to Intermediate Mechanism of Endurance
Intermediate Mechanism of Fire Warding to Jilto
Jinx to Kobold Noble
Kobold Paw to Lean Hill Giant Meat
Lean Ice Giant Meat to Library Overseer Gnarka
Lich to Magic Focus
Magic Item to Martyr's Rending
Marucan's Illustrious Insignia to Mean Ol Beetle
Mean Pincer Earring to Mineral
Mineral-Soaked Leggings to Mruuk's Combat Boka
Mruuk's Crystal Eye to Newport Sewer Brew
Newport Sewers to Oggok Mines: NPC Loot
Oggok Mining Company to Ornate Stormforged Armor Quests
Ornate Stormforged Chainmail to Pernicious Stompers
Perpetuality to Pliable Pedicle
Plip to Pristine Co`dair Canine
Pristine Co`dair Hide to Rafenla Pa'Torh
Rafenla Pa`Torh to Redback Murkspider Venom Gland
Redback murkspider to Ring of Ancient Kings
Ring of Badlands to Rough Sigil of Motion
Rough Sigil of Poison Warding to Sacrifice/2507
Sacrifice/4701 to Scraps of Umbran Cloth
Scratched Runemail Coif to Shadow
Shadow-Dipped Claw to Shield of Lava
Shield of Light to Silk-Woven Band
Silk Armor to Size 4 Plating
Size 4 Sensor to Sneaky Sneaky - Part III
Sniper Nerkai to Spell: Aftershock: Unholy Shield
Spell: Aftershock: Unholy Shield II to Spell: Deftness
Spell: Degeneration to Spell: Ice Strike
Spell: Icerend to Spell: Rampage
Spell: Rangefinder to Spell: Spirit of Khati Sha
Spell: Spirit of Khurenz to Spell: Yaulp
Spell: Yaulp II to Staff of Diminished Dreams
Staff of Direction to Stormkeep Quests
Stormkeep Supply Crate to Sundered Mountains: Quests
Sundered Mountains Quests to Talisman of Tnarg
Talisman of the Beast to The Abyss/NPC table
The Abyss/Quests to The Nightmare/NPC List
The Nightmare/NPC Loot to Thorny Kneepads
Those Who Fall Far to Torka's Commissioned Charm
Torlo the Crier to Tripod
Trisk the Recluse to Utility Detrimental
Uzilath's Remains to Virtue, Visor of Enthann
Virtuous Coif to Warpmetal Ulak
Warpmetal War Hammer to White Wyvern Pantaloons
White Wyvern Quarterstaff to Wristguard of Indignation
Wristguard of the South to Zone Short Names
Zones to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t