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A Tattered Diary

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A Tattered Diary


Type Quest item
Quest item for Main Quest - Aftermath of Kaezul's Invasion
Dropped by
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The Book is closed.
WT: 0.1 Size: Tiny 
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

This appears to be an old journal. Only the last two pages are readable.

By the Great Lord, this is a miserable posting. The creatures of these lands are too weak to handle his blessing and go berserk, attacking our patrols regularly. These trees are unnatural... they are far too large, and I can feel the despicable forest spirits watching me all the time. We caught another of the scale-less manlings last night. He didn't know much other than that there were far more of his kind, and said that they were going to reclaim this island from the Great Lord. The thought! His screams amused us for a while, but now we're stuck on patrol for the next three nights. Bah! As if the manlings would be bold enough to actually try to raid the keep. I almost wish they would, that, or the orcs that we drove out try to take it back. It would be a welcome distraction.

It rained all night. I am cold to my very bones, and I think rust may have creeped into my armor. Kaezul consume this miserable forest! I even forgot to get the letter Saetha sent me from my quarters before we left the keep, reading it might have done some good on my awful mood. Takitho swears that someone is tracking us, but I think it's just his usual paranoia. If they were watching us, wouldn't they have struck by now, while we're vulnerable and resting? Then, I suppose intelligence is too much to expect from the wretched manlings.