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Woes of a Mother

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Woes of a Mother
Quest giver Kruala the Barren
Previous quest

A Gift for the Gruploks

Starting Zone

The Murk

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Faction Required The Gruplok
Quest items used

Wooden Sword
Heirloom of a Gruplok Matriarch

Positive (+) Faction

The Gruplok

Alignment shifts toward Various
Experience Reward 20,000

Find Kruala the Barren (The Murk at -950, -1660, 27).

You say, 'Hail, Kruala the Barren'
Kruala the Barren stares blankly into the distance, a null expression on her face. She doesn't seem to have heard you.
You say, 'Are you okay?'
Kruala the Barren tells you, '...What? Who is it..?' Kruala blinks at you feebly. She seems to be having trouble focusing. 'Nevermind, it doesn't matter. Please... just leave me be.'
You say, 'What's troubling you..?'
Kruala ignores you, staring distantly.

Find Sentry Grulmuka (The Murk) Night or Sentry Gathruk (The Murk at -1210.24, -1972.35, 28.67) Day.

You say, 'Hail, Sentry Grulmuka'
Sentry Grulmuka tells you, 'Hmm? Oh. Welcome to Gruplok City, stranger! I've heard about what you've been up to wth Grupruk. Make yourself at home - though I suppose someone like you is used to better conditions, hmm? Anyway, just be ready to leave quickly, should it become necessary...'
You say, 'What is wrong with Kruala?'
Sentry Grulmuka tells you, 'You've been speaking with Kruala? Or trying, I suppose, eh? Kruala has had it fairly rough. She's the last of her line - a long and prestigious line, at that. Or so they say, anyhow. It's been some time since anything like 'prestige' mattered around here... Anyhow, Kruala's husband was dragged off by the Kaezulians for suspected 'insubordination' - a death knell. It seems that after the commotion, Kruala's lone child, a son - just a young lad, too - ran off, unnoticed, with brazen thoughts of rescuing is father or some other damn fool thing. Of course, neither returned... and Kruala has been a wreck ever since. It's been a couple of years now, I suppose...'

Return to Kruala the Barren.

You say, 'Hail, Kruala the Barren'
Kruala ignores you, staring distantly.
You say, 'I know what happened to your family.'
Kruala turns and looks at with a tormented gaze, quiet tears welling in her eyes.
You say, 'I know what happened to your husband, what happened to your son. Is there anything I can do for you?'
Kruala sighs heavily and stares at the ground while she talks to you. There is just a hint of relief in her voice. 'My son... You did not know him. No one knew him, no one except my husband and I... Hey was such a brimming boy, so much energy... He always carried a toy sword with him, everywhere we went. He was going to be a sentry, a noble fighter, a patriarch to all the Gruploks and the leader of his long line! But... they took him. Why would they? He was just a boy... They didn't know him, they couldn't have know what he would become... But - but he is still out there. No, I know he is not still alive - I am not so lost, yet. But he is still in pain, STILL, after so long, so very long... If you - you stranger, you worthless foreigner!! - if, if you really... Pardon, pardon, but if you want to help.. Find my son... Put him to rest.

Find A slaughtered Gruplok youth (The Murk at 3820, 1570).

You say, 'Hail, a slaughtered Gruplok youth'
a slaughtered Gruplok youth stares at <Player Name>.
You say, '...You're Kruala's son, aren't you.'
a slaughtered Gruplok youth quivers.
You say, 'Your mother wanted me to tell you something...'
a slaughtered Gruplok youth hushes and stills.

Alignment choices

No shift
You say, 'She wants you to leave this world.'
a slaughtered Gruplok youth hands you a small trinket before crumbling into dust.
Evil shift
You say, 'She wants you to go away forever and never come back so she can stop whining about your worseless [sic] existence.'
Lawful shift
You say, 'She wants you to leave this world of the living, to go where the dead belong rather than lingering here beyond your time.'
Good shift
You say, 'She wants you to be free from your torment, free from this world... She loves you, she doesn't want you to keep suffering like this.'
Chaotic shift
You say, 'She wants you to go away and stop weighing on her mind, so she can move on with her life already!'
a slaughtered Gruplok youth hands you a small trinket before crumbling into dust.

You receive Wooden Sword from a slaughtered Gruplok youth.

Give Wooden Sword to Kruala the Barren.

Kruala the Barren tells you, 'This... My son, you have seen him? Put to rest... No! I still feel him - he is still out there. You may have broken his body, but his spirit has not been freed. He still lingers.. I am certain of it. But why? Is it... could it be - my husband? My husband's spirit lingers too... Perhaps my son is with his father, perhaps he clings to this world because his father clings to it. My husband - you must free my husband! His spirit lingers near my son, I know it. I can almost hear his cries... Please, take this, show it to my son, show it to my husband and convince them - convince them however you can! - convince them to leave this world and be at peace... Their lives are over. Mine is, as well... Tell them there is no more reason to linger, that I will join them soon...'

You receive Heirloom of a Gruplok Matriarch from Kruala the Barren.

Give Heirloom of a Gruplok Matriarch to a slaughtered Gruplok youth.

*Tortured Dissident Gruklisi spawns nearby.

*Tortured Dissident Gruklisi says, 'My son - what is the matter? Why have you...'

a slaughtered Gruplok youth returned Heirloom of a Gruplok Matriarch to you.

Give Heirloom of a Gruplok Matriarch to *Tortured Dissident Gruklisi.

Gruklisi's form wavers for a moment. 'That... WHERE DID YOU GET THIS? I, I... So tell me, stranger, where did you get this? Why are you showing it to me in this place? Why have you upset my son?! TELL ME!

*Tortured Dissident Gruklisi returned Heirloom of a Gruplok Matriarch to you.

You say, 'Your wife gave it to me.'
*Tortured Dissident Gruklisi tells you, 'She, she... THAT TRAITOR! IF I COULD BE EMBODIED AGAIN I WOULD... She gave it to you, you say? Why? Why is that? WHY?!'
You say, 'She wanted me to bring you out, so I could talk to you. Seems like it worked.'
*Tortured Dissident Gruklisi tells you, 'SENT YOU TO TORMENT ME? SHE WANTS TO TAKE MY SON AWAY FROM MY DOESN'T SH... She wanted you to talk to me? Why... whatever for? I am not troubling her... I am not troubling anyone. They are the ones who would not fight for their own kind. They are the ones who left me to face them alone, to go up against IMPOSSIBLE ODDS, TO SEND MYSELF TO DEATH FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN! NONE OF THEM WILL STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES! THEY SHOULD BE THE ONES WHO ARE DEAD, THEY DESERVE IT, NOT... Why did she want you to talk to me?'
You say, 'It's about your son.'
*Tortured Dissident Gruklisi tells you, 'MY... My son? He... My son. He came after me. He wanted to stand by my side... I should have stopped him, SHOULD HAVE LET HIM BELIEVE IT WASN'T WORTH FIGHTING FOR, HE DIDN'T DESERVE THIS HELL BUT HE DIDN'T DESERVE DEATH EITH... My son... What about him? What, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM... from. What do you want from me, stranger? What did my wife send you for, really..?'
Note: Confirmed alignment adjustments
[D1] You say, 'Her son can't leave this world... She wants him to be at peace. You, too.'
Note: The above option is Neutral and yields no shift.
[D2] You say, 'Your wife wants her peace. She can't do that while you're still here, haunting things up, standing in her way and all that. I'm not sure what she'll give me in return for getting you out of here, but I aim to find out!'
Note: The above option yields a Chaotic shift.
[D3] You say, 'The dead are not meant for this world. This is the world of the living, and the living alone. You are here only as an abomination. You and your son must leave this world.'
Note: The above option yields a Lawful shift.
[D4] You say, 'Her son can't rest in peace. He's too attached to you, and you are too attached to this world... She just wants you both to rest, to be at peace, to remove yourself from this torment.'
Note: The above option yields a Good shift.
[D5] You say, 'She wants you to leave your son the hell alone. You are keeping him here. I can't release him myself. I don't care what happens to you, just let your son go.'
Note: The above option yields an Evil shift.
*Tortured Dissident Gruklisi tells you, 'I CANNOT I CANN... Per, perhaps... perhaps you are right. Perhaps SHE is right. I, I... what have I been doing here? How long has it been..? I, I will leave. My son... I do not know why he has stayed. He, he will follow me, I suppose... Please, please... Let me see Kruala's heirloom one more time. Perhaps per line is not doomed yet... Perhaps she will live on without us. I, I... It is not for me to worry. I should not BE. I understand. Let me see it, one more time...'

Give Heirloom of a Gruplok Matriarch to *Tortured Dissident Gruklisi.

*Tortured Dissident Gruklisi tells you, 'I... thank you. Come with me, my son...'

Return to Kruala the Barren.

You say, 'Hail, Kruala the Barren'
Kruala the Barren tells you, '<Player Name>! Something, something has changed... Tell me, did you find my husband..?'
You say, 'Well...'
Kruala listens as you relate what happened. 'Oh! My son... my husband... Did he really say that? That my line may not be doomed? Perhaps were all doomed in this place... But, he fought for us, and he stayed with us in spite of everything. Maybe he always thought *he* was doomed, even while he lived... But after everything, even he had some hope left. And that hope has set him and our son free from their torment. Thank you, <Player Name>... I'll never forget what you've done for me... and my family.

You gain 20000 experience!!

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!