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Trial of Althuna

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Note: Mobs involved reflect spells. Zealot strike or other offensive spells not recommended.


Trial of Althuna
Quest giver Kirlin, Priestess of Althuna
Starting Zone

Northern Newport

Ending Zone Northern Newport
Class Required


Suggested Level Range 11 - 20
Item Reward(s)

Guard of Purity
Guard of Justice
Guard of Virtue
Guard of Mercy

Kirlin, Priestess of Althuna says, 'Althuna's light upon you, <Player Name>. I am Kirlin, and I have been tasked with watching over the Trial of Althuna. The Trial was created to prepare young Paladins and Clerics for the trials that await them while spreading Althuna's light to the world.'

Can you tell me about the Trial?

Kirlin, Priestess of Althuna says,'Of course. The Trial is never forced on any member of the Temple, <Player Name>. THe person on Trial is teleported into the Temple of Althuna's Light to be judged by four spirits. The spirits and the Trial subject will do battle, one spirit after another, with each spirit becoming more powerful. To progress in our ranks, they must to battle each of the spirits until they have met their match. At that point, to end the test, they must jump into the center column of the chambers to be teleported to safety. The spirits are ruthless, and it is up to the Trial subject to know when they have gone as far in the trial as they can and end the trial.'

d1 What do you think my chances are?

d2 I am ready to attempt the trial

Kirlin, Priestess of Althuna says,'As you say, <Player Name>. I have marked you for entrance into the Trial Chamber. Remember: You *must* jump into the center column when you feel you are no longer able to continue. Death is possible in the chamber to those vanity clouds their judgement. THe Trial remians open to all, and you need not conquer it in its entirely your first attempt through. Step through the teleporter besides me when ready. Good luck, <Player Name>.'

Spirit of Purity says, 'The legions of Gradalsh thrive on entropy, and even the smallest of character defilement can be manipulated by them to a slow and painful death. Raise your weapon, initiate, ypur Trial begins.'

Spirit of Purity says, 'You are strong, <Player Name>. You may proceed in the trial. Turn to the Spirit of Justice.'

Spirit of Justice says, 'Even the most despicable of evil mist be treated with fairness, and be judged based only on their voluntary actions. Raise your weapon, initiate. I come for you.'

Spirit of Justice says, 'You are strong, <Player Name>. You may proceed in the trial. Turn to the Spirit of Virtue.'

Spirit of Virtue says, 'You stand before the Spirit of Virtue, initiate. Those who speak in Althuna's name must remain virtuous in her eyes. You must remian honest, compassionate, humble and trustworthy.'

Spirit of Virtue says, 'For if the servants of Althuna are not entropy? Raise your weapons initate. I come to you.'

Spirit of Virtue says, 'You are strong, <Player Name>. You may proceed in the trial. Turn to the Spirit of Mercy.'

Spirit of Mercy says, 'You stand before the Spirit of Mercy, initiate. Above all else, a Hand of Althuna must keep mercy, forgiveness and kindness in their heart. Hatred, even towards those who follow decay and entropy, will slowly rot the core of even the most righteous.'

Spirit of Mercy says, 'Mercy is the most pure aspect of Althuna. It is what drives her, and us all, toward peace and prosperity. I will be your final test, initiate. Raise your weapon.'

The Spirit of Mercy shouts, 'Let it be known to all that <Player Name>has passed the Trial of Althuna, and is now a full Hand of Althuna's Light.'

Kirlin, Priestess of Althuna says,'You have been anointed with Purity, Justice, Virtue and Mercy, <Player Name>. You have successfullu passed the Trial of Althuna, and I am proud to welcome you to our ranks as a full Hand of Althuna. Take the Guard of Mercy, venture forth into the world, and spread the Light of Althuna.'