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Tinkering: Skill Crossovers of Note

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Tinkering: Skill Crossovers of Note


Type Used in Tradeskills
Sold by merchants for 3 Silver
Used in the Tradeskill(s) Tinkering
See also Text
The Book is closed.
WT: 1.0 Size: Small 
Class: None
Race: None

External Exigencies

by Eiliphina Everscorched

Tinkering is a complex endeavor requiring items made from other skill sets. If you have no expertise in pottery, blacksmithing, or alchemy, you will need to commission work from fellow crafters.

One of the first things a young smith learns is how to make iron studs, but most are unaware that this process can be applied to other ores. Except for obsidian, which is too brittle to withstand the technique, any metal can be used. Another good smithed recipe is for perfect aquamarine filings. These are made by combining black, blue and green filings, sharp black, blue and green filings, and pulsating black, blue and green filings with an enchanted glass alembic.

Pottery will be necessary as well. Combine to pieces of glass with a flask, beaker, or tube mold to create simple containers. To make perfect versions add a gold ring made of amber, emerald, or topaz to the recipe. For the more studious potter there are alembics. Two pieces of glass, an alembic mold, a glass beaker and a glass tube will give you an enchanted glass alembic. The advanced version uses two glass, an alembic mold, and a platinum diamond ring. Rumors abound regarding thermal clay, but experts differ on the proper composition, and no known use has been discovered at this time.

Oils, lubricants, and various types of fuel and liquids are made by alchemists. The simplest is vegetable oil, made by combining several roots or vegetables with an oil press. Sunfish oil uses the obvious ingredient, but must be combined with a high-powered oil press. Low-grade lubricant is made by rendering the fat from racial meats using an oil press. High grade lubricant uses dinosaur meat.

The first two grades of fuel are made using a glass beaker plus three vegetable oils or low-grade lubricants. Distilled fuel uses the same container, but with high-grade lubricants. Divine fuel is difficult and expensive, using Essence of Nightmares, a perfect glass beaker and sunfish oils.

Three simple liquids can be created using a glass flask, vegetable oil, and black, green or blue filings. Pure liquids use the same container with low-grade lubricant and sharp filings of the appropriate color. The next series of liquids also use a glass flask, but with pulsating black, green, or blue filings. The last set combines a perfect glass flask, high-grade lubricant, essence of nightmares, and wretched filings in one of the three colors.

Happy crafting!