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10 Gauge Wire to A Mature Larva
A Mechanic to A branch protector
A brazen bandit to A desert orc elite
A desert orc fighter to A giant lava stalker
A giant leach to A lesser minion
A lesser spectre to A rebellion guard
A reckless imp to A szithri horror
A szithri hunter to Adding Gatenecks and Keys
Addy's Emerald Eyes to Amulet of althuna
Amulet of danger Sense to An orc invoker
An orc laborer to Anti-Magic Carp
Anti Coagulant to Athica Gate
Athica Lore to Bard Thurgadin Stud of Harmony quest
Bard equipment with recommended levels to Blackened Guard Blade
Blackened Master Sword to Bloodshot Corpse-Spider Eye
Bloodshot Wolf Eye to Bracelet of Healing Springs
Bracelet of Heedless Destruction to CallOfSkyEffect
Call Lightning to Chainmail Gloves
Chainmail Gloves Mold to City of Mercy/Quests
City of Mercy/Zone Description to Collection of the Decapitated
Collector's Necklace of Skulls to Coral Infused Ring
Coral Key to Cry of Vindication
Cry of the Void to Dandy's Foil
Daniel McUlric to Demitri Eto
Demitro Eto to Draconic Silk Cloak
Draconic Silk Gloves to Ear slot for Necromancer
Ear slot for Paladin to Elemental Fists II
Elemental Fists III to Erudian Blacksmithing - Page V
Erudian Blacksmithing - Page VI to Eye of Gradalsh
Eye of Infection to Fine Cold Arrows
Fine Construct-Bane Arrows to Focus Effects
Focus of Battle Prayers to Frost Giant Head
Frost Giant Head Bounty to Gemstone of History/SHM
Gemstone of History/WAR to Giant swamp leech
Giantskin Gloves to Gnome Tears
Gnomish Bottle Rocket to Greater Faydark/NPC table
Greater Faydark/Quest Items to Guardian Kylesto
Guardian Poignard to Head slot for Wizard
Headband of Anger to Hillfork
Hilt of Searing to Illuminate Blade
Illuminated Talisman to Insignia of Newport (DPS)
Insignia of Newport (Priest) to Jewelmaker's Kit
Jewelry to Kobold Fur Sandals
Kobold Hunter to Leather Jacket
Leather Kilt to Lifespike
Lifetap to Magma Burn
Magmablood Cuirass to Master's Shortsword
Master Alchemist Baruk to Melee
Melee Quests Difficult 65 to Miser's Boots
Miser's Friend to Mysterious Codpiece
Mysterious Summons to North Newport/NPC table
North Newport/Quest Items to Opus of Enhanced Stamina II/Text
Opus of Enhanced Strength I to Paladin Starfall Shield of Light quest
Paladin Thaz Armor to Plane of Entropy/NPC List
Plane of Entropy/NPC Loot to Predator's Coif
Predator's Gloves to Quest item
Quest name to Rebel Acquisition Token
Recant Magic to Reverberating Bone
Reverberating Coil to Rough Lining of Charm
Rough Lining of Cold Warding to Sacred Crusader's Greaves
Sacred Crusader's Helm to Scuffed Amethyst Anklets of Ekrod
Scuffed Bracelet to Shadowbound Ulak
Shadowdale to Shiny Metal Bracelet
Shiny Orb of Radiating Ore to Silver Crown Sergeant's Pips/Hybrid
Silver Crown Sergeant's Rank to Slavemaster's Mask/Faction Bound
Slavemaster's Whip to Sorcerous Twins
Sorel's Apprentice Beads to Spell: Boon of Immolation
Spell: Boon of the Clear Mind to Spell: Everlasting Breath
Spell: Exile Elemental to Spell: Listless Power
Spell: Litany of Unbinding to Spell: Scent of Darkness
Spell: Scent of Dusk to Spell: Terrorize Animal
Spell: Thazeran's Planar Shift to Spirit of Khati Sha
Spirit of Khurenz to Stolen Shotglass
Stomp Da Leeches to Summon Skysplitter
Summon Spear of Power to Sytha Coldwind quests - Part I
Sytha Coldwind quests - Part II to Terrance the Terror
Terrene Guard to The Lands of Mist/Zone Description
The Lands of Mist/Zone Infobox to Thickly Woven Goblin Pants
Thigh-High Chain Boots to Topaz
Topaz-Inlaid Overseer Band to Tripod
Trisk the Recluse to Vaixv's Hunting Spear
Vaixv the Harvester to Voice of the Angels
Voice of the Centaur to Warworn Shin Guards
Wasp Poison Sac to Windwoven Cord
Windwoven Cord/Faction Bound to Yaralith The Forgotten
Yaralith the Forgotten to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t