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10 Gauge Wire to A Kralaw mastermind
A Kralaw oracle to A blind transcendent
A blissful mortal to A cultist of sorrow
A cultivated brownie fungus to A froglok sacrifice
A froglok scout to A kaleidoskink
A kargyxx to A page of a journal (9)
A page of a journal (9)/Text to A skunk
A sky mephit to A wailing ghost
A wailing spectre to Akhevan Ruins: NPC List
Aklys of the Order to An ancient guardian (Large) (The Spires of Saitha)
An ancient guardian (Medium) (The Spires of Saitha) to An ysthar empath
An ysthar fanatic to Archaeologist Yoricus
Archaic: Avatar of Mercy to Azmaen, Heart of Frost/Zone Description
Azmaen, Heart of Frost/Zone Infobox to Battle Against the Alliance
Battle Axe to Blackscale Raider's Mark
Blackscale Raider's Mark/Caster to Bloodstorm Tunnels/Events list
Bloodstorm Tunnels/Items list to Bracelet of Hateful Bones
Bracelet of Healing Springs to Bzztzz Pheromone
CC to Centaur mane
Center to Circle of Heartlands
Circle of Light to Codex of Ominous Teachings
Codex of Plotting to Coordinator Xanlan
Copper Axe to Cripple
Cripple (poison) to Dagger of Spiritual Emancipation
Dagger of Symbols to Decaying scout
Decaying shaman to Disciples Heavy Earthen Leg Weights
Disciples Watertight Leggings to Dreadmaster Natzrii's quests - Part I
Dreadmaster Natzrii's quests - Part II to Eastern Wastelands/NPC Loot
Eastern Wastelands/NPC Loot Old to Emerald Fang
Emerald Helm of Ekrod to Ethereal Gown
Ethereal Great Staff to Faithwarden Modil
Faithwarden Rika to Fire Sand
Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor to Force Shield
Force Shock to Frosted Sapphire
Frosted Sapphire Circlet to Gemstone of Insight/BST
Gemstone of Insight/CLR to Gift of the Geo Mephit
Gift of the Giantkin to Gnollish Bauble
Gnollish Headwraps to Greater Cripple (poison effect)
Greater Cripple Effect to Guard Flipik
Guard Flipik's quest to Harvested Baroque Pearl
Harvested Pupil to Hidden Temple of Yaralith/Quest Items
Hidden Temple of Yaralith/Quests to Ice Kobold Fur
Ice Oracle Bracelet to Infernal Silk Robe
Infernal Silk Shoulderpads to Ironfeather Mantle
Ironhide to Kannail the Skywatcher
Kanruka's Beginner Poisoncraft Reference to Lake of Ill Omen/NPC Loot
Lake of Ill Omen/NPC table to Legwraps of the Stampede
Legwraps of the Tranquil to Lizardscale Slippers
Loading servbot to Malignant War Mace
Malira to Mastercrafted Copper Ter'Tok
Mastercrafted Copper Ter`Tok to Mercenary's Robe
Mercenary's Skullcap to Mithril Earring
Mithril Flail to Naldelia's Cryosilk Leggings
Naldelia's Well-Worn Pantaloons to Northern Newport/Quest Items
Northern Newport/Quests to Opus of Flame Mastery I/Text
Opus of Flame Mastery II to Paladin Starfall Amulet of Blessings quest
Paladin Starfall Quests to Plane of Earth
Plane of Earth/Items list to Power of Althuna
Power of Dreams to Pure Elemental Essence
Pure Elemental Goop to Rat on a Stick
Ratfur Cap to Relic Hunters II
Relic Hunters III to Robe of the Art Keeper
Robe of the Bixie to Rune of the Royal
Runeaxe of the Gruploks to Satchel of Infused Daggers
Satchel of Mending to Sense the Dead
Sensei's Belt Pouch to Shan'Den
Shan'Den Mold to Shrieker Spores
Shrieking Fungal Armlets to Silver Platemail Girdle
Silver Platemail Gloves to Sludgeslinger
Sludgeswimmer's Gills to South Newport/Zone Description
South Newport/Zone Infobox to Spell: Cantata of Soothing
Spell: Cape of Dissolution to Spell: Flame of Light
Spell: Flamecall to Spell: Mass Enchant Electrum
Spell: Mass Enchant Gold to Spell: Sense Animals
Spell: Sense Elemental to Spell: Torbas' Acid Blast
Spell: Torbas' Poison Blast to Spirit of Omakin
Spirit of Ox to Stinking Sandals of the Gutter
Stinky Badland Brew to Summon Bloodstone
Summon Burning Rocks to Sworn Elder Snalg
Sworn Hunter's Trinket to Tears of the Crusader I
Tears of the Crusader II to The Forest Gloom
The Four to The Temple of Elael/NPC List
The Temple of Elael/NPC Loot to Tome of Classical Strategy
Tome of Cold Sweat to Training Hunting Arrows
Training Long Range Arrows to Unbinder
Unbinder Wrashera Kajek to Verses of Divine Law
Versikol The Chained to Warchief Rujik Moktar
Warclub of the Frost to Western Badlands/NPC Loot
Western Badlands/NPC table to Wood Elf
Wood Elven Meat to Yishi Rehn
Yiv Apprentice Badge to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t