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12-man Tiers to A Mine Divided
A Minerite to A burrow beetle
A burrowing armadillo to A disciple of the Order
A diseased corpse to A glowing sentry
A gnoll to A liodreth guard
A liodreth illusionist to A rickety skeleton
A righteous worshipper to A tal`yan disciple
A tal`yan guardian to Advanced Foe Management
Advanced Foe Management/Text to An Archeological Digsite
An Armsman Recruit to An overgrown szithri (The Murk)
An unbound shadow to Apathy of an Inferno
Apes in a Barrel to Augs
Aujir, Sleeves of Restraint to Baruks Special Recipe
Bash to Blackscale Mercenary's Mark
Blackscale Mercenary's Mark/Caster to Bloody Helm of the Night
Bloody Horn to Bracelet of Unified Ferocity
Bracelet of Unified Shadow to Camouflage
Cancel Magic to Champion's Fiery Greaves
Champion's Fiery Greaves/Faction Bound to Clarav's Sight
Clarav, The Never Ending Vision to Combine Leather Leggings
Combine Leather Mask to Corpseworm Sandals
Corroded Chain Sleeves to Crystal Caverns/Zone Infobox
Crystal Dust to Dark Scribing: Detect Weakness
Dark Scribing: Ritual Mending to Desinne
Desist to Dragonforged Jackboot
Dragonforged Skullcage to EarthElementalAttack
Earth Barrage to Elma
Elma's Smithing Recipe Book to Essence of Cold
Essence of Disruption to Faceted Mass of Water
Faceted Swamp Diamond to Fire Dragon Breath
Fire Emerald to Forbidden Harvest II
Forbidden Harvest III to Frosthorn Coast/Zone Description
Frosthorn Coast/Zone Infobox to Gemstone of Learning (Ranger)
Gemstone of Learning (Rogue) to Glacial Spiritwalker Boots
Glacial Spiritwalker Bracer to Gold Bloodstone Ring
Gold Brick to Greater Summoning: Fire
Greater Summoning: Water to Haeles Brightmoon
Haemophelia to Heart of the Advisor
Heart of the Advisor/Faction Bound to Honey Mead
Honor, Signet of Enthann to Imbued Boneseer Orb
Imbued Boots of the Predator to Intermediate Mechanism of Skill
Interplanar Ulcer to Kaladim
Kaladim/NPC List to Lair of Paw: NPC Loot
Lair of Paw: Quest Items to Legplates of Command
Legplates of Seething Hatred to Lock of Najad Hair
Lockdown to Mana Conservation
Mana Conservation I to Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Helm
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Pauldrons to Meshed Spirit Wings
Meskin to Mithril Ter`Tok
Mithril Ulak to Necromancer Starfall Liber Bubonicus quest
Necromancer Starfall Quests to Obsidian Shanker
Obsidian Shard Mountains to Ornate Draconic Leather Leggings
Ornate Draconic Leather Mask to Pendant of the Tasdrakh
Pendant of the Wind to Platinum Ruby Ring
Platinum Runes of Charm to Prison of Admyrrza: Quest Items
Prisoners for Sivyana to Raider Thaghur
Raider Thagur to Regeneration
Reghrat, Fortress of the Mistborn to Ritualist Vagarn
Ritualistic Candle to Rune of Health
Rune of Hunting to Savage Frenzy poison effect
Savage Rage to Sera Vi`fera
Seraphic Voice, Blade of Angels to Shard of an Elemental Orb (5)
Shard of an Elemental Orb (6) to Shrouded Isle
Shrouded Isle/Items list to Simple Treasure Map
Sinew of the Stalker to Small Vial of Fire Resistance
Small Vial of Magic Resistance to Spectral Plate Helm
Spectral Plate Helmet to Spell: Cull Storm
Spell: Cunning of the Beast to Spell: Heat Sight
Spell: Heat Spark to Spell: Rain of Blades
Spell: Rain of Fire to Spell: Spirit of Omakin
Spell: Spirit of Ox to Spell: Zombie Flies
Spell: Zumaik's Animation to Stalker's Camouflage
Stalker's Stillshoes to Strands of the Severed Fate
Strange Glowing Pendant to Superior Sigil of Skill
Supernova to Tarxan stormfeather cloak
Tasdrakh Head Fin to The Deepshade
The Deepshade/Items list to The Shape of Loss
The Shroud Of Entropy to Tlisthil the Risen
Tmap to Tragi
Tragic Rune Shell to Umbrian Sleeves
Umina to Vexing Mordinia Recourse
Vexing Spirit to Warp
Warped Anklet to Whispering Robes
Whispering Specter Scythe to Wrist slot for Bard
Wrist slot for Beastlord to Zzz`t X`zz`x`t