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Every logged-in user is given:

  • a user page, where they can write about themselves;
  • a talk page, where other users can leave messages for them;
  • a space where they can create pages for their own use.

To have a user space, you must be a logged-in user; log in or create an account first if necessary.

Your user page

Your user page is located here. You can access it by clicking on your username at the top of the page. Like other pages, anyone can edit it, but users should not edit other users' pages without their permission.

You can put more or less anything on your user page, as long as it does not break any other rules (for example, no copyright violations or insults directed at other users). Many users use it to provide information about themselves. Bear in mind that information you provide is visible to anyone.

Creating a user page is optional. If you do not wish to put anything there, you can redirect it to your talk page, so that anyone visiting it will be sent there instead. To do this, edit your user page and add the text #REDIRECT [[User talk:your_user_name]], replacing your_user_name with your username.

Your talk page

Your talk page is located here. You can access it by clicking on the "my talk" link at the top of the page.

User talk pages are used for communication between users. Any user can leave a message on your talk page; when they do, a notification will appear at the top of pages you view. You can leave a message for any user by following the "talk" link next to their name in page histories and signatures on other talk pages.

Talk pages should not be blanked, but can be moved and archived as subpages in your user space if you feel your talk page has gotten too long or outdated! Just be sure that a link to the archive exists on your talk page.

Your user space

Your user space consists of "subpages" of your user page and talk page. Page names that start with "User:", followed by your user name, followed by a forward slash (/), are in your user space. To create one, edit your user page and add a link starting with a forward slash (/); for example, [[/Example]]. Save the page, and follow the link that was added to create the page. To create more pages in your user space, return to your user page and add other such links, for example [[/Test]] or [[/Sandbox]].

You can use your user space for anything you like, provided it is related in some way to Shards of Dalaya; this is not a free web host, and user pages used for something else may be deleted. Many users use this to hold new articles that they are working on.

A list of the pages in your user space can be found by going here, entering your user name in the "Display pages with prefix" field, and clicking "Go".