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Begins with the Dreadmaster Natzrii in SK Hall. Hail him and follow the prompt. Give the bar to the Monk Class Leader, Master Hysath(Located in the middle of town on a raised platform, not at the monk area), and head to Stinger's Bog to collect 2 Tadpole Skulls (from tadpoles) and 2 Mosquito Wings (bought or kill mosquitos).

Give the items to Master Hysath and bring the crest back to Dreadmaster Natzrii. He'll give you the crest and an invoice to bring to the Blackscale Order Quartermaster. He's located north of the Shadowknight Guild in an alclove to the left. He's a Troll.


Dreadmaster Natzrii's quests - Part I
Quest giver Dreadmaster Natzrii
Next quest

Dreadmaster Natzrii's quests - Part II

Starting Zone


Other Zone(s)

Stinger's Bog

Class Required


Minimum Level Required 1
Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Race Required


Quest items used

Black Metallic Bar of Night
Tadpole Skull x 2
Mosquito Wing x 2
(Unknown) Crest
(Unknown) Invoice

Item Reward(s)

Squire's Armguards of Discipline

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Find Dreadmaster Natzrii (Grobb at 51, -463).

You say, 'Hail, Dreadmaster Natzrii'
Dreadmaster Natzrii says, 'Begone fool! A knave like you has no business bothering a Crusader of my caliber, and you can't be a new squire.'
You say, 'I am a new squire.'
Dreadmaster Natzrii says, 'Oh how standards have fallen in these dark days. Just looking at you I see no scrap of the devotion needed to serve the order.'
You say, 'I serve the order.'
Dreadmaster Natzrii says, 'Well if the elder scales see something I do not I suppose you deserve the chance, I expect you to swear on your honor not to waste it however. The path of a Knight is long and arduous, you must never falter in your training and temper your strength with faith and resolve. Is your weak soul up to the demands of a life in service to your people?'
You say, 'I am up to it.'
Dreadmaster Natzrii says, 'We shall see Kukk, we shall see. Your first trial is to attain the Crest of Discipline from the Grand master of the monks here in Grobb. The fighters under his tutelage hone their bodies into weapons through intense training and devotion, forever seeking perfection in themselves. You must learn this devotion from them, for it will be the driving force that keeps you on the true path of honor.'
You say, 'I will obtain it.'
Dreadmaster Natzrii hands you a bar of metal so black it seems to drain the light around it. You feel it hum slightly when it touches your fingertips,'Take this to Master Hysath, he will know what it signifies and test your worth, if you succeed return the Crest you receive to me so I know you're not completely undisciplined.'

You receive Black Metallic Bar of Night from Dreadmaster Natzrii.

Give Black Metallic Bar of Night to Master Hysath (Grobb).


Gather and give Master Hysath:


You receive (Unknown) Crest from Master Hysath.

Give (Unknown) Crest to Dreadmaster Natzrii.


You receive (Unknown) Crest from Dreadmaster Natzrii.

You receive (Unknown) Invoice from Dreadmaster Natzrii.

Give (Unknown) Crest and (Unknown) Invoice to Blackscale Order Quartermaster (Grobb at 544, -311, -5)

You receive Squire's Armguards of Discipline from Blackscale Order Quartermaster.

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